BBC Asks Why No Mosque in Athens?

salat-mas-7-ivory-coast-150x150In a report, the BBC highlighted that Athens is the only European Union capital without a mosque and explored the tensions surrounding the quest by Muslims for a place of worship amidst much opposition from nationalists and ultra-religious groups.

In the report. some Muslim leaders underscored what they said was the vehement opposition from groups such as the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party that has 18 seats in Parliament and is rising fast in the polls at the same time there is growing racism and anti-immigrant sentiment directed against foreigners and other faiths.

The story included a brief history lesson explaining that after the Greek Revolution of 1821 and the creation of the first Greek state in 1832 no mosque has ever been built. Being Muslim had been identified with being Turkish, foreigner or even anti-Greek. The Muslim population of Greece, estimated as high as 300,000 complain the state won’t provide them a place of worship.

“It is a very big tragedy for us Muslims that there is no mosque here,” said Syed Mohammad Jamil from the Pakistan-Hellenic Society. A former military camp has been chosen to host the first mosque to be built at the expense of the government during a crushing economic crisis, which has fueled further resentment.

Reactions were positive and negative. Some Greek Orthodox Church leaders and Golden Dawn decry the idea of a mosque and said they see it as an attempt to alter country’s Christian identity.

They accuse immigrants of wanting to Islamize Europe. Government officials declare though that the project will go on, despite political pressure from the Church or other parties. Citizens are also divided as others see it as legitimate claim from Muslims to have an official place to worship while others see the dominant Christian religion as the only acceptable religion in the country.


  1. Clearly Syed doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “tragedy.” There are very few muslims, so no mosque. Now, if you want to look for tragedy or oppression, go to one of your muslim countries and try to find a church anywhere. Saudi Arabia just arrested a bunch of people for “conspiring to celebrate Christmas.” I don’t hear Muslims criticizing those things as tragedies, or calling them wrong. No, they only speak in broad terms such as “Anyone who kills an innocent person,” not “X who killed people is going to hell.” This is because the Koran bans “backbiting.” You’re an apostate if you are a muslim and criticize another muslim directly by name. 

  2.  Are you really that ignorant of the oppression Greek Orthodox and other Christians face even in Turkey, called the most moderate of Muslim countries? Maybe so. The “so what” is what a four-year-old would respond. The country is 95% Christian. Saying that at the top of a list of there being no mosque is as self-evident as why there are no burger joints in a country that’s 95% vegan!

  3.  If you want to rip people who stole land from indegenous people in this context, why don’t you rip the Turkmen who stole Asia Minor from the Greeks?

  4.  Nonsense. You are probably ust talking about yourself and your family. My guess is you have Arabic roots right?

  5.  What do commies like you care about greeks or Greece? You bizarrely anti-nationalist. If you hate Greeks so much move to Qatar already.

  6.  The “west” isn’t to blame for Greece’s economy. We are to blame for spending too much money and not balancing budgets.

    Leftists ones the supports the Ottoman empire by supporting illegal immgration. Even illegals keep coming in they will eventually outnumber Greeks. At that point they will desolve the Greek state and turn us into an Islamic ttheocracy.

  7. Samaras is going to vist Qatar in January Qatar is going to control Greece in a few Years as a Greek it better then ththe Germans who f–k– Greece already

  8. We Greeks only look Greek, Sal. We aren’t Arabs nor Germans nor Asian or whatever. We have a typical Hellenic look (Greek facial features like the Greek nose, white skin but with the sun it darkens in summer like others white people, ect …). If you would be Greek you would know.

  9. Yes, but if a criminal is a local it’s just a normal crime but when the crime is committed by somebdoy who normally wouoldn’t be here in the first place, it’s unforgivable. If the borders would have been closed properly, many local people killed by illegal immigrants would be alive now. Thoses who failed to not let them enter or have protected them are co-responsibles of the crimes thoses illegal immigrants have committed. Jail time for the leftists who have supported illegal immigrants who have committed crimes is a just punishement. If you support illegal situation and something bad happen, then you are responsible. Period.

