Golden Dawn Gets EU Human Rights Seat

Golden Dawn MP Eleni Zaroulia says immigrants are "subhuman"
Golden Dawn MP Eleni Zaroulia

The wife of Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn leader has been allowed to join the Council of Europe, a human rights organization, despite her denunciation of immigrants as “subhuman” and as the party is being blamed for rising incidents of assaults on immigrants.

Over strong opposition, Eleni Zaroulia, was given the go-ahead to participate in the council’s proceedings in Strasbourg, France. Greece’s PASOK and Democratic Left parties, as well as several rights groups had expressed objections to the membership of Zaroulia, wife of Golden Dawn chief Nikos Michaloliakos.

The Council stated that her objection to immigrants does not imply it agrees with her stance even though the body is charged with a broad human rights charter. The committee also OK’d the participation of Tamas Gaudi from Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party.

The parliamentary assembly of the council had considered a ban on the two if they were found to be affiliated with parties that are “neo-Nazi, racist and anti-Semitic,” reported. Although critics say they are, the Council set aside the protests.

The challenge was introduced on procedural grounds by Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein, who said that the values of these parties were in conflict with the Council of Europe’s ideals and principles. Both challenges were supported by at least 10 members of the assembly present in the chamber, belonging to at least five different national delegations.

“Ms. Zaroulia has said in her country’s Parliament that the immigrants were sub-humans who invaded her homeland and spread diseases,” Nirenstein was quoted as saying. “Mr. Gaudi Nagy has told his Parliament that there was a list of Jews representing a threat to national security, and who were exploiting the Holocaust to dominate the world.”

In a letter addressed to Greek Parliamentary Speaker Evangelos Meimarakis, two PASOK MP’s and one from the Democratic Left said that Zaroulia’s participation on the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, “has generated a barrage of strong reactions from European politicians and intellectuals, as well as from human rights organizations that deem Golden Dawn an overtly racist and neo-Nazi organization.”

The letter went on to say the participation of a “political party/organization that violates with its actions and with acts of violence the rights of local and foreign residents of this country” is “contradictory and tragically ironic.”

The legal challenge, meanwhile, was opposed by Jean-Claude Mignon of France’s conservative European People’s Party (EPP,) one of the most dominant in the European Parliament, who said that the pair had been elected following what has been considered democratic elections. “It is not the job of the Assembly to tell the Hungarians or the Greeks ‘You voted correctly,’ or ‘You didn’t vote correctly,” he was quoted as saying.


  1. If you want real news and real facts about Golden dawn, their programs and their views, please visit their international newsroom.

    *Sigh* For god sake..


    Golden dawn is not nazi or fascist, or space aliens, they reject both fascism and nazism, even a quick wikipedia search will verifiy this.

    They are a Greece democratic party trying to restore democracy from EU and the international banks which the multiculturalist have sold their country to.

    Golden dawn is if anything an anti-racist party, trying to stopp the ethnic displacement of their people. If Golden dawn is nazi for just wanting their people to continue being a majority in their country, then by the same standard multicultural media must call Israel nazi for defining itself as a “Jewish” state which bans intermarriage.

  2. Jewish supremacist apartheid state of Israel is the most racist nation on Earth.
    Search on You Tube for the video titled: “Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Racism!”
    In the Jewish supremacist state of Israel, it is actually ILLEGAL for a Jew and a gentile to get married. This has nothing to do with religion, because an athiest Jew can marry a religious Jew. It is based entirely on RACE.

  3. What? You didn’t know the Council of Europe and the U Commission was already full of right wing fascists? Give us a break… they are the most corrupt People in the world right now– supressing human rights in every country they’ve been pushing austerity on!  

  4. Well if Syriza communist thugs are allowed to sit in on “human rights” meetings why not Golden Dawn? I thought you leftists believed in democracy? While I don’t approve of GD I don’t believe banning them like you leftists want to do all your opposition.

  5.  The EU isn’t “pushing austarity” on us. They are just telling us if we want their taxpayer money to pay our bills then in exchange we must cut spending to match inputs.  (i.e. balance our national budgets)

    Unfortunately communists like you want to shamelessly letch off others rather than accept we have to live within our means and each also take personal responsibility for our lives. Your mother and father likely spoiled you. They should have spanked you more often and taught you to respect the property of others and focus on production to be wealthy yourself rather than constantly trying to thieve off others because of your petty envy of anyone successful.

