Anarchists Rally Supports Squatters Rights

Greek anarchistsThousands of Greek anarchists marched through central Athens on Jan. 12 to protest the arraignment of nearly 92 people who were arrested after trying to reoccupy a long-term squat evacuated by police last week.

The crowd, estimated at 3,000 by police and 8,000 by organizers, marched to the Athens law courts where the squatters were arraigned and started to disperse when authorities began to release the arraigned individuals. All 92 have been provisionally released and a later court date will be set, where they will appear on charges of trespassing on public property.

Unusuay for an anarchist march, it ended virtually without incident, despite the close presence of riot police. Earlier in the day, police were seen at subway station entrances quietly searching, and apprehending individuals under suspicion of carrying rocks, batons and other projectiles.

The squatters were arrested at the abandoned building known as Villa Amalia in what critics said was an attempt by the government to divert attention from the country’s crushing economic crisis and the implementation of new austerity measures pushing more pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions on workers, pensioners and the poor.


  1. Anarchists and communists…. united in their thievery.  What a pair. Their alliance these last few years would be comedic if it wasn’t for the fact their endless stupidity harms our country. Their parents should have spanked their incompetent spoiled children when they had a chance.

    Then we have “values” of Andy Dablis of the USA whining about the government and the “poor” again. Here is another narrative for your “poor” comrade Andy. Get off your lazy bums and get to work. Stop listening to these lefitst parasitic whiners trying to turn you all into “victims:… for sitting on your *sses begging for handouts.  Become worthy of the name Greek by producing something beyond rants for handouts from the government.

  2. Too many Disney movies have fried their grey matter.

    Although I strongly support the Greek right , I do leave some room for government help… for those that can’t help themselves. Unfortunately these last few years all I hear from some Greek leftists, who have two arms and two legs, is gimmie gimmie gimmie from the government (i.e other Greeks). They frame their pathetic begging for handouts as their  “rights” rather than the generosity of our producers. It’s repulsive to watch. They’re like circling vultures or a pack of hyenas trying to collectively convince one another to feast on our well fed lions.

    These leftists fantasize that wealth comes magically from the government rather than see it is generated by our businesses. Business is the lifeblood of any economy.. and these leftist buffoons are out there ranting against our producers. Production is a dirty word to a Greek leftist. Their values are based on handouts rather than teaching a man to fish.

    Many Greek leftists think they are poor because of the actions of the rich when in reality is, even considering the corruption (among rich and poor alike), they are poor primarily because they made bad life choices.

    Instead of choosing a career in high demand technology and sciences, they decide to become “social scientists” or get cushy some job for the government.  Instead of focusing on Hellenic basics like mathematics, physics, biology et al… they are out in the streets shamelessly whining for handouts like vagrants (compounding their bad choices by supporting communist thieves like Syriza).

    It is not a crime to be poor. Not everyone can be rich. However it is dishonerable to blame our neighbour for own own life choices.  Too many of our leftists are unpatriotic parasites unworthy of the name Hellene.

  3. Don’t pay any attention to “pro Junta” Mr. Alex below, he’s “brain dead” and has set this special
    time to comment to humiliate himself in public again by ranting on with more utter nonsense screaming about “commies” and “leftists” taking over the world!

    I like you, Alex. You remind
    me of myself when I was young and stupid and believed in all the right-wing government propaganda!

  4. Alex…Don’t let your mind wander, it’s too small to be let out on its own.
    Did you eat an extra bowl of stupid this morning?
    I think Alex needs serious psychiatric assistance!

  5. I notice the normal Greek Press once again did not cover any of these demonstrations…
    and they wonder “why” the Greek People are calling them biased & in bed with the Coaltion?

  6. Albeit you are in love with communist thieves Syriza  most of the Greek people oppose communism dear.

  7.  I am not “pro-Junta” you lying manipulative communist thug. In fact it is you that support tyranny by supporting communist extremists Syriza.

    Have you already forget about the cold war commie thug? The millions dead from communists? The Greeks that were murdered by communist thugs for Tito and your Skopian “comrades” that treasonous Syriza lobby against their own country in support as they teach their schoolschild 1/3 of our country is “Greek occupied Macedonia”?

  8.  Is that the best you can do commie-boy? How about reading a book about the atrocities and economic studitiy of the communism you so dearly love instead?

  9.  And you need to learn the meaning of the word WORK you lazy communist parasite.

    What’s the matter Stalin? Can’t you feed yourself so you need to resort to theft from those with more money than you vis-a-vis the state? Your mother and father must be so “proud” of your thieving ways.

  10. When I was young I used to believe the stupidity of left wing propaganda. Can’t we all share and get along comrades!  Just vote for me [email protected]:disqus

    d I will give the people free things all the rich people stole from you and eliminate corruption!

