Anarchists Claim Athens Mall Bomb Blast

Mall_22 Two Greek anarchist groups have take responsibility for an explosion at the Athens Mall, the country’s largest shopping center, that injured two security guards and escalated political violence that has begun a war of words between the New Democracy Conservatives of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and the major opposition Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA).

The two previously unknown groups, Wild Freedom and Instigators of Social Explosion said they had staged the attack to protest against wealthy “capitalists” and raids against squatters occupying an abandoned building that authorities said has been used to house Leftist and anarchist groups and store weapons used in riots against the government.

Police could not confirm the authenticity of the claims. “For us, the mall and every mall is a cemetery for people and real values. That’s why we hit it,” the groups said in a joint statement on a Leftist website often used by groups to claim responsibility for attacks. “Those murdered by capitalism are buried in the foundations of malls,” it said.

New Democracy has accused SYRIZA of fostering violence with the Leftists shooting back that the government is staging raids as a pretext to divert attention from new austerity measures that are imposing more pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions on workers, pensioners and the poor.


  1. Same for the repeated strikes, theses kinds of actions are really bad for our tourism industry.
    What are theses they thinking ?

  2. “as a pretext to divert attention from new austerity measures”

    That makes no sense. Austarity measures are what are responsible.

    I think Syriza had buy better glasses to see where the vast vast majority of political violence is coming from Greece. How many violent leftist and anarchists riots have we seen these last few years ? Why hasn’t Syriza been denouncing these “peaceful” protests by many their followers?

    For that the talk of impending fascism the reality is 30% of Greeks have lost their marble by supporting communist parties KKE and Syriza. That is where Greece’s biggest threat lays. They self-righteously complain about Pasok that makes up part of our moderate coalition government.. when most of these Syrzia supporter are former longtime Pasok voters!

    When Pasok finally grew up and realized we cannot spend more than they have, these shameless whining unpatriotic incompetent leeches moved on Syriza. All they do is slander anyone that opposed  their fanaticism as “racist” and “fascist’ while spewing empty hot air speeches about how they care about “the people” (i.e other communists). Communists show how they care by sharing…. YOUR hard earned money between themselves. So generous and kind.

  3.  They are not thinking.

    Far leftists tend to be dominated by their emotions. They don’t care about economic realities or facts. What matters to them is that they say over and over again how they deeply care about the the people and how everyone who is not a far leftist is part of some “fascist” conspiracy. The funny thing is that for all the talk of Nazis being rightwing…. from an economic standpoint they were actually socialists. They believed in big government with its hands in everything just like our far leftists fanatics want.

    Communists see government as something that should be taking care of everyone (whether the rest of us agree with their views or not). A giant piggy bank for themselves. Who needs to support those evil businesseswhen I can go to the government and they will give me everything.

    Communist DNA is 50 percent their mother, 25 percent their manic depressive teenage sister, and the rest potential mass murdering tyrant.

  4. Games ,games ,authority always tried to manipulate opinion and scare people into accepting whatever they want them to acccept.
    this is the case here.a “hit” ,precisely timed with the announcement of the failure of the austerity program for greece and the automatic impementation of new ,heavier measures(cuts that is to pensions,salaries).
    And some propaganda people on the internet try to talk Syriza this or that…..
    spare us the reading time ,your boss will pay you ,dont worry .
    just stop undermining the genuine social movement towards syriza and a left solution.
    of course it will hurt the interests of the few.
    and those who work for these few are doing their best to change the agenda and point towards the left as terrorists,so the people do not pay attention when they steal the greek state assets.
    but i wonder ,dont they understand that they can not be happy in a miserable society?they have to share with the rest of the people this wealth ,that they stole from greeks all these years.and we should also get together as greeks to stop the foreign capitalists from getting a grip in our country ,by means of the debt

  5. Who is “they’? Lets not pretend the middle class and poor and leftist galore stole from the system too. 

    Communist is an evil ideology. Anarchism is for pot smoking morons. Get joke. Produce something to make the world a better place rather than shamelessly ranting at everyone else to feed you.

  6. Yeah dude… that’s like some deep sh*t. Down with “the man”. Those greedy racist capitalists. Like can you can pass me that joint dude? 

    Like I was saying before I don’t believe in animal testing. I believe those capitalists should test drugs on humans before cute innocent rabbits.  Environmentalism man.

    Whoa dude this is some great chronic.  I don’t think I’m gonna make it to work tomorrow. I’ll see you dudes next week at that anti-fascist rally though. We can throw rocks at police and firebomb some buildings.

    Make peace not war man.

  7.  Advocating terrorists violence against GD makes YOU a support of terrorism.

    The right answer is leave the democratically elected government to police and put terrorists in jail (whether on far left or right).