  6. I think you overgeneralizing and simplifying things a bit. The so-called “Palestinians” are much like the Skopians. They are an ethnic identity largely invented in the 20th century. Before that they were essentially Muslim Arabs like any other Muslim Arabs of Ottoman empire. They could just as easily have called themselves Egyptions or Jordinians but they manipulatively choose name Palestinians to implicitly lay claim to all of Israel. There are many many Muslim nations. Their is only one Jewish state. People with Jewish identity want a place to call their own just like everyone else. (especially after the Holocaust)

    That said, I agree Fiamma Nirenstein is a self-serving manipulator. Had there been put equal energy into protesting some Kach-sympathizers in the Israeli Knesset I might have taken such arguments seriously. As you mentioned the Israeli government doesn’t recognize marrages between Jews and non-Jews. Why isn’t Fiamma Nirenstein out complaining about such an obvious Nazi-like policy? Why isn’t Fiamma Nirenstein protesting about Israelis that want to expell all illegals? The double standards are what shows the arguments are based on sophist self-interest rather than principled self-interest or caring about human rights.

    While I don’t support Golden Dawn, I do strongly support democracy. Much like communists they should be allowed to have a place in government if elected by the people so should Golden Dawn. As long as the party don’t attempt to destroy that democracy or state they are part of, they have should have a right to participate in it. Only if they attempt to destroy it, do they forfeit their own right to participate.

    Democracy is not a synonym for a political party or belief. It is a synonym for
    the ability for people of various beliefs to have an equal voice (even
    if we strongly disagree with them).

  7. We all know that only the left holds any truths and everybody else is a fascist, Nazi, dog beater.

    Truth is that the left is using political correctness and contrived “human rights” to shut up and shut down any discussion that does not go with their version of reality. That is why they go nuts when someone uses their platforms against them. I thought that liberal fascism was a bit of a joke, but not anymore. 

  8. “You didn’t know the Council of Europe and the U Commission was already full of right wing fascists?”

    Typical communist behavior. Slander anyone that isn’t a communist as “fascist”.  Do you understand that what you are saying is SLANDER and LIES?  It is most certainly not full of “fascists” you dishonest manipulator.

    This is just of the many reasons I am disgusted by Syriza. They are ambassadors of hate towards the Greek people. Read any foreign news source were they bizarrely decide to use Greek communists for their opinions of “human rights in Greece”.  I say bizarrely because most countries would never take communists opinions on “human rights” seriously any more in their own countries. This makes their selectively quote mining of ranting Greek communists come off as racism directed against Greeks. (see anti-greek trolls at Guardian and NYT that aside from now manipulatively trying to hide their shame for recognizing the Skopians as “Macedonians”….aren’t exactly known for quoting mining British and American communists for their views)

    Much like Skopians crypto-fascist Gruevski supporters trying to morph themselves into “ancient Macedonians”…. everywhere they go Syriza supporters slanderously constantly analogize any non-communist Greek with fascism.  (also see Greek civil war where communist anti-nationalist extremists… ended up murdering thousands upon thousands of Greeks for communist extremists  Tito, Stalin and ultra nationalist IMRO)

  9. I used to fall for it myself. Who doesn’t support human rights?

    I then grew up and learned “human rights”  to a leftist is essentially a synonym for their leftist political ideology.  (i.e .they have co-opted the words without agreement from the rest of us and without certain knowledge of the validity of their claims)

    The manipulation of the term “human rights’ doesn’t end there.

    On the UN human rights council there are representatives from theocracies that claim blasphemy is a human right violation! The exact opposite is true. The state using force to imprison someone criticizing some religion (or virtually any beliefs whatsoever) is whats a human rights rights violation.

    The Skopians have a  organizations with the words  “human rights” in their name. There organizations spend zero time on the human rights of non-Skopians. They are essentially ultra nationalist fronts that just add “human rights” to their name to try and fool people.

    Little known historical fact. Before WW2 the Nazis claimed they were concerned about the rights of the “oppressed German minority” neighbouring states! Tito communists originally complained that they had no intention to annex Macedonia Greece but were only concerned about the human rights of the  “oppressed Macedonian minority in Macedonia”. (much like the manipulative Gruevski supporting Skopian Nazis that clearly manipulating human rights lingo to encourage irredentism against our sovereign country.)

  10. “The legal challenge, meanwhile, was opposed by Jean-Claude Mignon of
    France’s conservative European People’s Party (EPP,) one of the most
    dominant in the European Parliament, who said that the pair had been
    elected following what has been considered democratic elections. “It is
    not the job of the Assembly to tell the Hungarians or the Greeks ‘You
    voted correctly,’ or ‘You didn’t vote correctly,” he was quoted as

    A man who gets democracy… rather than try to repressively ban opposing voices from participating.

    Jean-Claude Mignon likely does not agree with many of Golden Dawns views but unlike the leftists trying to ban the party, he strongly believes in their right to participate in democratic process.

