Daniel Day Lewis in Athens for Lincoln Premiere

lincolnOnce again the talented actor Daniel Day-Lewis will be present in Athens for the premiere of his movie Lincoln, serving the purposes of the Spastic Society which invited him.

The Irish actor, Oscar winner of the Best Actor Award for the films There will be Blood and My Left Foot, will attend the nationwide premiere of Lincoln on Jan, 22 at Pallas Citylink at 8:00 p.m.

The film is believed to lead the famous actor to the Academy Awards nominations for the fifth time and will be screened in Greece by the Greek film company Odeon, while Cinema magazine, its website, and Elliniki Theamaton will be the co organizers of the event. As always, after the screening Day-Lewis will discuss with the audience, and will attend a reception following at the Athens Plaza Hotel.

Day-Lewis demanded the proceeds from the premiere be donated to the Open Door Center of the Spastics Society.



  1. Είδα «Λίνκολν», μερικές εβδομάδες πριν και ήταν καταπληκτικό! Ντάνιελ Ντέι-Λιούις είναι καρφωμένο ως Λίνκολν, Sally Field ήταν φανταστική ως Mary Todd, και Tommy Lee Jones ήταν εξαιρετική, όπως Thaddeus Stevens! Αυτή η ταινία έχει γέλια του, τις λύπες του, συγκινητικές στιγμές της. Είναι ένα πρέπει ναδείτε ταινία! Θα ήθελα να είναι εντελώς stoked αν Ντέι Λιούις κερδίζει τη Χρυσή Σφαίρα και πάλι για τρίτη φορά! Εκείνος που του αξίζει!

    Ένας ανεμιστήρας από την Αμερική

  2. What the last post means in English:

    I saw ‘Lincoln’ a few weeks before and it was amazing! Daniel Day-Lewis nailed it as Lincoln, Sally Field was fantastic as Mary Todd, and Tommy Lee Jones was excellent as Thaddeus Stevens! This film has its laughs, its sorrows, its touching moments. It’s a must-see movie! I’d be totally stoked if Day-Lewis wins the Golden Globe again for the third time! He deserves it!

    A fan from America

    I translated the last post into Greek so that the people from Greece who don’t speak English could understand. This is no offense to the Greeks or their language. I’m fascinated by different languages! Peace, Love and Happiness!

  3. I read that the Spastics Society changed its name to Scope in 1994. Maybe since “spastic” comes from a Greek word, this is not the case there.


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