Juncker Blasts “Unpatriotic” Greeks With Money Abroad

Eurozone chief Jean-Claude Juncker
Eurozone chief Jean-Claude Juncker

Eurozone chief Jean-Claude Juncker has castigated wealthy Greeks and those who hide their income in secret bank deposits outside the country and being unfaithful to their country at a time when many Greeks are suffering big pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions as the government tries to keep the economy from collapsing.

With reports that well-to-do Greeks are squirreling money away in Switzerland, Luxeumbourg, Lichtenstein and elsewhere, Juncker, in remarks to the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, called them “unpatriotic.”

Greece’s international lenders, the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) are also pressing the Greek government to clamp down on corruption and tax cheats and Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras wants mandatory jail time for those convicted of deliberately evading taxes.

The Greek Parliament is set to vote on whether to conduct a deeper investigation into a list of 2,062 Greeks with $1.95 billion in deposits in the Geneva, Switzerland branch of HSBC Bank even as the government is imposing yet another round of big pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed benefits on workers, pensioners and the poor while tax cheats who owe $70 billion are largely escaping prosecution.

“I wholeheartedly encourage the efforts of the Greek government to prevent the flight of capital abroad, to London and Frankfurt – at a time when the Germans are acting as if this is not an issue – to Amsterdam and to Luxembourg,” Juncker said.

He added that, “Governments have to cooperate in the best possible way to help the Greek government uncover this unpatriotic stance of certain Greek millionaires and billionaires. We are not here to take advantage of the austerity policies being implemented in certain member states.”

Juncker also blasted “Anglo-Saxon futurologists” who had predicted that Greece would leave the euro, prompting the single currency’s collapse. He said Samaras’ government has made great strides to keep Greece in the Eurozone and took a shot at “philosophers of the north” he said didn’t appreciate Greece.

“For me, the EU and the Eurozone would be incomplete without Greece,” he said. “We have become arrogant, we do not recognize history. We do not like those who are not like us, we ignore all that the Republic of Greece and Greeks have offered Europe. I will support this country until the end. I am a friend of the Greeks.”

It’s also been reported that Greek officials some 54,000 citizens have accounts in foreign banks worth $19.5 billion. The Athens newspaper Ethnos said that there are now six lists the government knows about and preliminary findings indicate that more than 31,000 taxpayers are being examined for secreting away, although it wasn’t reported whether taxes had been paid on any of it.

It’s not unlawful for Greeks to have deposits abroad as long as taxes are paid. The newspaper said that there are 5,200 Greeks said to be in what the government calls a zone of high-likelihood of tax evasion. According to Ethnos, there is suspicion that 4,500 Greeks with deposits in Luxembourg and Lichtenstein haven’t paid taxes and Greek authorities have the names in their hands but haven’t revealed them.

The newspaper said the Lichtenstein list was known in 2007 but was ignored by the administration of then-Prime Minister and former New Democracy Conservative leader Costas Karamanlis, who had vowed zero tolerance on corruption but whose administration was tarred with it.

Besides bank deposits, the newspaper said investigators are probing 100 Greeks for tax evasion who were found to have expensive boats docked in The Netherlands who hadn’t reported them on their tax forms, along with 600 others who bought expensive properties in London.


  1. And lets not forget those unpatriotic leftists that rant for ILLEGALS that violate our borders…..  rant and rant against the government for handouts….. some of them even call the Skopians irredentist “Macedonians”. (see any Greek leftist that writes for that anti-Hellenic UK rag known as the Guardian).

    There are even a few of these cowardly leftist efialtes that write articles for the US MILITARY FUNDED setimes.com that also calls the former Yugoslavians “Macedonians”. Don’t suppose you know anyone like that Andy?


  2.  I bet you most of the people on that list are leftists (mostly former Pasok supporters). They have no sense of patriotism. Their allegiance is to their leftist ideology not their country. (see communist Syriza for the best example)

  3. Alex…ou’re not yourself
    today, I noticed the improvement straight away.
    I could say nice things
    about you, but I would rather tell the truth. You’re one sick puppy!

  4. It’s about time the EU Commission spoke up about the injustices against the Greek People by the criminal elites ruling Greece for 37 years with impunity with no Justice System here to put these corrupt people in jail. 

     ***Why has Mr. Venizelos not been prosecuted for crimes against the State and Greek People for hiding the “Legarde List” for 2 years in his home?  

    ***Why was Mr. Papaconstantinou, Venizelos partner in crime and George Papandeaou allowed to flee Greece suddenly with investigations still going on? Why hasn’t Investigator Peponis reached his conclusion yet?

            *** Why is Akis Tszazopoluos still waiting for his trial after all this time?
    ***Why is Mermirakis still Speaker of Parliament after his crimes at Proton Bank?
    ***Why was Mr. Chistoforakos of the Siemen’s Scandal allowed to flee to Germany?

    Until the inept & corrupt “so-called” Justice System here starts working to get back the billions these people stole & sent out of Greece, we are doomed to repeat the same mistake and the bailouts and all else will only end in more failure —– WAKE UP, GREEKS!

  5. At last check 70% of the Greek population oppose exploitative communist thugs like you.

    “Wake up” to the fact communist extremists like Syriza are trying to take over our government Greeks.

    Despite their mistakes, as a Greek I would take moderation of ND and Pasok any day of the week over communist fanatics like Syriza. They admire mass murderering totalitarian thugs like Mao and Stalin while they bizarrely claim they are “against corruption” and “pro-democracy”.

    If some Greek doesn’t want to support ND or Pasok because of their mistakes this is perfectly fine. Support some other moderate party or create you own. It is morally unacceptable to support communism. It is an evil oppressive ideology that will only make things far far worse for Greece than it already is (see North Korea, see Greek civil war)

  6.  Syriza are communists you ignorant fool. Read the list of party names that are members of Syriza. Practically all of them support communism. Tsipiras himself is a communist.

    There is overwhelming evidence communism  is an economically inefficient highly oppressive political system (see any country during the cold war)…. yet ranting buffoons like you support communist? What year is it comrade? 1917 for you to have the excuse of not knowing any better? Communists like you disgust me.

  7.  Ah… more “intellectualism” by a hysterical ranting communist!

    Keep up the great work edumacating the world about the greatness of communism dear. I’m sure South Koreans admire your “deep” wisdom and are keen to throw away their booming mixed economy to be more like your glorious communist utopia of North Korea. The world revolution is upon us. Down with the  fascist pigs! Kill the capitalists! Support the people!

    You are so dumb and easily manipulated, the world is a little duller every time you type your decades old cut and paste communist propaganda comrade. Pick up a speech by communist Pol Pot. You will find the words of your darling Syriza.


  8.  What do communists like Syriza care about the Greek people?

    As far as most of the Greek people can tell they are ranting anti-nationalist extremists that care more about Skopians and illegals than the Greek people. Your beloved Syriza treasonously lobby for Skopians over the Greek people no? They rant in support of illegals that violate our borders no? They call any Greek that tries to defend our country “Nazi” and “fascism” no?

    As far as I can tell Syriza if anything are so bizarrely extremely anti-nationalist they are RACIST against Greeks.


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