    They type of people we should fear in democracy are the ones that confuse mob rule with democracy. Typically this is far left or right extremists but for an example that perhaps everyone can relate to… consider the case of Egypt. The Egyptian people fought to free themselves from a dictator. (which was admirable) but rather than support a democracy they support Sharia run
    democracy”. (i.e .silence views and opinions that aren’t muslim much like communist countries ended up banning all non-communist parties)

    This is not democracy. This is just people framing tyrannical views as democratic. As Winston Churchill once famous noted…. it is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.

  11. do you even know what fascism is?  aside from golden dawn being nazi traitors, just like the Τάγματα Ασφαλείας who they were bred from like the dirty german dogs that they are, their ideology and view on the social economic spectrum is the exact definition of fascism.  get a clue you traitor.  the immigrants did not cause the economic crisis.  but let’s prey on the weak and play the blame game like hitler, your idol, did with the jews, to distract from the real causes of greece’s crisis.  

  12. First, you missed the point : There are 2 crisis : 1 economic crisis and the invasion (and not only in Greece, my 2nd country France is invaded too).
    For the rest, funny how you speak about XA being German lovers. Thet admire Metaxas you know and so they are Metaxists, not Nazis (at least for the majority of their militants).
    And speaking about loving Germans, wasn’t it KKE and other leftists who sided with the Germans (Foreigners) in WWII until Hitler betrayed Stalin ? (It was the same in many other countries by the way).
    And now it’s the same situation again : You leftists side with illegal muslims (foreigners) who like Hitler use you for their own interests but despise you for your corrupt values (many illegals are very religious so they are far right;) and when they will become enough powerful they will kick you out of “their” areas like they did in Belgium where leftist traitors lost their seats in muslims areas because now the muslims have their own party Islam who want to establish sharia in Belgium. Happy ?
    Each time you leftists have defended aggressive foreigners against the local population and each times it backfire. History is just repeating itself.So, say again who is traitor, who defend foreigners against the local people ?Again, when the illegal pakistani in Paros raped the innocent 15 years old girl, please remind me again whose side chose Syriza ? The girl or the rapist/murderer ? As for faschism, far-leftists are fashists because they bomb peoples who have a different opinion than them in order to silence them and if it’s not enough they kill like they did in 2008 by murdering 3 bank employees, one of them pregnant.

  13. No they didn’t, but they don’t want to be replaced like what is happening all over Europe. Remember the Persian story? yeah, that’s what golden dawn is doing, driving out invaders, but their objective is to also separate from the EU.

  14. Why are communists parties even still around? Especially in southern Europe?(40 million died from it) Every time it wrings it’s claws around a nation tens of millions die, yeah it’s from bad leaders, but ALL are bad leaders anyway, it’s easy for psycho’s to reach the top in communism…

  15. “Golden dawn is not nazi or fascist, or space aliens, they reject both fascism and nazism, even a quick wikipedia search will verifiy this.”

    Quote from Wikipedia:
    “Scholars and media describe it as neo-nazi and fascist, although the group rejects these labels. They have used Nazi symbolism and praised figures of Nazi Germany in the past. According to academic sources, the group is racist and xenophobic, while the party’s leader has openly identified it as nationalist and racist.”

    “They are a Greece democratic party trying to restore democracy from EU and the international banks which the multiculturalist have sold their country to.”

    So they say, but their means of reaching said goals say otherwise. 

    “Golden dawn is if anything an anti-racist party, trying to stopp the ethnic displacement of their people. If Golden dawn is nazi for just wanting their people to continue being a majority in their country, then by the same standard multicultural media must call Israel nazi for defining itself as a “Jewish” state which bans intermarriage.”

    The main problem with illegal immigration in Greece shouldn’t be because foreigners are overshadowing the number of Greeks (which is very unlikely), but because it’s causing the country’s economy to fall even faster. Believe me, I support efforts to curb illegal immigration to the country because of this, but the solution should be done in a way that doesn’t treat migrants as sub-human. 
    Migrants came to Greece because they see prospects of gaining a better livelihood, just like every other migrant to any other country in history. At the moment Greece cannot offer that to them, and their continued entry into Greece only makes things worse. Still, they’re as human as legal Greeks, and so they must be treated as such.

    Whatever solution there is to illegal immigration in Greece, it’s better done by a party that does NOT have members who randomly beat up journalists and politicians, bring firearm to government buildings, promote the suppression of free expression and repeatedly treat migrants (illegal AND legal) as inferior. 
    Ultimately, Golden Dawn is an untrustworthy group due to the contradictions between its actions/behavior and its claimed ideology. Just like Hitler’s Nazi party did during the 1930s, they’re exploiting the frustrations of the populace amid an economic depression and creating a fascist government through the country’s unwitting support. 

