Greece to Participate in 2013 Eurovision

Eurovision-2013After some speculation that Greece would be unable to afford participating in the 2013 Eurovision contest because of the county’s crushing economic crisis, the organizers have announced that it will be sending an entry after all.

The Executive Supervisor of EBU, which runs the schlock show, Jon Ola Sand said: “We regret the withdrawal of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Portugal and Slovakia, which have all cited economic reasons.” Turkey, which said it didn’t like the voting method and rules, has also withdrawn.

Sand said, “We are surprised by this decision. The changes were made in 2009 and were since never formally objected by TRT. We are eager to pursue dialogue with the Turkish broadcaster to seek a viable solution.”

As for the other countries who won’t participate, he said, “As their withdrawal is due to financial reasons, I hope that they will get over these difficulties and will come back to Eurovision Song Contest soon.” The 2013 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Malmö, Sweden, with semi-finals on the 14 and 16th of May and the final on the 18th of May.



  1. This event may have been cool in the 60’s and 70’s when everybody had 1 tv channel but now its cheesy. 

  2. Why is Greece going???? Why don’t the give the money that they would spend on Eurovision for the poor!  We are in a financial crisis and these idiots are participating in Eurovision!

  3. As a resident of Greece, I find this news totally NOT COOL.
    This contest has always been a big JOKE, but this crisis is NOT a joke.
    Shameful, disgusting waste of money when so many are suffering…..

  4. was hast der Eurovision Song Contest, mit der Wirtschaftskrise zu tun?? Und welchen Armen , sollte man das Geld geben ?!!?