Despite Crisis, Greeks Give to the Poor

Mega_SintagmaWithout much left for themselves during a crushing economic crisis that has put nearly two million people out of work, thousands of Greeks braved the cold weather on Dec. 23 and flocked to Athens’ Syntagma Square to donate food, clothes and toys to families who have even less.

People of all ages carrying bags filled with donated goods stood patiently in line in the biting cold to participate in the solidarity initiative, I Care, I Share, organized the Athens municipality and local Greek television station Mega.

Charis Goulios from Mega said that due to the current economic crisis, many families in Greece were in a dire situation and initiatives like these had become necessary.”We all know that we are facing a difficult situation in Greece, especially in Athens, because we know that hundreds of thousands of families have problems with the current situation. So we cooperated with the municipality of Athens and we asked people to bring food, clothes or toys for the children,” Goulios said.

The organizers said people had responded enthusiastically to the call for donations, and 10 trucks had been filled in less than three hours with boxes and bags of food, clothes, blankets and toys. Charity has mostly been left to NGO’s and private groups as well as the Greek Orthodox Church, which is setting up soup lines, while the government has effectively done nothing to help.

(Sources: The Telegraph, Reuters)


  1. This voluntary giving in the middle of hardship s very touching.

    Unfortunately this piece was oruined by the obvious leftist author’s polical injection of  “while the government has effectively done nothing to help” Who is the ‘government”?

    Can our government create wealth from thin air? Who is our government in a democracy but a representatives of the people themselves?  Our government currently has its hands tied trying to balance budgets. We should not be expecting support from it.  Waiting around for that is asking for our country to fail. We each must take personal responsiblity and focus on production,

    JFK wisely said ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. They people that produced wealth and then went out to help other people using money out of their own pocket did this. The parasitic whiners that sit around demanding for the government to pay their way through life do the anti-thesis,

  2. Who is the government? The government is corrupt to the core, and is mostly to blame for this situation. The fleecing of Greece by the corrupt government.

  3. A great initiative and the Church should be extremely involved given that the clergy are paid by state taxes. But as to the government, you can help too. One, reduce the number of politicians including municipal. Two, reduce their pay. Three, reduce taxes on all food producing farms that, say, donate 5 or even 10% of their crops to the Church or other charities on the condition that such food/ produce is given away to the needy. Four, get the army out to clean litter piles, to beautify communities and thus to build better rapport with the people. Five, prosecute tax evaiders hard and do so now and not in 2112. But in my state in Australia we also have two other great initiaves. The first is called Second Bite, where restaurants, bread makers, fruiterers… donate left over food at the end of the day to be given by this recognised charity to the poor. The second has people knocking on doors of those who have fruit trees but who tend to let them rot. They ask those people if their fruit can be taken to, again, give to those in need. Both work extremely well and waste is reduced.