Greece Plans Tax Evader Prisons

Tax-Evader-Greek-PrisonsGreek Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras, who said he wants mandatory jail terms for tax cheats who now face only fines and suspended sentences, is reportedly considering a plan to house them in new special jails for those convicted of serious financial crimes.

The Ministries of Finance and Justice proposals would include pre-trial detainment for those who are charged with trying to evade taxes detected by audits.

That comes as Greece’s international lenders, the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) have been pressuring the government of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to catch tax cheats or face more austerity measures.

Tax evaders owe the country some $70 billion although the Troika said as much as 80 percent of the debt could be uncollectible because businesses have gone bankrupt and cases have lingered in court as long as 10 years.

Apart from the Troika, the EU’s Task Force chief on Greece, Horst Reichenbach , has been squeezing the government because it has repeatedly failed in its promises to gain revenues from tax evaders. There have been well-publicized crackdowns but not a single major tax cheat has been convicted or imprisoned as the government still hasn’t checked a list of 2,062 Greeks with $1.95 billion in secret Swiss banks accounts for tax evasion.

The government said its new plan would close loopholes that have allowed tax cheats to avoid paying taxes legally, as well as go after those who do so unlawfully are frequently get away with it. Tax evasion continues to be rampant in Greece despite the country’s crushing economic crisis and as the government has instead put repeated waves of pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions on workers, pensioners and the poor who have to pay.

The news agency Capital reported that the need for new jails results from overcrowding in current prisons and that the government would seek private funding as well as try to find monies in its state budget although there have been deep cuts in other sectors, including schools and hospitals.


  1. How many times have we heard this same song, over and over again.  Change the words around or maybe the rhythm. 

  2. Easy way is to convict all the lawmakers, MPs and their families first since they owe most of the uncollected tax and fraudulent earnings. 

  3. THey can start with PASOK and ND tax cheaters first…. Why hasn’t Akis Tzahadsopolous been to trial yet after nearly a year in jail??? — Do we smell a ruse and a sham as usual? 

  4.  And of course that would not include the far leftist communists like Syriza and KKE right? Give us a break comrade.

  5. What about communists extremists like you that cheer on far leftists riots and terrorist violence? Why aren’t you in jail?

  6. Because 30% of the population supports communism. We have to fight back against these fanatics.

  7. Yeah, but all MPs and lawmakers who have committed tax evasion or have committed illegal actions must be sent to Jail without exceptions an whatever the party they are member from. I think that Jason : We have to begin by attacking the top first.
    Also I think that if we have such a problem with tax evasion in the poor and workers class it’s because many of the people see that MPs and others officials commit frauds themselves and so they don’t want to pay taxes which will end up in a crooked politician’s pocket.
    If we solve the problem of tax evasions against MPs, officials and riches people, then the workers and lower classes won’t be able to justify their tax evasion by saying : “I do this because otherwise all my taxes wouldn’t benefit the country but would end up in Switzerland in a crooked politician’s account”.

    So to solve the tax evasion in the whole country, attacking corrupt MPs, lawmakers, ect … first to make an example, is a good and logical move.
    Always begin at the top, so the base follows.

  8.  When I hear someone try to insinuate every non-communist politician is corrupt….I have a pretty good idea of how their mind works.

  9.  I disagree. I think it only plays into the hands of ranting communist fanatics isolating the rich and government officials.

  10. Then, you can just forget to solve the tax evasion problem and prepare for heavy violence and rebellion because if we don’t go for the riches tax evaders and the crooked politicians first, the common people won’t submit to law.
    You know, we are speaking about our fellow Greeks here, not some weak sheeps who conform to the law when you threaten them …

    Also isolate the riches and the governement officials ? Well, they are already isolated and the only way to stop people to turn more and more against the riches and the politicians is to remove the rich crooks and rich policians who give a bad image to theses 2 groups.
    And if honest politicians start to chase big tax evaders first to show the common people that nobody is above the law, even if they are riches and powerful, then when tax evaders from the working class will be catched, they will have no excuses.
    Also the  politicians who do this will be respected and it will slower the hard leftist fanatics who say all politicians are crooks and speak about making a revolution.

  11.  Going on a witchhunt against our own government doesn’t solve the taxevasion problem. It will only bring civil war and encourage communism.


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