Tourist Flows Slow at Greek-Bulgaria Border

promahonasWhile Greece continues to be an attractive destination for Bulgarians during the Christmas holidays, this year saw a marked decline in the number of visitors from the neighboring country, as it did for Greeks going to Bulgaria.

Many Bulgarians prefer winter holidays in the picturesque Greek sites, while Greeks like Bulgaria’s ski and snowboard sites and resorts such as Bansko.

According to official data given to ANA-MPA by Promahonas police station, from Dec. 22, 2012 to Jan. 2, 2013, 160,000 Greeks and Bulgarians crossed the borders.

Ski resorts of the neighboring country proved to be the most popular winter destination for most Greeks, while both casinos based in Bulgaria, just a few kilometers from Promahonas border, were filled with guests.

According to Bulgarian authorities’ official data, the vehicles’ movement peaked on December 22 as more than 45,000 Greeks and Bulgarians crossed the borders. But compared to last year, there were far fewer visitors on Christmas and New Year’s.



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