TNT Explosives Found Near House of Cyprus President

Not much has gone right for Cypriot President Demetris ChristofiasAuthorities said they uncovered a cache of TNT high explosives and a detonator close to the country house of President Demetris Christofias, sparking a massive police search of the area.
The president was scheduled to spend time at his residence later today, but has cancelled the trip due to security concerns.

Police sources said three kilograms of TNT explosives had been placed under a tree on the road leading to the president’s house in Kellaki village, near Limassol.
The sources said a car without registration plates was seen stopping near the tree and a passenger dropped a bag under it.
When the area was searched the explosives were found.

No detonating device was connected to the explosives, but a detonator was found among them which could be triggered remotely by a mobile phone or another electronic device.
There was no official word on the case several hours after the explosives were found.
The police find comes just two months after detectives foiled a plan to assassinate Attorney-general Petros Clerides with an anti-tank weapon.
(source: famagusta-gazette)


  1. This is the sort of thing that happens when people vote for extremists like communists. It creates  conditions for violence and even possibly civil war.  Mark my words The same will happen to Greece if we vote in communist extremists like Syriza.