  16. What makes you think that Golden Dawn will destroy democracy? Do you call the last 39 years in Greece a democracy? It’s been nothing but a corrupt Oligarchy! What is the ONLY political party, in the Greek parliament that no other political party dares to associate with in any way. The answer is Golden Dawn. This should show you clearly that Golden Dawn is the ONLY political party outside the corrupt political system.
    Golden Dawn wants parliamentary immunity removed for all politicians including themselves(no other political party suppprts this), Golden Dawn wants the income of politicians including their own MP’s slashed(again no other political party supports this), Golden Dawn wants beauracracy slashed by reducing the number of MP’s from 300 to 200.
    Which one of these measures is anti-democratic?
    Golden Dawn are the only REAL democrats, & thats why the political-media-finance establishment is 100% against Golden Dawn.
    As for Israel, please keep in mind that Israel didn’t even exist on the map until it was created in 1948. Who used to live in Palestine before then? The answer is mainly Arabs, who took on the name Palestinians as they lived in the geographic region of Palestine.

  17. Why do you deceptively refer to ILLEGAL immigrants, who broke Greek immigration laws, simply as “migrants”? This is very deceptive as you make it sound like most of them came to Greece legally, when in fact it is quite the opposite.

  18. Greek Reporter – apprecitae your work, but the council of europe and the EU are not the same thing. You need to correct the headline.

  19. just as i expected. a dirty nazi who is so blinded by his infatuation with hitler and other nazis that he does not even know what fascism or communism for that matter is.  you throw around these terms without knowing anything.  just like the Greeks eliminated the foreign nazi invaders in WW2 so too will they eliminate the nazi golden dawn party this time around.  it is inevitable.  please spare us from monopolizing your praise of metaxas.  metaxas would be disgusted by nazi sheep like yourself and the rest of the golden dawn sell outs.  no it was the your traitorous ancestors in the security battalions who sided with the Germans in WW2.  The Security Battalions (Greek: Τάγματα Ασφαλείας, Tágmata Asfalías, derisively known as Germanotsoliades or Tagmatasfalites) were Greek collaborationist military groups, formed during the Axis occupation of Greece during World War II in order to support the German occupation troops.  The Battalions were founded in 1943 by the Greek puppet government of Ioannis Rallis. They were supported by the extreme right and pro-Nazis, but also by some centrist politicians who were concerned about the dominance of ELAS (the military arm of the communist-dominated National Liberation Front EAM) as the main body of the Greek resistance. Among the members of the Security Battalions one could find ex-army officers, forcefully conscripted soldiers, conservatives, landowners, extreme-right radicals and social outcasts, as well as common opportunists who believed the Axiswould win the war.They remained faithful to the Germans even when the occupation was crumbling. Their last mission was to engage in combat against ELAS and keep them away from the main routes, in order to secure the safe exit of the German troops from Greece….During the war, the Allied-oriented government in exile decried the Security Battalions for treason. After the liberation, the groups were disbanded; many of their members were tried and were convicted of collaborationism. Their creator, Rallis, was sentenced to life imprisonment for treason. He died in prison in 1946 after months of abuse by his guards.

    Syriza did not side with the rapist in Paros.  don’t kid yourself.  you are a fascist without even realizing it. everything on your nazi party’s website is the exact definition of fascism.  head on over there and read about it.  nazis like yourself prey on illegal immigrants because you are so weak minded and helpless there is nothing else you can do. illegal immigration is certainly a problem (thanks to US endless wars in the middle east) but there are other ways of dealing with it than randomly going out and beating anyone who looks to be an illegal. illegals are a scapegoat just like the jews were for hitler.    and thanks to dirty nazis like yourself, the US state department and many state departments around the world have issued travel warnings for anyone who may look like an illegal immigrant.  with tourism contributing at least 30% to the Greek economy, how do you think that’s going to affect it?  Nice work nazi, way to ruin the greek tourist industry and the economy.  it’s no wonder travelers are opting for other destinations like croatia and unfortunately turkey. but hey the treasonous golden dawn nazis are here to save the country and the economy.   this immigration problem will fix itself when/if the economy begins to recover.  your time will come shortly just like all the Germans massacred in Greece and Crete during WW2.  it’s also funny that golden dawn nazis polled the lowest in Crete, isn’t it.  if anyone knows a nazi fascist when they see one, it is the people in Crete.  

  20. XD, I hate nazis, communists, anarchists, and their muslim friends. Have you really forgotten what the muslims did in WWII ? They were allied with the nazis until the end. Have you forgotten the n*zi islamic brigades created by the Great moufti of Jerusalem (3rd most sacred place in Islam), a personal friend of Adolph Jacob Hitler, who killed Orthodox civilians in such an awful way that even the Germans were shocked ? Actually, the n*zis loved Islam and the muslims love n*zism (Mein K*mpf is 2nd best seller book in Turkey, Nr1 in Qatar, Nr 5 in Indonesia, ect  …), just look at Egypt with their n*zi party, or at the syrians witht their soci*l n*tion*list pary.

