Greek Tourism Dropped Off in 2012

1971-3511According to Expansion newspaper, there were 400,000 fewer tourists to Greece last year, according to data including international arrivals at Greek airports. Tourism officials said there were about 11.3 million visitors in 2012, compared to 11.7 million the year before, a decline of about 3.3 percent.

The tourism sector was hurt by repeated images of protests, strikes and riots against ongoing austerity measures, particularly the closing of airports, ports, buses, subways and other means of transport.

The biggest fall in arrivals were observed in Athens International Airport, a decrease of 11.5 percent. The drop in Rhodes as 7.3 percent and in Kos there was a 3.5 percent reduction in tourists.

On the other hand, states the report, in other destinations tourist arrivals were increased. Among them, Kefalonia, which showed a 13.1 percent jump, and at Chania airport on Crete, which went up 9.25 percent. Other increases were seen on Mykonos, Corfu and Thessaloniki. Approximately 80% of foreign tourists arrive in Greece by air.


  1. Greece will be much better if the government switch on the red lights all over the country…

  2.  Our focus shouldn’t be on low skilled low paying tourism anyhow.  It was a national mistake.

    Some  claim to be “proud”  Greek… then go on to flip souvlaki and serve drinks to tourists. This has absolutely nothing to do with Hellenism. Our focus should be in mathematics, physics, biology and other hard sciences. Not only do these subjects produce wealth and security but they can also bring us back our dignity as a people (rather than being patronizingly treating like 3rd world illiterates by FYROM’s supporters)

    For as long as we focus on selling trinkets to tourists and handouts Greeks will languish in emotion pain, Only when we start behaving like Greeks, will things improve.

  3. Let greece crumble, its a crap hole anyway, its no wonder nobody wants to go there, when your eyes can get you beaten up by a police officer who is supposed to protect you. Greeks are ignorant people, they deserve this, they brought it upon themselves, trying to act like Nordic nationalists, they are as black as a Indian….golly wogs who think their North Europeans….I have seen Greeks in the UK who look like Pakistanis and Arabs LOL

  4. Its sad you have not taken these subjects…you sound like a retard…how will maths and science improve your economy retard….Greece is a crap hole just accept it….your ignorant, you have dont allow anyone to critical thinking, you dont pay taxes, you break laws and love living in a tribal lawless state… want fascists into power, who beat women live on tv, you blame everything on penny-less immigrants, but if we mention the gangster greek wogs of Australia you get upset. I think everyone should de-vest from greece so they can learn Maths and invest in turkey.


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