Modern Day Greek Santa Delivers Gifts

asdkgalkIt seems that Crete had its very own Santa Claus this year. Dimitris Apostolakis, a DHL courier employee, decided to gather food, clothing, toys and other necessities in his spare time and distribute them to the charitable foundation Minors’ Shelter (Stegi anilikwn) based in Heraclion and to many poor families that were in need of help this Christmas.

Apostolakis’ initiative was met with great enthusiasm by organizations, associations, charitable foundations and individuals who were more than willing to help the young man bring his humanitarian idea to life. The overall response and donations had Apostolakis delivering by himself two full tracks of stuff that brought joy to the children residing in the Minors’ Shelter and another 25 families in total.

“The smile on the children’s faces when I took them the packages was priceless,” Apostolakis told the local news agency Cretalive and added that compliments and praises must be directed to everyone involved in the offering process. “What I just did was to gather the donations and deliver them to their recipients,” he noted.

Two years ago Apostolakis had been presented with the award for the best courier employee in Greece.