  10. Qatar isn’t a democracy, Sal but as a good muslim communist you support it. Not surprised here …

  11. Is that so ? Then you oppose the building of a mosque for the illegal muslims, especially as we are in the big economic crisis, right ?
    Problem solved, then.

  12. The majority of aren’t leftist but conservative Orthodox. Only brainwashed rich youths, hypocrites who live in safe neighborood, hardocre-communists, illegal muslims who have obtained amnesty and desperate people who would vote for the first clown (such as Tsipras) who promise them the moon support the far-left. When there is no money, there is no money, Sal and if you think people for others countries will accept to pay for your debt, you dream. If people vote Syriza because Tsipras only promises things he can’t do to gain supports, they will be disappointed and the next elections (if Syriza finishes is mandat) it will be the far-right extremists who will win.

    Article : Syriza Leader Alexis Tsipras offer his services to the Troïka :

  13. the muslim countries have enough money to build mosques wherever they want.If they want to worship there faith they are free to do so, no one can stop or wants to stop it.The reactions are based on why must the Greek state build it for them.The only church the Greek state build was the Cathedral in Athenswich is logical since 95% of The greeks are orthodox christian.All other churches are built by donations,so why must the greek state build a house of worship for imigrants to worship? When did muslim countries(like saudi arabia) allow christians to freely express their faith?….please do not destort the greek reactions for the exsistence of a mosque in Athens…

  14.  How can you say the Greeks occupied the Turks when the Turkmen come from the other side of Asia? Look at a map.

  15. I have always found it absurdly ironic how so many Greeks deny Muslims a mosque (even if they pay for it themselves!) yet at the same time vehemently defend any and everyyy Muslim country that opposes Israel…. So… U GUYS JUST HATE EVERYBODYYYY, or what??!!!!
    Just sayin.’

  16. Greeks have immigrated to alot of countries know people are coming to Greece there is nothing i you or even jesus can do about it sorry  man this is how it is going to be

  17.  built it for diplomatic reasons it time people need to understand being Greek you can be any relgion

  18.  Taxes you idiot…not taxis… that your slang as well??? It seems to me that you are illiterate!

  19.  We don’t care about Israel or any other country! We only care about Greece.  We do not want a mosque here!  They can go back to their countries if they want a mosque

  20. It’s slang again yes you stupid man I do it beccause I know you were going to say something dum assssssss oh know I did it again haAaaaaaa

  21.  Sal, are these the times your parents allow you to play on the computer?  Would you like to start talking in ebonics? 

  22. If it’s unavoidable let’s prepare for civil war then. You know like me that a good part of the population will never accept muslims. Also if there is another conflict in the Balkans between Orthodox and Muslims, muslims will support the muslim faction and us will support the Orthodox faction and it will end with blood in the street. just remember the Serbian conflict when 94% of our country composed of 95% Orthodox Christians supported the Serbians and the 6% who supported Albanians were either of Albanians descent or Muslims with Hellenic papers. I see a future catastrophe coming, dude unless we send back all the persons who are muslims.

  23. If this mosque is finally built, people will set it on fire like they put on fire the Koprülü mosque in Limassol this year and many unofficial mosques in Athens. Never forget that for many of us if somebody call us a muslim or a turk, it is a serious insult. If you want a civil war, just continue to try to force up our throat something we don’t want. You better stop oppressing the local people Sal.
    Due to the situation, I would bet with you that if another referendum asking if the religion should be put back on the identity cards the “yes vote” would win this time.

  24. No Sal, a Greek can’t be a muslim. If a Greek becomes a Muslim then he becomes a Turk like the so many Europeans who today live as Turks in Turkey. Also it would be a national humiliation to build a mosque in Athens while the suni muslims occupy Constantinoupolis and Cyprus. It is an Honour question so people like me will never accept this out of love for the Motherland. Also thoses who support building a mosque in Athens are cowards too afraid to stand for their culture, traitors who try to stabb us in the back out of hate for their countrymen or illegal muslims who have obtained amnesty and who only care for their religious interests.

