Erdogan Offers To Build Mosque in Greece

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras (L) with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras (L) with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

With Greece’s Muslims fuming that the government hasn’t built them an official mosque as tension has been ramping up against immigrants, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reportedly told his Greek counterpart Antonis Samaras that Turkey will bear the cost.

Samaras, who met with Erdogan in Qatar during the Greek leader’s visit to the country to lure investment,  said the project has been approved by the Greek Parliament, the site reported.

“We told them it’s not necessary for you to build it if you give us the construction license, we can do it ourselves as long as there is a place for prayer for Muslims who go to Athens,” Erdogan said. The two leaders were staying at the same hotel and also discussed Samaras’ planned visit to Turkey in March.

The meeting lasted 40 minutes and besides the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu there was also the manager of the diplomatic office of the Greek Prime Minister Stavros Vassilopoulos present

“I told him that Turkey could cover the costs of a mosque in Athens if necessary permissions are granted. And Mr. Samaras showed a positive attitude and said the Greek parliament had approved such a plan. We have reached to a mutual agreement that these issues can be solved through good will,” Erdogan told reporters.

Muslims in Greece and Athens have to resort to makeshift mosques for prayers and there are an estimated 300,000 of them in the capital city.  Asked whether the issue of the Halki (Heybeliada) Seminary in Istanbul could be handled the same way, Erdogan said, “Why not, that’s possible.”

Also discussed was Greece’s lagging privatization program which is under intense pressure from the country’s lenders to be accelerated, one of the reasons Samaras was in Qatar. Erdogan told Samaras, “I overcame the crisis with privatizations,” referring to his country’s economic difficulties.

Turkish TV media also said that Erdogan was going to raise to Samaras the issue of  the Turkish minority in Thrace and a law about religious teachers and would ask for it to be withdrawn. The Turkish news agency Anadolu said that during their meeting, Erdogan gave advice to Samaras about freedom of worship, although Christianity has often been under assault in Turkey. Erdogan also talked about charitable institutions of  Turks in western Thrace.



  1. This Neo Ottoman behaviors from Sultan Erdogan and his Grand Vizier Gül (as well as many AKP members) begin to be really annoying.
    If Erdogan really want to help, here is what he can do : Take all the illegal muslims immigrants back to Islamic Turkey.
    Not only there are tons of mosques in Islamic Turkey but also there aren’t an economic crisis so the illegal muslims could find jobs here.
    As for Samaras, if he really agrees to let a mosque be built in Athens, he can be added to the list of traitors politicians.

  2. No Thank you very much…No mosques in Athens…We don’t wont any at all…Greece is a Christian country…

  3. If we are all agree the Athens is the birthplace of the Olympics and the all the modern civilizations…. we all need to support the mosque in Athens as well as we all need to support the ministry in Constantinople…..if Our Muslim citizens need a mosque,we need to let them to build one.

  4. I don’t see why we need a mosque when we’re a Christian country. How about this: if Turkey let’s Agia Sofia in Constantinople be used as a Greek Orthodox church again, then we’ll build a mosque in Athens.

  5. “With Greece’s Muslims fuming that the government hasn’t built them an official  mosque”

    Didn’t realize it was the obligation of the Greek government to build Mosques for muslum illegals. If Erdogan wished to build something… built a church in Turkey. Don’t mess with internal Greek politics.

    I’d also not anti-Greek troll Erdogan not only pretends he doesn’ notice the former Yugoslavians sudden change into ancient Macedonians and irredentism but actively lobbies for the Skopians.

  6.  Most of our “muslim citizens’ are ILLEGALLY in country.

    When Muslims that complain about building restrictions against new Mosques in Athens equally complain about building restrictions of no churches in Mecca.. then we can take them seriously.

  7. I would be happy with a church in Mecca thats not a bad idea either. Agia Sofia is the Greek Orthodox religious holiest church and Greeks don’t own it. This is like Christians owning Islams holiest Mosques.

  8. Erdogan should save some of his political maneur for Turkish consumption. He can have a mosque in Greece well just make it a Museum just like Agia Sophia..