    As for hard leftists and others communists, you were allied with the n*zis in WWII. You can try to hide it or seek excuses, that’s a fact. N*zis and muslims (green f*shists) are your “friends” … until they betray you (again). Then I am sure you’ll (again) pretend that you hard-leftists were patriots and resistants since the start like you did 50 years ago, right ?

    And finally for your defense you have found some Greeks who sided with the N*zis and who weren’t leftists. Congratulation ! But 1943 ? Come on ! You hard-leftists supported you n*zis allies SINCE THE BEGINNING and only when Hit ler betrayed stalin did many of you join the resistants. If Hit ler wouldn’t have attacked Stalin, I’m sure you would have side with the Germans since the end.

    Also, you pointed it, the small number of peoples who organized and joined theses Battalions did it because they were afraid of communism. They didn’t wanted Greeks to be murdered like in Russia. And if I don’t defend theses persons (because n*zism isn’t better than communism) they were right about the communist menace (We all know what happen after WWII).

    As for the tourism industry, illegals who commit cri-mes in the center of Athens and some ports cities like Patras, Korinthos,  … are a big problem for the tourism industry, don’t you think ?
    Greece was a good destination firstly because it was sunny and SAFE.
    If is becomes unsafe, people won’t come anymore. In my 2nd country France we are loosing many tourists mainly because in many cities it’s not safe anymore for the tourists to come. And now even rich people who spend a lots of money and who don’t go into dangerous areas in theses cities are at risks, just ask No*mi C*mpbell who got recently violently attacked in Paris.
    Also many peoples don’t come to Greece anymore because of the violent leftist protests and because they are affraid to get blocked because of strikes (again because of leftists). Let’s also not forget that many Germans are afraid to be attacked by racist leftists like you while some others Germans boycott Greece because some leftist faschists portrayed them as n*zis in recent protests.
    But that’s not the first time you leftists are racists towards Germans and Je-ws : Words of Mik-is Theo-dorakis, the friend of Mano-lis Gle-zos (Syriza MP) : “Je-ws are at the root of all e-vil.” He also declared himself as an anti-isr*eli and and a antis-emite.
    Strange how people who hate peoples because of their ethnicity aren’t considered f*schist and n*zis just because they are supporting the left or have friends amongs the leftists.

    Also some others people don’t come to Greece in this period because they are afraid of leftist terror-ism. Strange how you point out the problem created by the Chrys-avgites for the tourism industry while in the same time you don’t criticize the people who are bomb-ing the home of journalists with dyn*mite and who are atta-cking public buildings, ect …
    Leftists are more d*ngerous for the tourism industry than X-A but you only denounce the the acts of the ch-ry-sa-vg-ites while you stay silent about the cri-mes committed by your leftists friends and all that because you are a leftist your-self. Seriously, the re-d hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me.

    Also “you are a f*scist without even realizing it”.
    Eis-ai poly vlak-as :))

  21. Because the communists, even defeated, managed to conquer nations like USA, UK, … multiculturalism ideology (base on the yougoslavia and USSR model), calling opponents fashists to descredite them, ect … this is typically communist (totalitarian).
    So if theses countries who were very strong 50 years ago and very anti-red felt to communism, Southern Europe who was a mess had even more chance to fall to communism.
    But I personnaly think that communists should be allowed in elections because when you begin to forbid some parties, then the politicians who are in power (and who want to keep it) tend to suppress all their opponents whether they are left wing, right wing, … They would even manage to find a way to ban center parties if it’s in their interests.
    Also for extremist parties, usually they are authorized by the state so their members can be investigated (they are less dangerous for the state if the state know where potential extremists are). But in Greece, it’s simply not working XD

  22. “if anyone knows a nazi fascist when they see one, it is the people in Crete”    Yahoooo. I always liked those islanders!!

  23. A Golden Dawn member of parliament slapped a female MP & ran away. they are using Democracy to destroy it. In the end, they cause division & hatred, Do not be fooled by their ‘respectable’ leaders. Use any methods to defeat their racism

  24.  Because Golden Dawn is discriminating against migrants regardless of whether they’re legal or non legal citizens.
    Yes, 2/3rds of migrants who are currently in Greece came illegally, I am aware of that. But they still came to the country for the same reasons as legal immigrants, and they’re no less human.

  25. Golden dawn are actually anti-nazists, they wish to re-establish democracy in Greece from the multicultural dictatorship of EU.

    The nazist of our time is the multiculturalists, these people seek a totalitarian fascist racist and genocidal society, if they have their way, white natives of Europe will in the short future, within a few decades, be living as an oppressed minority in a multicultural dictatorship.

