New Democracy Says SYRIZA Incites Violence

SYRIZA MP Vangelis Diamantopoulos
SYRIZA MP Vangelis Diamantopoulos

A claim by officials of the ruling party New Democracy Conservatives that a major opposition Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) lawmaker is stoking rising violence that has seen a series of bombing in Athens has the parties engaged in a war or words over mounting social unrest.

Democracy released a video of SYRIZA Member of Parliament Vangelis Diamantopoulos delivering a speech in which he is seen to suggest that Greeks taking up guns is a justifiable response to the country’s crushing economic crisis, the newspaper Kathimerini reported.

Diamantopoulos admitted in Parliament last week he had an anarchist background and bitterly criticized a government-ordered police raid of an abandoned building known as Villa Amalia, which has been occupied by squatters for nearly two decades. Police said it’s a hotbed of Leftists and Anarchists and has been used as a staging ground for riots but he said the building, which has also housed concerts and conferences and was not housing troublemakers.

The raid started a new spate of violence and bombings, including at the homes of four journalists and the brother of the New Democracy spokesman. Diamantopoulos though said that The Mall, a large shopping center in northern Athens, which was bombed four days after the MP’s speech, was a more appropriate symbol of lawlessness.

In a statement, government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou referred to Diamantopoulos as being “terrorist-friendly” and an “anarchist” and accused him of making The Mall a target. Kedikoglou called on the justice system to investigate the matter.

SYRIZA responded by accusing Kedikoglou of presenting a heavily edited video of Diamantopoulos’s speech and of taking his comments out of context. In the full version of the SYRIZA MP’s speech, he says: “At the moment, they are saying to people: “In your exasperation, either commit suicide or pick up a gun.” What we say is: “Join us and turn this rage into a creative movement. That’s the clear message from SYRIZA.”

SYRIZA said New Democracy was guilty of “forgery and a disgusting provocation” and suggested that those responsible for distributing the edited footage should face criminal charges. The two parties have been at odds the last few weeks over political violence, with ND accusing SYRIZA of not condemning it strongly enough and the Leftists accusing the Conservatives of trying to divert people’s attention from the state of the economy.











  1. Not everyone in Syriza is like this but its true many in that party do encourage violence. We are taking communists here. Not moderates.

    Many of their politicians and supporters use excessive revolutionary rhetoric and bizarrely try an portray any Greek politician that isn’t a communist as part of some vast conspiracy of the elite. (e.g. the constantly try to suggest our coalition government were involved in some sort of conspiracy of the elite for decades when in fact most of Syrizas voters are former Pasok voters)

    Despite all the leftist media freaking out over Golden Dawn, the reality by far most of the violence in Greece is either leftists or anarchists. The fact leftist media tries to gloss over this statistical reality rather than speak out against it suggest Greece has a far bigger problem with violent far leftist extremists than we do with violent Golden Dawn extremists. (anyone rational would support putting anyone caught in a violent acts in jail irregardless of political affiliation given the alternative is civil war.)

    They are millions of crackpots out there. Clearly not everyone is right about their views on morality and economics. However what sometimes
    what appear to be a crackpots are actually very well meaning
    intelligent people that understand far better than anyone else.   This is precise power of democracy over tyranny. It gives a place to crackpots to speak (rather than have their voices oppressed like extremists are always quick to advocate).

    Who cares what others think. Democracy was born in Greece. We should define it as we want not how unelected foreigners that collude with Skopians tell us we should. We should all support Syriza’s and Golden Dawn’s right to participate in our democracy, T

    That said, this doesn’t mean we should support all the things they say and

  2. “Democracy released a video of SYRIZA Member of Parliament Vangelis
    Diamantopoulos delivering a speech in which he is seen to suggest that
    Greeks taking up guns is a justifiable response to the country’s
    crushing economic crisis, the newspaper Kathimerini reported. ‘

    Unsurprising. How many have seen Syriza supporter communist World arts on this very forum repeatedly cheering on violent leftist terrorism?

    They claim to be for “democracy” but what democracy means in their head is COMMUNISM.

  3. This video is not the first time Vangelis Diamantopoulos has said something outragious in support of what appears to be violence and lawlessness. Earlier this year he stated…

    “I define myself as a supporter of the “anarchist” movement. “I do not
    see anyone ready to resist today, while in 2008 we had a RIOT.” ”

    Given this man encouraged riots, violence and lawlessly with over the top anti-government rhetoric… why do Syriza have them in their party? It seems to be implicit support for his violence. Communists claim they believed in democracy (see communist North Korea that claims to be a democratic Republic).  Rather odd that their definition of democracy includes trying to violently overthrow democratically elected government officials.

  4. More PURE PROPAGANDA put out by New Democracy who is shaking in their boots using any and every drastic scheme to try and discredit SYRIZA. But it won’t work because everyone knows what ND is up to and that they have manipulated & edited the video tapes. This is the reason ND & PASOK are finished… they are trying every low-life trick to hold on… What a pathetic joke! 

  5. More absurd nonsense… you’re not even worth commenting on anymore… same old tired line over and over and over and over………….blaaaaaaaaa!


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