  9. I love this…! They’re going to let Turks buy property and build mosques in Greece and yet the Greek ‘Coalition of Connivance’ is still buying WEAPONS and armaments from Germany and Brussels?? — Makes NO SENSE as usual at all, except that PASOK & ND will get more bribe monies than ever before for passing these bogus deals thru their phony Parliament!

    WAKE UP GREEKS!  Before they sell out the whole country just to line their greedy pockets!  

  10. Bravo Alex… you are finally starting to understand PASOK & ND’s horrible agenda… they are completely and utterly without “honor or shame” selling out their own country to TURKS!

  11. Turkey can build a mosque here as soon as Aghia Sofia is returned back to the Orthodox Church, without the minarets and Arabic writing all over it.

  12. All the Greece has to do is set up random identity checks outside the mosque after Friday prayers and pick up all the illegals. It may even benefit Greece.

    Saying that as much as hate Golden Dawn and it’s little racist followers on this site I do sympathise with Athenians not wanting a mosque. Islam and Christianity are backward traditions that should be dumped on the dustbin of history, Islam more so than Christianity. Islam and Golden Dawn are equally fascist actually, and the Greek Orthodox Cgurch follows closely behind.

  13. This isn’t about building a mosque, it’s about Turkey having influence with muslims in Greece. 

    As for their numbers, yes there are 300,000 of them and 299,990 are illegal migrants. Where are the majority coming from? Turkey. Let Turkey take them back then we’ll talk about the minarets. . 

    Meanwhile, pass on the mosque. 

  14. Thank you Mr Erdogan for your kind and generous gesture.
    Maybe we might take you more seriously when you; stop violating our airspace,stop illegal immigrants from leaving your country and invading ours, stop threatening us with war if we exploit OUR mineral wealth inside OUR internationally recognized EEZ and finally end your occupation in Cyprus.  

    In the meantime we have more important things to concern ourselves with.

  15. Hello.
    First of all, muslims of Greece are not illegal. Because  here, when we talk about muslims, we mean the muslim minority in Thrace. Those muslims are legal, they have family there, and they are NOT Turks. (Maybe a minority, i dont know).
    The responsibillity of a state is to repect its inhabitant’s religions and prefference regardless of their national intendity. In a perfect world, Greece Should have already built a Mosque as Turkey should have already built and preserve christian churches and Hagia Sophia.

              But, when it comes to strategy, mosque is of course a bad option for Greece since that would allow Turkey to better approach those muslims and take them under her influence.

  16. I am for freedom of religion. But I have a great deal of respect for the role of the Church, Greek Orthodoxy has been reduced to the country of Greece and the diaspora of some 13 million people total? It’s really hard for me to support building a mosque in Athens when the Patriarch holds services in a glorified chapel surrounded by barbed wire, in the city where the religion was born and flourished for over a millenium, that is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE. Perhaps to Britain and Germany and our “European partners” the site of a minaret might not bother them, but when our forefathers were slaughtered preserving our Greek identity and the minarets were pulled down, that is the absolute last thing that people want to see above their city. Let them build another in Western Thrace. You think Golden Dawn is too powerful now, just wait until you let Turkey build a mosque in Athens….It seems the world will not rest until Greece is stripped of its supposed ‘backward’ identity, at the end of the day we have pride in our history and culture, and thats something that can never be privatized and doesn’t exist to the same degree in the Western World. Besides if it wasn’t for the Byzantines sacrificing themselves defending Europe until they could civilize themselves they’d all be speaking Turkish. 

  17. And don’t misunderstand me, I’m all for good relations and friendship between Greece and Turkey, but only so much can be sacrificed for the intention of good will, especially when coerced into it. 

  18. Erdogan is the fascist. Why does the current Turkish government collude with the former Yugoslavians attempts to delete the Greek people?

  19. Actually the vast majority of Muslims in Greece are ILLEGALLY in the country. There are Mosques in places like Thrace.

    Claiming Greek government should build a mosque is plain ridiculous. A government should not be in the business of paying to build religious instituations in the 21st century (much less one for illegals). Only when Mecca allows non-Muslim religious institutions, should Athens consider allowing Muslims to build Mosques.

