Parliament Workers Face Pay, Benefit Cuts

parliamentempty_480_1201After twice being forced to back down, the administration of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras this week will try again to pass legislation that cuts the pay and benefits of Parliament workers as it has with other Greek workers.

After the parliamentary staff said it would walk out of pending debates on spending cuts and tax hikes and put a halt to any vote, the government relented, but Samaras said he would not give up.

While many Greeks have been beset with big pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions, the parliament’s workers have enjoyed relatively higher salaries and benefits for what critics said amounts to little or no work.

The new legislation set to be introduced on Jan. 14 will limit the workers to 52 hours of overtime a month although the parliament is often not in session. The Speaker of the House will have to approve any changes and the parliament workers will have the same pay and benefit schedule as Finance Ministry workers.

The vote will come only a few days after the Parliament easily approved big new tax hikes, primarily on the middle class, along with reforms that eliminate advantages for the self-employed.


  1. Bravo Samaras. Keep cutting.

    Don’t give in to the blackmail of the shameless far leftist extremists that are upset about spending cuts. That was the unprincipled mistake the last ND adminstration made. Don’t repeat  We have to balance our national budgets. Period..

    Many Greeks support you even if our lazy self-righteous unpatriotic far leftist extremists like Syriza don’t. The communists care far more about illegals, irredentist Skopians, and their failed parasitic communist ideology than the Greek people

  2. Parliament workers are no better than us…They should be treated the same as us…They are not Bloody Gods and Goddess of Greece…Why we should suffer the consequences while they are enjoying the full “Monty”…They can go to hell if they don’t like it…

  3.  It is not politicians versus the people re. Our politicians are our representatives that the people elected. We should strongly support them in their difficult task of trying to clean up debt mess and corruption.

     The way to do that isn’t to call for violence but to support cuts and focus on personal responsibility. The Greeks that don’t do that are part of the rot and corruption. Self-righteous ranting lazy welfare queens that claim their are against corruption… then go on to pay few taxes themselves, suck back government services, produce virtually nothing of value, and believe others are responsible for feeding them.