Greeks Avoid Taxes With Bulgarian IDs and Plates

kandgsghknThey are born in Greece, live in Greece but that does not stop them from getting Bulgarian IDs and license plates for their cars, to avoid taxes in their country. Neighboring EU country Bulgaria seems to offer the whole package: Bulgarian IDs and plates, low tax rates and exemptions from documentary evidence and emergency taxes, according to Greek daily Hmerisia citing evidence reported by Greek TV channels Antenna and Star.

According to, there is a whole business running for the Greeks in Bulgaria. Several offices have emerged specializing in how to steal from the Greek state. For instance, such businesses help Greeks owning luxury cars set up iconic companies to justify the possession of expensive mobiles against a small amount of money. It is reported that already more than 10,000 cars owned by Greek citizens are circulating with Bulgarian license plates.

This tax evasion phenomenon is not a secret business for the few. One can easily find information on the internet, where dozens of advertisements run on issuing Bulgarian plates with analytic cost tables.

“Car trafficking in the Greek-Bulgarian borders is not controlled” said Dimitris Trimponias, president of the Federation of Greek Customs Employees and Officers, adding that he has repeatedly informed his superiors on the matter but no measures have been taken so far. “Over the past three years, our Federation has informed the political leaders about the vast tax evasion, smuggling and illegal car trafficking, but nothing has changed to date. If the situation is to be changed, we must set customs in Promachonas, Ormenio and Eksochi to safeguard and control the flow of any goods between the two countries” pointed out Trimponias during his interview with the daily TV news show Proino Ant1.


  1. Just increase penalties and/or claiming their car immediatly. Sell it, based on a minmal claim of lets say € 2.000

  2. Another instance of how Greeks are ruining their own country and have no one to blame but themselves. 

  3. I bought myself a BMW M6 thanks to the EU funding I got for starting my six phantom agriculture businesses. When I found out the taxes my motherland Greece was charging including the fuckeluckyg, I thought to myself that there is noway that one euro of my hard earned money is going to the corrupt Greek Government.

    So I drove over to Bulgaria & for a hundred euro’s a got a new Bulgarian ID & new plates!! Why should the FYROMians benefit only to claim a benefit!! I’ll become Bulgarian by descent as well. Everybody tries to make their own lives easier.

    So now I can drive my upmarket vehicle (every month for a week until my EU pension dries up) & pretend what a rich Greek I am!

  4. George when you don’t know they whole story you shouldn’t talk until you do a little bit of research.  The reason they do this is because they tax cars in Greece based on how many CCs they have…for example if someone has a Mercedes 1800cc and someone has a KIA with 2000cc, the person with the Mercedes will pay 300 euros per year….the person owning the KIA will pay 700 euros….is it fair??? Not at all, so they are not evading taxes, they have found a loop hole in the system.

    By the way, no matter how old the car is, you pay the same amount.  If you have a Mercedes 30 years old 2000cc you pay 700 euros and the car isn’t even worth that.

    In addition, in order to own a car with 1800cc, the government says that you need 10.000 euros in order to maintain it. If you make 9.000 euros, you get taxed!  Is that fair?

    So ask yourself again, who is ruining their own country??

    If this happened in other countries there would be riots!

  5.  Most of Greece’s problems are related to the world wide Derivatives fraud fueled by artificial low interest rates from LIBOR..  While these tax avoidance problems are bad they are distractions from the TRUE CRIMINALS who sit in the boardrooms of Banks like Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and a host of London banks.


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