Erdogan, Avramopoulos Do S & P Tango

Erdogan - AvramopoulosTurkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticized the decision by the ratings agency Standard & Poor’s to upgrade Greece’s standing, taking it out of the territory of possible default and up to a B- standing. Erdogan said the decision was “politicized” but did not elaborate.

Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos, was unhappy with the criticism and said that the financial crisis isn’t limited to Greece but has wider European and worldwide roots. S & P’s said that ff the government adheres to the terms of a reform and austerity program imposed by the government on orders of international lenders that it could help lead to a recovery.


  1. Tayyip Erdoga is clearly anti-Greek. He constantly attacks Greeks at every avenue (including lobbying for FYROM who are literally trying to erase our identity) Greece needs to start playing hard ball back and complain about his anti-Greek behavior to Nato.

  2. I am a patriot but I don’t want to over generalize like Golden Dawn do. I definitely don’t like the current Turkish goverment (which frankly I am outright hostile towards for supporting FYROM and constantly undermining Greece) but I don’t believe in stereotypes. We should just work to build bridges with Turks that aren’t like Erdogan. Turks that want to live in peace and mutual respect.

    In the meantime however, we should start pushing back publicy against Erdogan (rather than play pretending Turkey has been treating Greece respectfully like some of our cowardly appeasing leftists tend to do )

    Ergogan seems to be destroying relations with many countries not only Greece. We should exploit this by building a strong relationship with Kurds, Israel, Bulgaria and others he is alienating with his rhetoric. A united front polical against him will give greater voice to more moderate Turks.

  3. Bulgaria? Bulgaria – Turkey relations have never been better. Anyway let me tell you something, if you are upset that Greeks don’t play hardball with Turkey I’ve got some bad news for you. Because from now on relations will be increasingly better. Nationalism have been slowly dying here in Turkey, its decline is irreversible. The same thing can be said for Greece too, especially when the economic crisis is over. There will be more communication and less whosale demonization and you’re just gonna have to deal with it.