Half of Greek Homeowners Can’t Pay Tax

HouseJust over half of Greek homeowners say they will not be able to pay all their property taxes this year, according to a new poll. The Kapa Research survey for the Hellenic Property Federation (POMIDA) found that of 1,414 people questioned, 54 percent said they would not have enough money to cover the cost of a range of property taxes that have to be paid in 2013.

Just under 50 percent said they doubted whether they would be able to meet their mortgage repayments this year, while about 25 percent are already falling behind in their monthly payments.

Regarding landlords who rent out their properties, 82.7 percent said that they are losing money from their real estate assets rather than making a profit. Property taxes were doubled by former finance minister Evangelos Venizelos, now head of the PASOK Socialist party that is a partner in Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ coalition government.

The tax is put into electric bills under the threat of power being turned off for non-payment. Venizelos also doubled income taxes and assessed taxes on poor Greeks for the first time, but despite the tax hikes revenues are falling short of expectations because people can’t afford them as many have also had their pay slashed and pensions cut.


  1. “because people can’t afford them as many have also had their pay slashed and pensions cut.”

    According to this line some can’t afford to pay their taxes… because the money they are receiving from the government isn’t enough. So is the problem is the government isn’t giving pensioners enough money to pay the taxes they owe to the government. Does this make fiscal sense to anyone?

    Of course that’s not what Andy really means. What he means, similar to he communists, is get rich people subsidize the poor who he constantly tries to turn into “victims”  of the rich.

    The problem with this line of thinking though is that all the wealth of Greece’s rich combined would not be even close to enough enough to cover 460B debt. (most of which was created by spending on the middle class and poor which now has to paid) If we cut services, we can cut taxes. If we keep services, we have to pay for them.  This is how accounting works. Nothing is “free”

    The problem is not just a few wealthy tax cheats as some manipulative leftists and anarchists lie. The problem is a bunch of unproductive poor and middle class cheats too. The sooner our leftists realize this and focus on their own personal production…. rather than shamelessly waiting around for someone else to save them.. the sooner we can fix our economy To borrow wise words from JFK, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

    The national credit cards have dried up. No daddy government to come save us this time. All the civil unrest in Somalia doesn’t create wealth. All of dictator Mao’s grant speeches claiming to support of the people…. didn’t stop millions of Chinese from starving to death. No amount of wealth redistribution will improve quality of live when the economy in question produces nothing.

    Are our politicians to blame we don’t produce Greek cars, personal electronics, and drugs that cure  diseases?  Are our wealthy to blame that anarchists are out on the streets firebombing buildings when they could be focusing on their education? Are Germans to blame, when our communists are out ranting for handouts.. when they could be creating some innovative new product which creates jobs for other Greeks.

    Who holds primary responsibility to make a poor person’s life better, Some distant “elite”…. or the person in question?

  2. Hey AlexBP

    Firstly, it’s the Government who has to sign of the disbursement of funds for the average JoBlo to access it.

    No. Blame the CORRUPT politicians, namely the same families that have been Greece’s ruling party for generations.

    PS. Are you on their payroll? I hope you get a pay cut.

  3. No. White some politicians are corrupt but not all mot just a few corrupt politicans are the problem. Only far leftist and anarchist extremists looking to push their ridiculous ideology believe such stupidity.

  4. Whats the matter dear? Can’t survive without government support? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself depending on the government? Why not create industry yourself rather than rant for a few government politicians to be your mommy’s allowance.

  5. I am self-employed. Any pay-cut I receive comes from the time I voluntarily spend online trying to put some common sense into any Greek far leftist welfare queens.

    Unlike self-righteous far leftist parasites like you that shamelessly demand…demand…. others help you like a rotten spoiled child I don’t expect anything from anyone. If some stranger, friend, family member or government can help me with something I appreciate it. I don’t whine they others should be forced to help me like ungrateful leeches like you. Unlike you I respect their time, their property, and their freedom to do as they wish.

  6. @AlexBP:disqus 
    creating companies? You mean a phoenix one that you clearly have most likely made? What has Greece created of value to export this lifetime?

    As for the public voting in political parties, has any party in the Greek Govt proved to be different from the other?  People vote on broken promises made by these corrupt politicians.  The most recent, Samaras.  He promised no more asstearing yet it looks like that their will be further pay cuts. Oh noes.  Isn’t it obvious that Greece has always been run by the same ruling parties?

    Besides Alex BP, I couldn’t care less, Im a Macedonian but just reading your rants make me think that you are on Samaras’s payroll.  And I don’t like that Gargamel looking swine!

  7. Any “tax” or combination of “taxes” that takes in excess of 10% of anyone’s income is excessive and should be considered theft.


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