YouTube Removes Golden Dawn Xmas Video

Golden_Dawn_You Golden Dawn’s Christmas video was withdrawn from Youtube, as it was estimated that it  violates the Youtube content policy which is against hatred rhetoric.

The ultra-nationalist party posted the video, wishing Merry Christmas to Greeks only, and showed how they wished Athens would be. The video shows photos of Athens in the 60’s, and continues with pictures of the city today including the presence of immigrants.

According to Youtube, the video clearly promotes racist ideas and anti-immigrant stance. The video shows photos of  Athens in the 1960’s, and continues with pictures from Athens today including the presence of immigrants. Golden Dawn, which won 18 of the 300 Greek Parliament seats in June 2012, ran on an anti-immigration platform.


  1. Silly article by someone that clearly has no clue how You Tube works. Anyone can complain about any video on You Tube. Unlike Wikipedia there is no appeal process. Is up to the descretion of the You Tube employee that removed the video. There is just  There are current videos in support of Nazism, islamic theocracies, communist tyranny, anti-immigrant videos, and all sorts of other things someone or another might find offensive on You Tube.

    I find it ironic how some of our leftists are quick to claim to be against oppression… then gleefully support censorship of opposing voices.

  2. You Tube is based in the United States. The United States has no problem whatsoever deporting illegals despite having far fewer illegals per capita than greece.

    “President Barack Obama’s administration deported a record 1.5 million illegal immigrants in his first term”

    Our rocket scientist leftists apparently can’t understand the difference
    between an illegal and an immigrant. Illegals are not “immigrants”.

  3. Google owns Youtube.
    Boycott Google.
    If they are in the country illegally, any country has the right to deport them.
    Delete any video you want, the next elections in Greece will prove what the people want.
    And remember, Greece founded democracy, and it will democratically elect more Golden Dawn into power.
    If you don’t have papers, you must go. Simply put. Whether you are Muslim, Hindu, Christian, or even Martian, you must go.

  4. It wasn’t removed for Hate Speech, it was falsely flagged as “Hate Speech” after it was posted on many WASP Western Zionist Media Pages, giving there readership the green light (which is why they do it) to attack it, post vicious messages on it and then ultimately false flag and censor it despite it consisting of merely pictures and a soundtrack and there being no speech in it at all as its online elsewhere….infact every other site that does not have the Redditor-Like WASP system of false flagging and down-voting/vote management, its still up.

    Good thing the WASP Marxist/Zionist Western World is more far gone and loosing its power at as we speak and about to cave in as Whites are now the political Minority in the United States, Canada, and as of last census a month ago…just another 10 years in the UK is done for all history never to return.

    Rest of the World in the meantime shall liberate itself from there Tyranny.

  5. Maybe the problem was that it contained the word “Christmas” … You see, next time get smart and say something like “happy holidays”… “kwanzaa!”… or “have a cold Heineken”…

  6. Maybe the problem was that it contained the word “Christmas” … You see, next time get smart and say something like “happy holidays”… “kwanzaa!”… or “have a cold Heineken”…

  7. I don’t care about what GD has to say, but the second Google decides what can be said, it’s censorship.

    I don’t like how big and powerful Google has grown. They are becoming too dangerous in directing opinion through their searches.   

  8.  Jesus was not Greek he was a Jew if you only like Greeks dont celeberate a non Greek birthday are you that stupid

  9.  What do you care about Greeks or country? You are an anti-nationalist communist right? Your identity is your communism ideology.


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