Prostitute Gabriela’s Story Hits Athens Stage

gabriellaThe life of the most famous prostitute of Athens, Gabriela, is back in the forefront in a theatrical piece made by Polina Gionakis.

Born in Russia, Gabriella, was a well-educated woman who spoke five languages ​​and was teaching French. During WWII,  her customers were German officers and she used them to procure information.

After the war, the President of the Republic honored her for her contribution to the Resistance. Gabriella was murdered in 1991 when she was 75. The crime was never solved.

Polina Gionakis, the daughter the famous Greek actor Yiannis Gionakis, remembers her father saying that Gabriella often visited the theater to watch performances. Polina said that’s what caused her the desire to make a research of Gabriela’s life and present it on stage.

In an interview to the Greek newspaper Ethnos, Gionakis said, “What moved me was her ‘alter ego.’ She could be at the same moment, a chic lady speaking French but a prostitute of a bordello as well. She loved men and used to spend time with them. However, she was not so emotional and used to think rationally, that’s why she never allowed herself to fall in love with any of her customers. “