Anarchy at Home Blows Up Tsipras’ U.S. Tour

Alexis Tsipras' alter ego
Alexis Tsipras’ alter ego

That noise you heard when a bomb exploded at the Athens Mall was any chance that Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) leader Alexis Tsipras ever had of becoming Greece’s leader, not that he had one anyway.

With his party fomenting political violence, it also blew up in his face in Washington, D.C., where he limped through a feeble performance at the Brookings Institution, a think tank he wouldn’t be able to get into if he weren’t a politician.

While his Leftist cohorts in Athens were calling on Greeks to consider picking up a gun to combat austerity measures, instead of electing people who would know how to bring growth and reform to a country that needs it, Tspiras – in a reference to fears he would take Greece out of the Eurozone  – was telling his American audience, “I hope to convince you that I’m not as dangerous as some are trying to say.”

He’s not, but his bomb-tossing anarchist followers are, and you only have to go back to May, 2010 and the cowardly Molotov Cocktail firebombing of a Marfin Bank branch in downtown Athens where three people – including a pregnant woman – were killed. Police said it was – no surprise – anarchists who hide behind their hoods while pretending to support workers instead of killing them.

Tsipras didn’t even try to distance himself from the people who were rioting and tossing bombs and, by his implicit support, encouraged them to keep doing so, an indelible stain that will stick to him like the blood of innocent people killed because of the radical ideas he espouses. He can hardly contain his glee every time there’s another incident of violence, hoping it will bring down a government that needs to be replaced, but not by the likes of him and his motley band of Trotskyites, Maoists, Communists and anarchists.

The bombing spree in Athens – four outside the homes of journalists and another at the home of the brother of the government spokesman – had all the signatures of anarchists who brew deadly cocktails in the dark where they hide. While Tsipras was talking to U.S. officials about his economic plans (he has none) he didn’t condemn the growing political violence in Greece because he supports it.

Two new anarchist groups who have apparently merged, Wild Freedom and Instigators of Social Explosions, claimed responsibility for the mall blast, which came after the building had been evacuated on a Sunday, upsetting the plans of innocent people who were sitting in cafes, and children hoping to see a matinee. The bomb placers were Tsipras’ kind of people, showing you can learn about someone by the company they keep.

Some like to portray him as a charming young idealist, although putting the word charm next to Tsipras is an oxymoron even more poignant than Compassionate Conservative. He’s so dull that you could sandpaper the rust off your car with him, and his next original idea will be his first because he takes his from the How To Kill 40 Million People Stalin Playbook, and there’s no silver linings in his.

The eight-day strike by Metro workers who want to be exempted from pay cuts, the same deal Prime Minister Antonis Samaras gave Parliament workers, undermined Tsipras’ false words to his American audience that he would be a stable leader because his party defended the strikers shutting down the city so they wouldn’t have their 2,500 euros per month salaries – twice what teachers earn – cut. He may have been far away when riot police broke the strike but he was picking up the cudgel for an indefensible cause.


The anarchists said they targeted the Athens Mall, the country’s largest shopping center, a sterile collection of cookie-cutter franchise stores and plastic food center, because it’s a symbol of vapid Capitalism. It is, of course, and it has as much charm as Tsipras, but that’s no reason to blow it up.

The anarchists said: “For us, the mall and every mall is a cemetery for people and real values. That’s why we hit it. Those murdered by capitalism are buried in the foundations of malls.” Yes, and those murdered by anarchists are left to die choking in the fire and smoke of the bank where they tried to eke out a living to support their families.

There’s another cuckoo anarchist group running around, the Lovers of Lawlessness, undoubtedly made up of rich young people who like to blow up all the banks except where their daddies keep their money so they can have enough to buy hoods and barrel staves and pass out free copies of The Anarchists Cookbook.

Many people know who tossed the bombs into the Marfin – the first one to make a point and a second to make sure as few people as possible would escape – but they haven’t come forward because, like Tsipras, they are too cowardly to confront society’s problems with anything other than an incendiary advice. From now on, the gasoline-filled bottles tossed around in Athens like confetti will be called Tsipras Cocktails. A man with a bomb in his hand is one with nothing in his head.

The New Anarchists say they were protesting the removal of squatters from abandoned buildings in Athens that had been used to house conferences and concerts, but also – according to the police and not denied by anyone – store weapons. Unless the riot sticks were being given out as souvenirs at concerts bleating about injustice, you can bet they were going to be used to crack the skull of someone who doesn’t know who Che Guevara was.