    Only ignorant people that still believe multicultural lies calles Golden dawn nazi, nazi is what the multiculti nazists call all white people.

    Please visit the link below for actual facts about Golden dawn, read their program before you propagate of MSM lies.

  26. “2/3rds of migrants who are currently in Greece came illegally”

    No., The number is over 95%.

    America deports illegals. UK Deports. Germany. Israeli. Canada. Egypt. China.Qatar. Korea, etc… etc…

    Slandering Greeks as “racists”… for demanding their soverign borders respected like every other country in the world (including the countries these illlegals come from… is RACISM AGAINST GREEKS.

  27. Not that I agreed with him slapping her but manipulators like you edit our parts…. she was a COMMUNIST THUG.

    Now please forgive us for asking but didn’t we just have a cold war to get rid of communist tyranny? Since when are communists tyrants “human rights’ activists?

    Do not be fooled by words like facsism and racism by manipulative communist dirt bags.

  28.  Lets see…. fascism believed in…

    1. Big government (the socialist of national socialism)… just like our communists do!

    2. terrorized their opponent with constant violent on the streets…. just like our communists do.

    3. find a target for the hate (the jews)… just like our communists are anti-hellenic extremsists.

    As for ILLEGALS the violated our borders which you frames as “immigrants”…. minorities typically flee fascists states…not flee into them you slanderous Greek-hating moron.

  29. The furthers left one goes on the politcal spectrum.. .the more and more treasonous they become. Marxist ideology is extreme anti-nationalism

    Communists like KKE and Syriza are such extreme anti-natonalists they are effectively racists towards Greeks. they will always take the side of a foreigner over a greek…. with the single exception of when it come to lining their pocket with German taxpayer money!

  30. Haha, people saying “GD isn’t nazis”. Man, they say themselves they ARE national-socialists, and speak about Hitler in their newspapers.
    That’s why we have to beat them.

    Go home EU, you’re drunk!


  31. good morning nazi.   apparently you’ve never gone to the official golden dawn nazi website to read about their policies.  many of the policies there advocate big government, nationalization, and the marriage of private sector and government.  that is fascism.  constant violence like targeting people who may look like illegal immigrants thus the warnings or threatening anti-fascist TRUE GREEK demonstrators with death like your nazi muppet master illias kasidiaris has done many times.  or what about your version of hitler, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, praising hitler on many occasions.  find a target for the hate (anyone not a nazi and specifically illegal immigrants and those not of pure greek blood)  i have referred to them as illegals many other times in this thread.  stop playing semantics, hitler jr.  and in case you didn’t notice, the vast majority of the illegals are trying to FLEE Greece to other parts of Europe.  so there goes that argument.  

  32. wow you truly are an ignorant nazi.  re-read what you just wrote.  seems pretty fascist to me you racist nazi.  how about we read about the policies from the official website and not some knock me off website from sweeden 

  33.   The Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn said a visit to Greece by American Jewish Committee leader David Harris is meant to ensure further “Jewish influence over Greek political issues” and safeguard the interests of “international loan sharks.”
    Harris, the executive director of the AJC, is leading a Jewish delegation to the region that is meeting with several Greek leaders, including Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. During the meetings, Harris expressed his “concern andsolidarity for Greece during the crisis.”
    The statement from Golden Dawn, posted on the party’s website Thursday, slammed the Greek government for giving Harris high-level access. “Just from the meetings, one can understand the influence of international Judaism on the Greek political scene,” the statement said. “The political leadership will once again express its total subjugation to the whims of the ‘chosen’ people.”
    It also derided Harris.
    “The only solidarity of this gentleman is to his compatriots — the international loan sharks, who are humiliating the Greek people. His concern most likely is related to the inability of Greece make the payments of the predatory interest rates of the vile loans,” it said. “We do not need the crocodile tears of a Jew.”
    Golden Dawn swept into the Greek parliament with 19 lawmakers in last year’s elections, campaigning on an anti-austerity, anti-immigrant platform that preying on the fears of Greeks who have seen the country flooded with immigrants amid a terrible recession. Greek and international Jewish groups repeatedly have condemned Golden Dawn as racist and anti-Semitic.
    Its leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, uses the Heil Hitler salute and has denied the existence of gas chambers at Nazi death camps during World War II. Another lawmaker read a passage from the anti-Semitic forgery “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”
    The attack on Harris and a separate article titled “Absolute Evil” that was published on the party’s website Friday appeared to be a hardening of Golden Dawn’s anti-Semitic rhetoric, apparently in anger over pressure from Jewish groups to get the Greek government to reign in the party. The “Evil” statement said that blaming Golden Dawn for Greece’s woes constituted an attempt to divert attention from the real culprits for Greece’s financial crisis.
    “They are none other than those who possess most of the international wealth. The people behind the international loan-sharks,” the statement said. “Everyone knows they belong to a certain race, which presents itself as a victim, while in reality it is the perpetrator. Everyone knows that they are none other than those pulling the strings behind the marionettes. They are the absolute evil for mankind.”
    The second statement ended with a threat.
    “The time will come when the nationalists of the Golden Dawn will take revenge like the horsemen of the storm, and all of them, being the absolute evil, will pay!”

