Lagarde List Shows Runaway Tax Evasion

tax cheatsAn initial inquiry into a list of 2,062 Greeks with $1.95 billion in deposits in the Geneva, Switzerland branch of HSBC bank that has caused a political furor shows many are suspected of tax evasion, the newspaper Kathimerini reported.

The list is being examined by the financial crimes squad (SDOE)and investigators have already reportedly found that many of the depositors can’t reconcile large deposits with their incomes.

Kathimerini said the amount of suspected tax evasion is expected to reach dozens of millions of euros while a number of those holding deposits are expected to face charges once the SDOE probe is concluded.

Former finance minister George Papaconstantinou is facing questioning over whether he removed the names of three relatives from the so-called Lagarde List, named for former French finance minister Christine Lagarde now head of the International Monetary Fund, of Greece’s international lenders. She gave it to him in 2010 but he said it disappeared.

He has denied altering the list but was ejected from the PASOK Socialist party by current leader Evangelos Venizelos, who followed him as finance minister and also had access to the list and is being blamed by Papaconstantinou for framing him. Both served under former Premier and previous PASOK leader George Papandreou, now a Member of Parliament and lecturer at Harvard.

The major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) said both Venizelos – who Papaconstantinou suggested may have doctored the list – and Papandreou should be investigated too but that could undermine Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ shaky coalition of his New Democracy Conservatives and its partners, PASOK and the Democratic Left and unlikely to get the approval of the Parliament the government controls.


  1. Bravo Samaras. I am one to argue against the far leftist extremists that wish to live parasitically off the state but I have no sympathy for lawless unpatriotic thieves either. I would also point despite the mistakes of past ND policians (disappeared into the woodwork) Samaras is the one that finally did something whereas the socialists sat on the list and did nothing. Samaras is also standing up the the patronizing unelected foreign NGOs that disrespectfully collude with massive numbers of illegals (disgusting implying the Greek people are racist through innuendo). Samaras defends us in the name dispute. Samaras is also slowly winning back the trust of EU leaders by pushing through necessary cuts and reforms. (while extremist populists like Golden Dawn and Syriza exploit the misery of the Greek people to push their absurd outdated politics)

    We haven’t had a principled eader like Samaras in a long long time. Keep up the great work palikari. You are a ray of light in the darkness.

  2. The only thing Pasok is good for these days is a buffer in the coalition against communist extremists like Syriza. To any Greek that supports them… you are disgusting parasites that bring great shame to both yourselves and our country by supporting communist tyranny. Hundreds of millions of people died in the 20th century and you wish us to go back to that?

  3. I agree, I rather support Golden Dawn then SYRIZA or PASOK, we all know what PASOK did in the last 2 years in government, they almost destroyed Greece and now have a debt that won’t be payed back in generations to come, and SYRIZA who knows what evil plans they have in mind. Those two are the worst parties in Greek history and they need to be hanged starting with Papandreou and the rest of PASOK…

  4. Why would Christine Lagarde hand over a list of names to Papaconstantinou if she alledgedly knew that members of his family were on the list? What was she thinking, that he would squeal on his family?
    If Papaconstantinou did erase names from the list what was he thinking? Since the original list was safe with Lagarde he was never going to get away with it.

    I have said before. Since the EU was so critical of Greece about tax evasion and high level corruption they should have made investigating high profile Greek tax evaders a pre-condition for more bailout money. This would have shown that they were serious about ridding Greece of corruption.

    But they didn’t. Why not?

  5.  Its unlikely Lagarde knew details about everyone on a list of thousands. The EU does want to weed out tax evaders. We shouldn’t be blaming the EU for our own problems.

    The only thing I have a problem with the EU (or at least some of the EU) is some of the governments pretending they don’t notice the Skopians irredentism, attempts to usurp our identity, and trying to presurre Greeks into accepting them. (including the Swedish, Hungarian, Austrian, and UK government). No country in the EU would tolerate from a neighbour what FYROM and its apologists are trying to do to us (effectively delete our Greek identity so they can fabricate their “ancient Macedonian” identity) Greece needs to push back on this issue and ask direct questions as to why are some EU countries collaberating with extremists seemingly trying to delete us.

  6. While I completely support the ejection of illegals from Greece (I no longer trust foriegn NGOs given they stay silent about FYROM) and I’m against any usage of the name “Macedonia” in the former Yugoslavian name (the alleged compromise will never work. The skopians can’t be trusted anywhere near the name)…  I don’t support Golden Dawn.