    There will be a mosque in Athens when muslims will build a mosque in Mecca and Medina (Reciprocity), not before. I remember you that there are more than 2 millions Christians in Saudo Arabia and they haven’t the right to pray. Also in Pakistan, Christians are treated like 2nd class citizens and are attacked constantly, same in Irak, … No pity for the zionists who call themselves muslims.
    Free Constantinoupolis and Cyprus from Islamic oppression.

  25.  Simple, it’s political. When Israel was created Turks chose the israeli side so we chose the Palestinian side (the enemies of our enemies are our friends). Also we have always had good relationship with Palestinians and Arabs in General but that doesn’t mean we would like to live in the same country as them. Let’s not forget that the Greek Orthodox Church is the Nr1 property owner in Palestine and Israel and that rich jews want to streep our Church from it’s building and property and take them for themselves. For example, to use the Knesset or the Palace of their first minister, the israelis have to pay a rent to the Orthodox Church, Many parts of Jaffa are under the control of our Church, … So it creates tensions between us and the israelis so it is in our best interest to support the Palestinians. For the mosque, there are mosques in Thrace but in Athens during the Ottoman occupation, the turks even changed the Parthenon into a mosque which was a big insult so it was decided that no mosques would be built in Athens. Also since Constantinople and Agia Sofia are still occupy by the Turks, it would be humiliating to let the muslims have an official place to pray in our capital. We defend our national interests nothing else. Also to let muslims settle in Greece would be a national suicide because of Turkey nearby, especially if there will be a war with Turkey. Pakistanis immigrants for example would size witht the turks for religious reasons. That’s why.

  26. Sal knows something if he says it is going to be built.  His mom is spreading her legs all around Africa and India trying to raise money to this mosque in Athens. She has been named the human circus seal!

  27. well done Athens.  Greece must remain Greek. It is the way it should be. Just as Iran should remain Iranian and Japan must remain Japaneses, their culture in tact.
    Those who wish to destroy Greece or replace its people should be fought by any means necessary. These same people have no desire to bring “Diversity” to Nigeria or Pakistan or China. They only wish to change the racial makeup of European countries.
    Greece must fight tooth and nail to avoid the genocide of its people through forced immigration and the racial replacement of its children

  28. Does the BBC ever ask:

    Why are there no churches in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan or Pakistan? 

    Of course not.
    It’s always a one way street from the immigrants’ (really, colonizers’) point of view,
    which the traitorous BBC and other media organs continue to aid against White
    Europeans in THEIR homelands.

  29.  Why should there be a mosque in Athens, or anywhere in Greece? Why should mosques exist in Europe? Mudslimes don’t belong there.

  30. Why should there be a mosque anywhere in Europa? Mosques are just signs of conquest for the Mohammedan hordes.

  31. Why does it not have a mosque? BECAUSE ITS A CHRISTIAN NATION AND CITY IN EUROPE FFS!!!

    If they want to go to a Mosque then move to a freaking Islamic nation and stop trying to force Europe to transform itself.

    I swear to God the liberals and marxists who support this kind of thing are sick in the head.

  32. I assume you come from a country that does not have an actual ancestry that it is firmly rooted in such as Europe does. Well things work differently in Europe. Europeans actually have blood and heritage stretching back thousands of years to which must be protected. Europeans are under no obligation to have to accept minorities or other religions, especially Islam which its wonderful history with Europe, especially Greece/Rome. No other people cannot be Greek, the day a Chinese or black man is called Greek is the day perhaps I can move to African and call myself Black.

  33. There should be no mosques in GREECE. There should be no mosques or synogogues anywhere in Europe.

  34. In reply to Stylinred’s comment:
    1. Why should an overwhelmingly Christian country such as Greece have a Mosque when they have been historically oppressed and tormented by Muslims?
    2. Minorities are not Greek, just like a dog is not a cat. Nationality and ethnicity are not equally interchangeable terms.
    3. Even if they are not illegals, they ought to respect the dominant religion the country they have immigrated to has. It’s only fair, since they demand precisely the same back at their countries.
    4. Paraphrasing your question, “so what?”5. How many Christian churches are in Muslim states in comparison with the number of Mosques Europe has?


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