Makedonia Palace Will Open Again

    MAKEDONIA-PALACE1The Makedonia Palace, the former hotel of the N. Daskalantonakis Group companies, is soon to be open for business again. It was known as one of the leading quality hotel brands in Greece and is being renovated for a February re-opening.

    The new owners are not set to be identified until the end of the month. The process to open the facility began when the national health and social security system IKA approved a consortium of consultants who have undertaken the task to complete the negotiations needed with the potential investor, who expressed interest in running the hotel.

    The Makedonia Palace transfer to the investment group will be completed by a Greek bank with a presence in Turkey, it was reported. The deal comes too late for the holiday season.



    1. A Group of Turkish Nationals have taken over the hotel management and soon we will find Turkish nationals working in Greece like never before…An invasion with new settings…

    2. Maverick
                   When these Tukish workers go out at night or day they will be spending their money in Greek bussiness or using Greek services SEE THE BIG PICTURE do you want to work in these hotels looking after tourist I read so many times Greek people want real jobs The hardest thing in life is to see your self

    3. This is business and nothing to be afraid of. So what if Turkish workers work in Greece. Firstly they will be legal and secondly they will pay taxes and spend money there. I don’t see what the problem is.!

    4. @CheshireKitty:disqus  @cd750aeb9e8d50e0188c34bcd9028cb7:disqus @4f6cad0d0c39d130f619f153b4dd8795:disqus I don’t have anything against anyone who wants to have business in Greece as long as they will pay their dues to the country and the workers legally with respect to workers rights…

    5. Paying taxes?? LOL The Turks probably payed off the Greek officials, and also Greeks are not allowed to own properties on Turkish coastal areas..

    6. Thanks for giving this details to share here about re-opening makedonia palace again. Hotels often provide a number of additional services for tourist.