  34. Lol, anyone wanting to protect their people and their nation is suddenly a *naziwhowantstokill6millionjews*. Hitler chose to kill Jews okay? Nationalism has been around for thousands of years, it’s the choices you make that determine what kind of regime it is. All illegals don’t deserve human rights, for they are illegal, stop being pussies lol no wonder our nations are filthy and crime rate is through the roof, no white nation had the crime rate it has now in the 50s-60s >.>

  35. Liberals are even more stupid than I originally had thought, first they hate nationalism(which is kind of what a nation is built on and automatically say they’re *nazi’swhowanttokill6millionjews*) and then they allow a regime like KKE or any communist party which is responsible for the death of over 250million people? (mostly Europeans and in the 20th century alone) we are run by some complete psychopaths, really. The only reason they stay in power is because they know what people would do to them and punish them for their treasonous and traitorous crimes against the European people, they deserve it really. People are mad as hell. Nothing wrong with other cultures and races “love thy neighbor” and such things, just don’t expect to come into my home, eat my food and sleep on my couch haha

  36. Jews are basically Arab anyway, they all fall under that Semitic nonsense. Yeah we get it ‘chosen by god’ and how you’re the master race, lol Jews have such double standards. They get all paranoid like we’re going to kill them. They support multiculturalism in Europe when it isn’t even their continent to make such decisions, hold high financial positions, make tons of money through capitalism, and now I hear because they’ve pissed off so many people in Europe they’re now fleeing to Israel, what? aren’t they going to admit their hand in the destruction of Europe? Cowards flee. They can have their piss pool state of Israel, all of them can go there, take their Muslim buddies and Africans with them, they won’t need to hear from us again.

  37. To knock out extremes that are killing your nation, you have to resort to extremes, I’d love for your voice to be heard and have the EU give you a referendum – oh wait, they don’t give anyone referendums lol and when they do, if they don’t like the nations choice, they refuse it and call it fascist lmao they did it to Ireland, Czech and 3 other nations, they didn’t want the Lisbon treaty, all said no, so they denied the rest of Europe a referendum and pushed it through anyway. This treaty essentially gives them more power over Europe, sounds fascist and communist to me…about racism, why not? everyone else is lol it’s better then letting your people getting taken up the arse.

  38. Yes of course, they refuse to make their nations better so come to ours and filthy it up, perform criminal activities such as murder, rape, thievery, and under-cut the native peoples of Europe by working for less all under the guise of ‘were just looking for a better life’, yeah so are we, snooze you lose, we aren’t gods(arguably :P), were human, we can’t save everyone, and when you try to you destroy your own people, over 50% of white nations taxes goes overseas to help these people in their OWN countries(inc Israel) only to have them flood our nations, destroy our streets, our culture and we’re supposed to stand by and let it happen? If we can build great cities in their lands, they should be able to as well yeah? they’re equal to us right? lets prove it. (we all know what Africans do when they become majority in communities, cities and nations, it descends back into tribalism(Rhodesia, South Africa, Egypt 25th dynasty, Detroit, California as a few examples)) a population of 14% in America responsible for 65% of gun crime? Tell me this isn’t genetic, please I find it hard to comprehend a liberal mind and how they can ignore these things, probably because most of our kids are brainwashed into believing every things okay and the ones doing it to them live up in the hills in rich mansions behind reinforced steel gates with 24hour security, not everyone is rich, ever heard of white flight? It’s not because they’re black, it’s because of the crime they bring everywhere which the liberal media conveniently ignores, especially Muslim crime. Yeah they’re human, but I don’t have to take them in because they can’t sort out their own s***, but of course, my minds made up by the EU fascists isn’t it? they’re welcome to do their criminal activity…in their own nations…

  39. Idk man, she is a communist, anybody supporting such a murderous regime needs to have some sense slapped into them lmao or sent to a mental asylum.