Aeschylus had it right. “Neither a life of anarchy nor one beneath a despot should you praise.” Terrorism has a long history in Greece and the new bombings remind of the long run of November 17 before it was finally taken apart, and let’s not forget these fighters of injustice planted a bomb in a subway car last year, a form of transportation no politician or the rich know even exists.

The damage being done in Greece was felt in America, where Tsipras’ Bogus Traveling Salvation Show, including a stop at Columbia University in New York, will do nothing to enhance his image because he doesn’t have one, just as he doesn’t have a clue how to run a country.

His plan? Stop taking money from international lenders, don’t fire any of the million or so people who allegedly work for the government, restore all the pay cuts, roll back all the tax hikes and, apparently, close his eyes and say, “I think I can! I think I can!” because there’s no money to do what he wants. The answer is to make cuts, but also to bring growth, and stop punishing workers, pensioners and the poor, too many of whom look to Tsipras for answers when he doesn’t have any beyond pie-in-the-sky promises.

The thieves of the alternating administrations of the New Democracy Capitalists and PASOK Anti-Socialists created this phenomenon by plundering the treasury for more than four decades, during which they packed public payrolls with hundreds of thousands of needless workers in return for votes. You can get better service from zombies than most Greek civil servants, and the deadbeat lifers expecting retirement have tarnished the good work of many public workers who are decent and diligent and hardworking.

Politics abhors a vacuum though, so this big Black Hole in Greece is being filled by bomb-tossing Leftist Anarchists and the bullies of the immigrant-beating neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party that prefers odds of 30-1 in its favor before picking a fight.

So maybe that’s the answer. Let the Anarchists and Golden Dawn slug it out while a new movement arises in Greece, one that sheds the greed of New Democracy, the hypocrisy and unfettered corruption of PASOK, the vacillation of the Democratic Left,  the anachronism of the Communists and the irrelevance of other fringe groups who are of no use in public life.

Tsipras told the Americans he blames the Germans and, apparently, mysterious outside forces for Greece’s problems but he’s little more than Howdy Doody, and about as wooden as that American puppet that was the darling of children from 1947-60. While the ramparts were being set up in Athens for the coming revolution, Tsipras was in the U.S. pretending to be a statesman when he’s really little more than a front for recklessness and violence. “

He may have fooled his audiences in the U.S. that he’s no threat to Greece but his words didn’t. “We are prepared for a battle,” Tsipras said. “In politics there is no such thing as tea and crumpets. There are interests that conflict.” Ta-ra-ra boom-de-yay. Or is that bomb?


  1. I highly applaud Andy slamming the commie nitwits in Syriza in this article.That said, Andy blows it when he ends up helping those very same commies get support when he writes stories overly demonizing our moderate coalition government trying to now fix the problems (years of rot will not be cleaned up over night). Despite his criticism of Syriza, when Andy does on to make Tsipiras sounding class warfare speeches about the elite being against  “the people” …all he ends up doing is helping Syriza.We can’t just complain about everyone Andy. We have to support people and courses of action to too.  Despite past mistakes of middle ground parties, those that claim to oppose communists are behaving irrationally when then go on to attack our moderate middle ground coalition government. Anti-government articles help feed the trolls the end up filling the power vacuum that Andy wisely recognizes but doesn’t stop to think he contributes to.If a middle ground party arises and some Greeks want to support that’s an option. However, doing so before then is like handing over our country to violent incompetent political extremists. During WW2 while all the allies didn’t agree with one another on everything but they realized they needs to stand united against bigger foes. We should not support either far left, far right or anarchist extremism in our country. These are not solutions. These groups will only make things far far worse. We all have to come back towards the middle for the sake of our country.

  2. So tiresome. Implying anarchists are following Tsipras ensures few will be interested in anything else you have to say. Have you ever meet anarchists? They don’t care for any of these parties and would be happy to see Syriza burn. You prefer cheap association tricks.    

  3. “The answer is to make cuts, but also to bring growth, and stop punishing workers, pensioners and the poor,”

    That’s just it Andy. The cuts include punishment for the workers, pensioners and the poor too. You can’t argue you are against Tsipiras than say the same things Tripiras says.

    Our coalition government isn’t trying to hurt any Greek. Far from, most of them seem to be patriots. They just realize we currently have no other options over the short term but to balance budgets as quickly as possible. With time tax evasion will be reduced but time is something we don’t currently have.

    No amount of socialist redistribution will change the basic fact our economy produces very little. What these means is if we want growth we cannot depend on the government for it. We have to focus on improving productivity in the private sector. Mostly all our government can do at the moment is try to balance budgets so at least we can stop worrying about whether it will go bankrupt. The rest is up to us. Those sitting on their hands waiting and whining for the government to fix our economy are precisely the problem. We, the Greek people ourselves, have to fix our economy.

