Barroso: Greek Economy to Grow Again by End 2013

José Manuel Barroso, President of the ECThe eurogroup’s decision earlier this month to release bailout funds to Greece shows European leaders are committed to keeping the country in the common currency, To Vima says, citing an interview with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.
Greece has made significant progress in implementing its bailout program over the past months: Barroso tells To Vima
2013 to be difficult year for Greece: Barroso tells newspaper.
Strong steps must be taken to deal with unemployment in EU, can’t accept that near 26m people are now unemployed: Vima.
Portugal, Ireland, Greece following the right paths for stabilizing their economies: Barroso says.
(source: bloomberg)


  1. Political stability + Justice system + Fair Taxation will bring back life to Greece…1st, corruption must be dealt with in the strongest terms than implement the 3 most important steps mentioned above…

  2. Barroso is a masssive liar and a total phony ex-communist who would sell out his own mother!
    These Criminals running the EU Commisson have to go…  
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