  40. At least hitler had better economic policies and inspiring speeches, made Germany the most powerful nation in Europe, but apart from that, a terrible man. These ones in parliament are even worse, they’re terrible evil people and their economic policies suck lmao

  41. I understand your point of view but if we make the hard-leftist parties forbidden, then it will open the door to ban parties like Golden Dawn.
    Also if ban communits parties because communism is responsible for the death of 250 millions people (which is true), then someone will come and say we have to ban all nationalist parties too because nationalism has killed million of people (which is true too).
    What I try you to say is this : In Greece we can have nationalists parties like Golden Dawn, the Independent Greeks, Laos, ect … which are more radicals than the majority of the others european nationalists parties because in the others hand radical leftist parties like KKE, Syriza, ect … are authorized too.
    In short, ban the hard-leftist parties will open the door to ban the nationalist parties.
    Let’s also not forget that radical leftists are … radicals and often commit violent actions and because of that they aren’t legitimate to criticize the actions committed by the nationalists. This helps the nationalist cause.
    I give you an example : Hard-leftists who pose bombs on regular basis and beat their opponents have 0 credits in front of the people when they say the chrysavgites are violents. And that’s one of the reasons, the chrysavgites can behave like they do : Because thoses who criticize them (the hard-leftists) are as violents as them.
    After all, the leftists have committed violent actions for year and now the people are used to political violence (thanks to leftists) and less afraid of radical nationalist parties like XA.
    By allowing maoists, stalinists, communists, … parties, we respect the right of peoples who think like that to express themselves and their right to be represented.
    Opposition is good, especially when they commit violent actions like the hard-leftists.

    As for the rest, I agree with you. I respect every cultures and races as long as they don’t tresspass to my 2 countries (btw I’m half, not an immigrant). I think I want to preserve diversity while the liberals want to detroy it by mixing everybody.
    And yes, our so-called leaders don’t want us to revolt and want slaves to work for them instead of local workers who want a reasonnable salary.

    Also I would add : I support Human Rigths and especially Article 2 : The Right to Self-Determination of my people (= Right to choose our future (and if the majority want a nationalist future, everybody else have to respect it;).
    Even if some evil people like the crazy monster in the link below are violating the Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights by trying to push multiculturalism into our throat, they won’t win in Greece … unless they send an army like they did in Kosovo (but it’s unlikely because of the Russians).

  42. You as most right wingers are twisted in suggesting that the czar of Russia was communist because he owned 85% of all Russia as the distinction of your relationship to fascists, fascism and Nazis is your use of lies for the sake of nationalist extremism.As the point was drawn out by the corporate CEO of Whole Foods Inc who distinguished fascism from socialism in that fascists operates under capitalism and does not seek to own the means of production as communists do because fascism based on capitalism relies on capitalists and operates as such as Mussolini called it “Corporatism”, as a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie that today is based on what you alleged oppose.

    As for Golden Dawn comparing itself to so vague political entity in Israel many would claim they are fascist also just as some calls the west a police state.

  43. In re: PASOK spokespersons:

    Of course meimarakis protests Zaroulias’ acceptance to the Council- both PASOK and ND are disintegrating and have been labeled the 2 “zombie” parties of the Greek body politic. They both have gotten very comfy with their 10,000 euro /month salaries as MP’s and will do nothing to risk losing it. It was Golden Dawn who exposed them and has asked for a reduction in salaries as well as a reduction of the 300 MP’s down 100. In addition the GD MP’s return all but 1800 of the 8000 euros salary back to the people.

    fascism vs communism:
    Communism is fascism only the trains never run on time. The fascist corporate state is one where the state tells the corporations what to do.USA is the corporations telling the gov’t what to do. there’s a difference. GD is neither- they are a Greek
    nationalist empowerment movement trying to wriggle their ancient nation out of the quagmire of EEC_IMF_and Int’l bankster loan sharks.

    Gee- why do we Yanquis call them illegal aliens– but in Greece they are illegal immigrants? They are not immigants at all. An immigrant begins his emigratiom when he/she visits the local embassy or consular authority of the host country and requests a visa, and after several inquiries into the subject’s criminal record, work history, and HEALTH EXAM, will perhaps be let in for a specified time period. In Greece all of Asia and Africa jump a shallow riverand cross into Europe and there immediately demand money, welfare, health care, and in the case of the idiotic Greeks are given actual ballots to vote for PASOK and Syriza- because no other Greeks will. This insanity is unkown in the rest of the civilized world. Incidentally, the muslim hordes demand the Greek gov’t build them mosques. First to comply are the bleeding hearts of SYRIZA and PASOK and DIm AR– while at the same time demand that the Greek Orthodox Church be funded only by taxes collected by persons claiming to be Orthodox Christians, but EVERYONE must be taxed to create mosques for uneducated moslem hordes who skipped  a dozen muslim countries to set up camp in Greece. This is the legacy of the left in Greece since 1975— a gypsy communism with Ceaucescu as an idol (anothrer yifto). You should be ashamed of the results of your socialism and the destruction of our homeland, tradiotns, and heritage. ZIto Chryssi Avgi!  



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