    We know what needs to be done. Most Greeks knows our history well. We have the luck of having ancient Greeks as part of our nation’s heritage. They told us what needs to be done. We just haven’t been listening. We’ve been to busy building bars and restaurants to listen.

    Hellenism is not about boasting about ancient accomplishments of long dead people. It is not about sandy beaches and casinos. It is not just a people but a philosophy, a culture, and way of life. A Hellene focuses on basic sciences and observing the natural world… not just empty moral and metaphysics narratives. This is what made ancient Greece great. This is what made the Eastern Roman empire strong.  And this is what makes us weak today while others have taken the lead.

    Some leftist Greeks attempt to create moral and intellectual parity between views. This is not the way the universe works. There are ideas superior to others and ancient Hellenes told us what many of them are. We just have to listen. Until we accomplish our own feats. they are the masters and we are the students.

    Mathematics, physics, engineering, biology, and other fields that examine the natural world is what will breath life back into our country. Deviation from that will bring further weakness. It is a hard path that will take decades to accomplish but there are no shortcuts. If we wish good for ourselves, our families, and our homeland this is the path we must take.

  4. Alex we know is a “mental case”, so maybe if we throw him a stick he’ll go away…
    Get a life Alex!

  5. I was watching a travel documentary along the Tropic of Cancer that visited most of the same countries.  When the narrator visited Taiwan, he marveled at the fact that the Taiwanese children are 2nd in the world in math and sciences, have a very low crime rate, a booming industrial base  thriving economy, and everything and everybody works.  He asked the Taiwanese guide why she thought Taiwan was so successful.  After some deliberate thought, she responded – we are successful because we are a nation of laws.  We obey the law, and the law is enforced – period full stop.  I immediately reflected on the nation of laws principle by my adopted country.  This is a country that cannot/will not enforce something as simple and elementary as the No Smoking Law,  treats speed limits and traffic signs as recommendations, delays or otherwise obstructs Justice, convicted killers get vacation leave and often don’t come back, where bribery and corruption are rampant and where most of the biggest offenders are free or have dodged prison by virtue of the statute of limitations or poor health.  Only when Greece ever becomes a Nation of Laws, where laws are obeyed and enforced, will this country go forward.  I personally don’t see that ever happening – Lots of smoke and mysticism, but no forward progress, because so many people seem to have their own agenda and feel the laws don’t or shouldn’t apply to them.  Very sad desperate situation that will not be resolved voluntarily.

  6. Is this the same infamous ‘Alex’; he of the ‘Blah,blah, blah…’?! 

    Has he changed his identity and is now masquerading under another name?

    Well we know he is indeed a mental case.

    And if it is in fact him, where are your comments Alex about Dablis now?  I would have thought in the light of this article he would be one of your heroes.  Are you willing to retract your previous comments about Dablis being a pro-Syriza leftist?

    Not holding my breath ….

  7. Despite how communists try to manipulatively portray themselves as spokesman of the entire Greek population the fact renames most Greeks find communism disgusting.

    The communist system failed miserably in every country in the world. We have 70 years of empirical data of vast corruption, poveryty and oppression. And your “solution” is communism? Then throw in communist in Greece tend to be treasonous and racist towards any Greek that wishes to preserve our identity. (because they are are extreme anti-nationalists to the point of absurdity)

    Only a self-righteous MORON would support Syriza.

  8.  My  great fan “timon-i-m not a leftist”. Once again coming to the defense of leftists. Also stilling repeating your deep words of wisdom “blah blah blah” I see.

    Read more carefully you delusional nut case. I never claimed Dablis is pro-Syriza. What I said is he complains about communists, then goes on anti-government anti-austarity “the elite are all out to eat the babies of the poor” rants just like communists.

  9. Hey Tim-I’m-not-a-leftist,

    How is your “Aegean Macedonian” “Greek” friend doing these days?

  10.  Yes… major American news outlet are world renown for supporting American communists. Clearly it is the NYTs editorial board trying to manipulate clueless Greek communists for their own politcal ends.

  11. Hilarious. Andy writes article after article implying conspiracy theories of the wealthy oppressing the poor… ranting against austarity… (i.e. clearly left on the political spectrum)… and you are claiming he is “right wing” propaganda!

    You live in some alternate reality World arts.  Communism failed. Get over it comrade.