  20. Yes we need to buy weapons… to protect ourselves from those trying to exterminate the Greek people (i.e. “friends” of treasonous commies like Syriza)

  21. Probably shouldn’t have lost that battle in 1453 then should we, at least they had more respect than to pull it down like we did with all the mosques in Makedonia.

  22.  I love how you constantly set the oppressive, theocratic and pitiful state of Saudi Arabia as the bar for civilisation, who’s supposed to actual lead in culture or like most Greeks do you prefer to follow from behind??

  23. They removed as much of the Christian art and symbols from the building as possible and converted it into a mosque. If they weren’t going to convert it they would have demolished it, just as they did with many other churches across Turkey.

  24. I love Raisins. Grapes too.

    I also love how you gloss over the majority of states with a majority Muslim population are governed by theocratic rule. Instead of challenging that, you attack Greece pop. 11. .

  25. I fear i will have to disagree with you dear Alex.
    Thrace’s muslims are not some bunch of immigrants who came to Greece some yeara ago.
    They LIVE there since the fall of Constantinople, when the Ottoman state decided to settle some muslims at the left side of Constantinople for (probably) strategic reasons.
    So they live there for many centuries and DO have families. 
    When we say that they are illegal immigrants, its like saying that pontiac Greeks in north Turkey (or what is left of them) are illegal immigrants in Turkey.

  26. You are right about the people from Thrace, they aren’t immigrants but you forget a very important thing : The muslims from Thrace were authorized to stay in Greece because in the other hand 500 000 of our people were authorized to stay in Konstantinoupolis.
    This was what has been agreed between us and the Turks in the Lausanne treaty but now where are the 500 000 Greek Orthodox Christians who had been authorized to stay in Konstantinoupolis ?
    Now, less than 10 000 of our people live in Anatolia.
    What I say is : We don’t owe anything to muslims because they didn’t respected what was agreed by making pogroms against our people.
    Also to give a mosque to muslims who entered the country illegally and who threaten the state with violence if they don’t obtain their mosque, is weakness and cowardice.

    Now for the political risk in Greece and Turkey you are right.
    But it’s not only that : This is a very dangerous move to allow muslims to settle in Greece while in the meantime we have bad relations with muslim countries like Turkey or stolen provinces like Kosovo.

    Words of Erdogan in 1998 : “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers”.

    Build an enemy barracks and welcome enemy soldiers in our Homeland would be a catastrophic move. Wether we like it or not we are in conflict with muslims, so being tolerant with them and tolerating their religion and culture is opening the path to a violent civil war in the futur like in Kosovo.

    For the rest, “a state is obligated to serve its people free of theirs national intendity and religious belief”.
    US citizens are colonizers who exterminated the indians to size their lands and ressources. This country and others of the same kind (Australia, Canada, ect …) should never taken as good examples.
    Seriously, it’s easy for US citizens to be religiously tolerant because they are all illegal immigrants who live on stolen lands while the native owners, the indians are parked in reserves.

  27.  I never claimed Thrace Muslims were illegally in country for you to “disagree’ with me not do I suggest legal Muslims in Thrace shouldn’t be allowed to pray in their mosques.

    My issue is with building new mosques to accomidate Muslim illegals living in Athens. In addition your suggestion that state funds  should be spent building mosques is plain absurd.

    “Isnt that the doctrine of the American revolution and independnence after all?”

    You’ve confused America with the rest of the world comrade. Early Americas essentially ethnically cleansed native Americans. They used imperialism to rob them of land their ancestors haved lived thousands of years. Even today they don’t have a soverign country.

    Indigineous people rest of the world also have identities and histories that they wish to preserve. What this means is they take measures to protect their people from being wiping out like native Americans.

  28. It’s time for the TurkOglou’s of Greece to embrace their muslim ancestory. Allahu Akbar Alex (sic)

  29. Take these so called turks of western thrace back, and stop to lecture the others. A racist country like the republic of turkey, which has never allowed a non muslin in parliament or in the army has no right to preach, ok?

  30. I don’t think that you will be loved here. Turkey destroyed its greek minority during istanbul pogroms and the persecution at imbros and tenedos. Instead greece didn’t retaliate kicking out a significant turkish minority. Your pm is simply arrogant. He will made greek turks not but a fifth column.


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