    I know most of GDs supporters aren’t racists (much like “Nazis” as leftist Andy who parrots foreign media) but was there are need for the Nazi-like salutes? Or the racist rhetoric some of their officials engage in? Even looking at things purely from a nationalist interest standpoint how does that help Greece? To act as camera fodder for governments that collude with the Skopians to deflect attention away from their unprincipled betrayal of Greece?

    I tolerate GD for much the same reason I tolerate commies like Syriza. I put my homeland ahead of my politics. I simply don’t want a civil war  (something the far left and right cannot understand they will cause if they keep supporting such extreme politics and rhetoric)

    In short Hank… if you really want to support Greece, my heatfelt suggestion is don’t take away votes from Samaras and give them to Golden Dawn (which will only make it easier for communists extremists like Syriza to gain power). We need a strong pro-Greece leader right now that can work with the international community. 

    The last ND government screwed up large but it wasn’t under Samaras. Samaras is actually slowing changing things. He cracking down on illegals (essentially ignoring foreign NGOs that seem to have bizarrely mistaken themselves for our democratically elected government and immigration department). He going to play hardball with the Skopians (just like they picked Gruevski-the-Great-ski). He’s going to be the same with the Turks that support the Skopians. He’s patching up things with the EU. He’s making cuts. He’s cracking down on tax cheats. (compare that to prior leftist Pasok that did nothing but talk).  I sincerely believe he is a patriot but a patriotic in a way that helps his country. Give him a chance.

  7.  Our lefitst are asleep at the wheel. They don’t grasp that by their foreign comrades staying silent about FYROM’s sudden change into “anceitn macedonians”…. they effectively are collaberating in IMRO attempts to delete our Greek identity. (i.e. ethnically erase the Greek people)

    The throw in their bizarre support for absurd numbers of illegals flooding Greece (which is a demographic time bomb that will destroy the Greek national character if not checked) 

    Albeit he claims to be “greek”… leftists like American Andy Dablis doen’t really care about Greece. What they cares about is their leftist politics, getting approval from foreigners, and seemingly trying to turn Greece into his homeland of the US. If our leftist cared about their country they would stop whining for handouts for themselves and focus on the needs of our country in this time of crisis.

    Right now we have to protect out borders (or there will be no Greece in fifty years), We have to balance budgets (because every time we ask for money we destroy trust in Greece). We have to focus on what we can create ourselves (rather than shamelessly begging for handouts from politicians (emptry promises that populists like communist extremists like Tsipiras offer to gain power just like Pasok used to do)

    main News Media in Greece is owned by the very same groups that have supported
    these 2 Criminal Parties PASOK & ND for 37 years. They work together, thus
    the reasons we DO NOT have any REAL news or an serious “Investigative
    Journailsm” in Greece… the Press here are frightened “Cowards”, afraid of losing
    their “Party favours”, tax breaks and bribed with political adverts for
    elections, etc.

  9. Alex, sorry…. But no concensus can be achieved in Greece with the same 2 corrupt ND & PASOK Parties in Power… and Kouvelis of Democatic Left means nothing… 

    He’s only a foolish old dupe, “poodle-dog” they groomed, doing their bidding for a few small bones thrown at him, notice his new poodle haircut and new fancy suits? He never dressed like that before joining the con-men now running Parliament… What a joke! 

    All of them are complete “Traitors” to Greece!

  10. Nothing will be done regarding the list…It’s just all bla…bla…bla by politicians and nothing more…The only way is for the people to rise to throw this government all together and find new people to lead the country to prosperity…having corrupt politicians in power will achieve nothing at all other than cover-ups for their crimes…Immunity must be revoked in order for justice to take its course…

  11. I am not blaming the EU. Never have. But they should have been much much tougher on Greece regarding corruption. They should have made investigating corruption a pre-condition to more money.

  12. The EU isn’t here to rule us or we other EU countries. We are all still soverign countries. We shouldn’t be depending on the EU for anything but friendly advice. The more we depend, the more we are subserviant. The more we clean up our own messes, the freer we are.

  13. It is better to be net contributor to such organizations than net takers. . Expecting other countries to fix out country is sort of like living in one’s parents home long after childhood and expecting our mother to clean our old mother to clean our laundry. One can save some money in rent but one loses in ones dignity. 

  14. In order to learn one has to be first taught. There is not a single Greek in Greece that can teach this skill. If there was it would have been done by now. It has to be re-learnt with outside help. Unfortunately this is a national humiliation but such are the circumstances.


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