Plato’s Tree Cut Down For Firewood

    Plato's TreeGreeks, desperate to find fuel to stay warm because they can’t afford heating oil that has been ghit with big tax increases, have been taking to the woods and even city parks to cut down trees and now authorities said someone has felled the olive tree under which Plato sat in ancient times.

    Police said they believe at least two people cut down the famous tree because it was massive and heavy. Some residents of the area reportedly said that homeless people cut the tree, while others allege that a group of gypsies did it.

    Plato’s Olive Tree, was said to be a remnant of the grove within which Plato’s Academy was situated, which would make it approximately 2,400 years old. The tree comprised a cavernous trunk from which a few branches were still sprouting in 1975, when a traffic accident caused a bus to fall on and uproot it in 1975. Since then, the trunk has been preserved and displayed in the nearby Agricultural University of Athens.

    The Iera Odos (Sacred Way) lies on the ancient route between Athens and the town of Elefsina (Eleusis). The remains of Plato’s Academy lie near the tree, giving the area the name Akadimia Platonos. It has been mostly abandoned and neglected over the years and left to fall into disrepair despite its historic significance.


    1.  That is very sad to see that the people of Greece are so desperate taht they
      have to cut down trees in parks…The government needs to so more…yesterday
      not tommorow…

      When people are so desperate to keep warm they have to revert to such
      measures there is something wrong… I only hope that the politicians do
      something fast to change this…

    2. Politicians do care about themselves only…Why they do care about themselves??? Because of power and the benefits behind it…If our Greek politicians do care about our welfare, we would not be in this situation…You have to examine the facts to see who do they care for…

    3. Don’t tell me it’s a Greek who did this because that would mean some of us would have fallen so low to attack our own symbols and culture. Our culture, ou symbols, our Past and Greek ties are the only thing on which we can rely to get out of the problem. I know it’s just a Tree but it’s heartbreaking considering the symbol it carries and it’s another piece of the country which is falling apparts.

    4.  Its not just about blaming policians. Our politicians were elected by the people. They are a reflection of our country.  All the poor are not “victims”. All the rich are not crooks. If we get caught up in this class warfare rhetoric we are only going to end up handing power over to communist politicians in Syriza (who will make things far far worse)

    5.  If we keep expecting a handful of politicians to fix our problems through handouts… we will fail.

      It we each take personal responsibility and just focus on making sure we produce… that we don’t burden our government… then we will succeed.

      If each Greek did their part and made sure they didn’t depend on the state and instead depended on their own achievements we would be a paradise. The more expect of us depend on the state, the more we bring about our own misery.

    6. In fact it is the politicians to blame, greeks and at EU. It’s not the people who cooked the economic books, it’s not the common people who decided to destroy every manufacturing faculty that used to be.
      Greek got governed for more than 30years by the same 2 parties, not by syriza, not by communist party but by New Democracy and PASOK.

    7.  Blah, blah, blah.

      Stay on the topic Alex. This new item is about a tree you idiot. I know your ability to remember things is only 5 minutes but this is ridiculous.

      You really do need to repair that broken cog in that 28kb brain you possess.

      (New readers beware: Alex always says the same thing.)

    8. If this tree was so important, why wasn’t it enclosed form protection against such things as this?

    9. I love how the “locals” who witnessed this and blame Gypsies, immigrants, homeless, etc but did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prevent this act. That is Greek indifference and apathy for you.

    10. This man gets it, this mess was created by successive governments spending more than they brought in through taxation, and will not be cleaned up by more well-meaning government largesse.

      What Greece needs is entrepreneurs and society.

      Entrepreneurs to restart the flagging economy and get it firing again on all cylinders, and create employment. Society to help one another in the times of hardship and help to create an interdependence of PEOPLE instead of a dependence on the state teat.

    11.  Good question, but difficult to say.

      Jerk? Loser? Arsehole? These and more spring to mind.

      Alex the loser is incapable of developing any thought greater than “ranting revolutionary leftist scum” (or some variation of that).

      In short, he’s a waste of space and a poor excuse for a Greek. (If he is a Greek. I think he is really from FYROM personally. He claimed in another posting that, “I have caught several Skopians on this website pretending to be be Greek leftist supporters.”)

      I mean, it takes one to know one.

    12. It’s a hoax that’s gone viral on the greek media since yesterday. The original damage has been done in 1976, when a bus hit the tree and ripped it off. The remains of the tree have been transferred to the Agricultural University of Athens and in it’s place they planted another one.

      So, the tree that they cut down for firewood was planted on 1976 and it was not the original Plato’s olive tree.

    13.  I like how Greek hating racist morons like you blame Greeks… when it turns out the tree was under protection somewhere else. by Greeks.

    14.  Hey is my fan Mr. Timon-I’m-not-a-lefitst.

      How is your manipulative false flag Skopian :”Aegean Macedonia” friend today?

    15.  Hey is my fan Mr. Timon-I’m-not-a-lefitst.

      How is your manipulative false flag Skopian :”Aegean Macedonia” friend today?


    16. “It’s not the people who cooked the economic books,”

      Most of communist Syriza’s supporters Voted for Pasok until Pasok stop offering handouts. I would say the problem exists with some of the people as well. Some Greeks sell their vote for the politicians that offers them the most free things (aka bribary)


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