Optimism Index Up for First Time Since Feb. 2011

poii_AlkoThe pessimism index in Greece shows a decline for the first time in two years, according to the economic barometer that polling company Alco uses for the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).
Although the vast majority of citizens remain downbeat about the course of the country’s economy and their personal finances, the percentage of pessimists has receded considerably in comparison with the previous poll in October as daily Kathimerini reports.

The December poll found that 71% of Greeks are pessimistic about Greece’s economy, down from 80% in October, while the rate for optimists climbed to 19% from just 6% in October. Another 10% failed to respond. The optimism rate is the highest since February 2011. Regarding personal finances, 74% expressed pessimism compared to 83% in October, while 17% said they were optimistic, compared to 6% in the previous poll.

ACCI commented on Thursday that the outcome of the poll is likely to be affected by the disbursement of the bailout tranche this month and it remains to be seen whether it was a temporary phenomenon or a trend with more permanent features. The poll also found that 57% are against Sunday opening for stores, with 34% in favor, while 63% call for the optimum utilization of existing civil servants against 24% who would rather see layoffs.
(source: ANSA)