    Syriza is practically word for word copying the rhetoric of communist thugs like Pol Pot, Stalin and Tito while easily manipulated lazy fools like you simply vote for the politicians that you think will offer you the most free things. Listening to you and your beloved communist Syriza is like watching a cold war movie produced by the propagadist’s of the Soviet Union. You are painfully ignorant while you pretentiously behave as if you are imparting deep wisdom on the world.

    I didn’t say communists were taking over the world liar.  Most of the world realizes communism is an oppressive ideology today (why so many country’s abandoned it). Most of the world sees parties like Syriza as crackpot fringe extremists (perhaps in your communist utopia of North Korea they might love Syriza) Unfortunately the same is not true of about 30 percent of the Greek population that have lost their marbles by supporting communist extremists  Syriza and KKE. 

    It is true the middle ground parties made mistakes, but this is no excuse for you to make things far worse then they already are by supporting communist extremists (including far leftist terrorists now too) If you don’t like the current parties, create another moderate party. Don’t go off the deep end and support people that admire mass murderers like Mao and Stalin you sick thug. Violent fanatics like you quite possible will trigger a civil war in Greece. Is that what you want thug? To murder other Greeks for the sake of a failed ideology? Have you no shame ?

  11. You are right Maverick. They are brainwashed.

    Read the comments of Syriza supporter “world arts”” where he recently treasonously advocated violence against other Greeks to understand just how extreme some leftists in Greece are (and why I am so vocal about it while everyone is detracted by GD). He just manipulatively frames his support for far leftist terrorism as “human rights” and “democracy”. Communist extremists like Syriza should never be confused with more moderate leftists. They are no less extreme than GD but extreme in a different way.

    Any individual Greek, that lawlessly calls for revolution and violence against other Greeks, is the real problem in Greece. Instead of protecting the Greek people and our country they are far more interested in exploiting our current mess to push their ideologies.

    We have to support our moderate coalition government. If we don’t, I believe there is a real chance of another civil war breaking out. Communists like Syriza can be trusted to support Skopian irredentists exactly like communists did during the Greek civil war. Their communist ideology drives them to anti-nationalism extremism to the point of treason and racism against their own people, This has very real prospect of tearing apart our country because most Greeks are not willing to commit ethnic suicide for the sake of a failed communist ideology.

  12. A country that gave birth to democracy has no g*d given right be home to anarchists and communists. All of the Greek revolutionaries are turning in their graves right now. Its truly a shame that there is much leftists ideals in Greece, but years of corrupt government has led to this. If only a true patriotic leader like Metaxa was in charge, maybe, just maybe there would be some return of true Greek ideals.

    Im tired of seeing Anarchist, and Communists burning Athens to the ground, Im tired of seeing graffiti line the streets of every city in the country. Im tired of Fascists acting to extreme. Im tired of seeing Greek youth take everything for granted. Until Greece finds its “Ithaca”, the journey will be far more than a long one. 

  13. Given Syriza treasonous supports the Skopians I do not consider any Greek citizen that votes for Syriza ethnic Greek.  Despite their usage of the term “Greek” to describe themselves their treason  on this Skopian issue means they have essentially self-defined themselves as a ethnic group other than Greek  (since no actual Greek would ever call the Skopians by their own identity)

    Make no mistake about this. Syriza’s real identity is their communist ideology. They are not Greek in any meaningful way.  Turkish, Skopian, Arab, it is all the same to these Marxists.

    There is a high probability of another civil war  if they are ever elected because it is highly probable these treasonous communist appeasers are prepared to collaberate
    with IMRO once again in their attempts to ethnically erase the Greek
    people (shades of Greek civil war in 1944). They frame any Greeks with Hellenic identity (as in we see ourselves related to ancient Hellenes) as “racists” and “fascists”. This is a call to commit genocide against the Greek people.

  14. Ohh, my god… the ‘commies’ are coming… the commies are coming… Get real, you dummies! 
    Oh, yes, I guess we need the same 2 corrupt criminal parties to stay in power robbing the People for another 37 year? Where are your brains at?  

  15.  If you don’t like ND or Pasok that’s perfectly fine. Vote some other middle ground party .
    What exploitive communist parasites like you do instead is move on from your beloved Pasok (who stopped giving you handouts) to communist extremists like Syriza? Have you no shame or dignity in yourself for being a freeloader?

  16. Yes, it is a shame that Greeks have lost the sense of Paideia.. Im glad there is someone on my side like you. And that said, a reason why Greece is in such a mess, Greeks cannot cooperate with each other, there are to many chiefs and not enough Indians, we need to learn to come to a common understanding with one another.

  17. Im sorry sir but I dont feel like he is humiliating himself, he might be going a little over the edge, but I find that you should be embarrassed with your anti-Greek ideals…