  12. You make excellent points. We are essentially a socialist-anarchist state. Lots and lots of laws… which many ignore.

    Our current coalition government is trying to change this by both reducing the number of laws while enforcing laws that do make sense. Some of the left like to go on and on about Golden Dawn but the reality is their are far far more lawless and violent far leftist extremists in Greece (not to be confused with moderate left) and anarchists who don’t want to change. 

    They shamelessly believe that wealth is owed to them by others. They shamelessly are out on the streets slandering oppoents as “facists”, “racists” and “Nazis”… while throwing rocks at police, firebombing buildings, endless riots, shootings, calls for violent revolution. and cheering on terrorism. These lawless thugs frame their violence and intimidation against our democratically elected coalition government “democracy”.

  13.  I am not “masquerading”. The minor difference in handle name is due to the fact Greek Reporters website does not handle authentication the same across its different sections .Some require a user id to disqus to post.

    Your paranoid conspiracy theories sound like world arts. The irony is when faced with actually manipulations on this website (like the Skopian “aegean Macedonia” fellow that pretended to be Greek)… you completely missed the boat.

  14. The biggest Law Breakers are the leading parties PASOK & ND who know they will never be punished because the Judges in Greece are members of the same corrupt Parties! 

  15. Yes, Alex… but you are an expert and know, but New York Times doesn’t?
    Give us a break, buddy!  

  16.  If someone doesn’t like Pasok or ND that’s perfectly fine. However, those telling us communists are a solution are incompetent tyrants.

  17. You’ve missed the point Sherlock.

    Have you ever once read a article in the NYT plugging American communists? Even the left New York Times thinks communists are idiots. You are just too clueless to realize it.

  18. This article is apparently written by a terribly uninformed “journalist”….
    Terrorism has nothing to do with the left SYRIZA party….

    And something for the “journalist” to know SYRIZA stands for “Coalition of the Radical Left” but the term “radical left” is not used in a way that means “extreme left” but it is radical mostly for the leftist ideology. In SYRIZA party they don’t believe that communism has ever practiced correctly anywhere in the world, they don’t believe that, for example, Stalin and Stalinism were right in implementing the communist ideology…

  19. Well, you are somewhat right, Syriza doesn’t seem a radical leftist party anymore, especially after the speech given by Tsipras in the US … which showed a big turn to the right. Now, Syriza looks more like a liberal center party, very much like Pasok. It is even categorised as a “pseudo leftist party” by the World Socialist Website.

    Greek pseudo-left leader Tsipras auditions for State Department, IMF :

    SYRIZA leader Tsipras offers his services to the troika :

    You say : “but it is radical mostly for the leftist ideology”. According to Tsipars addressing US officials :
    “In what way are we radical? Scaremongers will tell you that our party, if it comes to government,
    will scrap the loan agreement with the European Union and the IMF, will
    lead the country out of the euro zone, will interrupt Greece’s ties with
    the civilized West, and that Greece will become a new North Korea.”

    Well, it’s not a surprise, really. Political parties are very aggressive and vocal when they are small because they try to attract the small bunch of voters who don’t feel represented by the main parties but when they growth, theses small parties become less radical, more centered, more soft on serious issues, … and if they finally win the elections, they end up doing just exactly like the others parties.
    Syriza is just a Pasok 2.0, nothing more, nothing less.

  20. I wouldn’t disagree to the slightest iota that SYRIZA can be PASOK version 2…

    “Can be”!… Certainly it is not NOW (it’s not even in government, so how could it be?!)… and we can’t know if it will be….

    And we can’t know because the politics of a place (and of the planet, for that matter) depend on how the people in general act and react and participate in government or not and if they let just a few on the core of a group or a party to govern.

    So, the truth is that we the people mostly want to give the power to the few to decide for all of us and then we complain why they are so corrupt. And why we do that? Exactly for the reason that we want to feel free to complain whenever we want and because we don’t want the responsibility for what happens around us.

    So, in order the SYRIZA party not to become PASOK version 2 then the whole world has to upgrade to a higher version….

  21. I’m very doubtful any moderate party standing alone, can restore the rule of law.  Greece is now beyond that.  Even with the current governing coalition of PASOK, ND and the Far Left, the challenges presented by SYRIZA and the tyrants, anarchists, selfish unionists, unreasonable farmers are going to be too much to deal with. The country will cease to function and I expect some of the scenes we have witnessed in Egypt or even Syria to unfold.  I would start paying the transport unions in Drachma, and if the farmers block the roads, they should be paid for their crops in drachma as well.  When they discover how many drachma it will take to buy a new tractor, maybe just maybe they’ll come to the senses – but I doubt it.  Get prepared for Marshall Law or get prepared to leave the EU and welcome the drachma.  Just can’t have it both ways.