Dodekatheists Mark Dionysus’ Day

    DodekatheosDespite sub-zero temperatures, bitter cold, a strong wind and snow covering the top of Mount Olympus, Dodekatheists  decided to climb the slopes to celebrate Dionysus’ birthday and Hercules Ilioforos’ (brings the sun) incarnation.

    Dodekatheists, worshippers of the ancient gods of Greece, gathered from across the country to mark the winter solstice with an ancient ritual.

    Dressed in white robes, they erected statues and ivy branches singing hymns and prayers. They invoked Hercules, sang orphic hymns in ancient Greek to Dionysus and called on the sun to bring the creation into the nature and light into people’s lives. After the feast they visited the village tavern where they celebrated over lamb and red wine.

    On Dec. 21 on the winter solstice the sun begins to climbs higher in the sky and until Dec. 24 when the longest night of the year is marked. The winter solstice is the time at which the Sun appears at noon at its lowest altitude above the horizon.

    In the Northern Hemisphere this is the Southern solstice, the time at which the Sun is at its southernmost point in the sky, which usually occurs on Dec. 21-22 each year. That is why the ancients worshiped the sun both like a god and creator of time and seasons, vegetation and creation.


    1. Is this a token attempt to pretend Greek reporter cares about anything Greek? How can Greeks take our leftists seriously any more when they then go on to constantly apologize for illegal immigration (by people decidedly anti-Greek). How can we take our leftist seriously when you don’t ever criticize the left extremists amongst you that collaberate with the Skopians bizarre attempts to usurp our very identity? (including some that frame their politics as “human rights”).

      The word of the day is principles.

      A principle is something that isn’t decided by majority vote. It isn’t decided by the UN. It isn’t decided by superpowers. It isn’t descided by self-anointed “human rights” activists. It isn’t decided by someone else. It is decided by what each person believes.

      One of our principles is we see ourselves as related to ancient Greeks.

      If we wish to stay connected to ancient Greeks there are actions we have to take so future generations of Greeks can celebrate Greek culture. I fail to see how Mosques filled with illegal immigration helps this cause. I fail to say how our leftists constantly railing against Greeks trying to preserve their identity and culture helps our cause.