Golden Dawn Marks 1996 Imia Crisis

Golden Dawn partyChanting anti-Turkish and anti-American slogans, more than 5,000 supporters of Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party marched past the U.S. Embassy in Athens on Feb. 2 to to commemorate a 1996 island dispute that caused a crisis between Greece and Turkey.

Many of the marchers held burning torches and hundreds of motorcyclists brought up the rear in what was a peaceful demonstration, the Associated Press reported.

The 1996 incident involved Imia, two uninhabited islets off the Turkish coast whose ownership is disputed by Turkey and Greece. Nationalists from both countries planted flags on the islets, and a military confrontation between the two nations was only averted after U.S. intervention.

Three Greek navy officers died when their helicopter crashed during a reconnaissance mission in the area, some said to Turkish fire, but the incident was covered up by both countries to prevent escalation of the crisis. Withdrawal of the Greek flag was seen by nationalists as a shameful capitulation.

A likely clash, or even war, was averted when U.S. envoy Richard Holbrooke, working by telephone, conferred with Turkish and Greek officials who refused to speak directly to each other. A deal was reached to return to the “status quo ante”—i.e., differing views on sovereignty and no military forces on the islets. Greek and Turkish officials provided assurances to the United States that their military forces on and arrayed around the islets would be removed, with the U.S. agreeing to monitor the withdrawal. The fundamental territorial issue has remained unresolved since that time.


  1. Now







    ming communis


    You seem to agree with them on virtually avery issue.

  2. I support democratic rule, am against racism but I’m doing a the work of “Hitler”

    As I said you are a lying slandering POS.

  3.  You seem to be racist dear. All I hear you continuing to do is slandering any Greek trying to hold on to his identity as “racist” and “nazi”… cheer on communists anti-natioanlist extremist that are trying to flood our country with illegal.,,,,while meanwhile staying dead silent about illegals and the foreigners that pretend not to notice the Skopians sudden identity change into “ancient Macedonians” and irredentism.


  4. Hitler is that you? Who am I racist against? Not the jews unlike xa. Not anyone not white or Greek unlike xa. Have I stayed dead silent about illegals? I don’t think so. In fact I’ve made my stance quite clear. You are a filthy nazi Alex and your responses here make that crystal clear. You claim you are not xa nor support them but then go into this tirade about illegals and skopians. You aren’t a nationalist. You are a nazi unfortunately draped in a Greek flag disgracing anyone who has ever called themselves greek. Keep on blaming Greece’s problems on these minority groups. It wAsnt the illegals who made shady derivative contracts with Goldman Sachs. It wAsnt the illegals who made the decision to enter the eu currency thus crushing Greece’s exports competitiveness and productivity. It wAsnt the illegals who evaded billions in taxes. It wAsnt the illegals who participated in a system of corruption bribery nepotism and red tape all these years. It wAsnt the illegals who decided buy overpriced weapon systems all these yeas. No Alex my little nazi those are the Greek politicians and citizens who caused most of Greece’s problems. And instead of going after the real perpetrators and trying to fix the system what do you do like the fascist nazi you are? You go for the low hanging fruit ie the illegals and the skopians ( while very important issues separate from the crisis and with regards to illegals more of an effect not cause of the crisis and American imperialism) as a scapegoat for Greece’s problems. You know why? Because you are a weak minded sheep who is too chicken to man up and face the important issues facing this great county of ours that has been ruined from within by mouvapes like yourself. Keep on attacking the low hanging fruit. Keep on calling those who are disgusted by xa commies. We will see how far that gets you. You are a fascist traitor and I look forward to seeing you suffer the same fate as your nationalistic idol hitler.

  5. I look forward to you suffering the same fake as cold war communists and your hero Hero Che Guevara

    And keep up the great work fighting “fascism”.. by being a GREEK HATING BIGOT that aligns themselves with anyone that is collaborates with the Skopians trying to exterminate the Greek people.

  6. Hey ivas4 here is another “anti-fascist” that sounds like you.

  7. Now that Alex and ivas4 are having a bit of a rest and before they start trading blows again …….read  a comment that Turkish Prime Minister Mr Ergogan made with respect to Israel’s airforce attacking Syrian military targets inside Syria only a couple of days ago….

    “A fierce critic of Dr Assad and Israel, the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accused Israel of waging ”state terrorism” as he condemned the air strike on Syria as an unacceptable violation of international law. ”We cannot regard a violation of air space as acceptable. What Israel does is completely against international law … it is beyond condemnation,” Mr Erdogan said.Read more:

    Isn’t it funny how all of a sudden he sees himself as spokesman for all nations to have their airspace respected when almost on a daily basis his airforce is responsible for violating Greek air space.

  8. You are still lying. All communist parties in Europe and especially KKE in Greece supported the nazis full force until the Germans betrayed their ALLY Stalin.
    And everybody knows that a communist’s identity is communism and so communists were allied with their twin brother, the n*zis. You and you kind are really evil : Supporting invaders because of your twisted ideology and then after having been betrayed, claiming you were resistants. Disgusting communist.

    As for Stratoulis, he and his party Syriza claimed he has suffered a “tentative of murder”. The problem is, I have seen his interview little time after the “attack” and this liar wasn’t hurt at all and he even had his glasses on his nose like if nothing happened.
    I remember you that he claimed he was attacked on the head by people with murderous intentions and that he had suffered a “murder attemps”.
    So Pinocchio, how long will you continue to lie to discredit your opponents to push your criminal leftist agenda ?

    As for you calling all thoses who disagree with you on this website “n*zis”, you really seems obsessed with n*zism, don’t you ? And so perhaps you are one and are searching company or you have complexes because you are a communist … Either way, I just note that like always when scumb*gs like you get shorts in arguments you try to portay people as “f*ashists”, “n*zis”, extremists, … to try to discredit them and try to gain an advantage.
    Sorry but it don’t work anymore because people are tired of all this political correctness and as for one.
    Also don’t forget your are a communist.

  9. Yes, but there isn’t any place in Greece for communists, anarchists and far-leftists like you too.

  10. The problem is, if XA can be violent in the streets, it’s because for yeats the far leftists have been extremly violents so now the common people aren’t shocked by the violence of XA. Politicial violence in Greece is now part of the folklore (thanks to far-leftists).
    The priority is to attack both the extrem left and the extrem right and force the center parties to do their jobs.
    XA is you priority ? Easy then, send back the illegals from where they come from and help the poor locals and XA will be back in the darkness with 0,5% of the votes.

  11. And as for one, I can’t stand anymore your disgusting communist propaganda.
    Rejecting illegal immigrants (= potential escaped criminals who flee the justice of their home country) isn’t racist but legitimate. Defending our identity in the Fyrom conflict isn’t being extremist, ect … But you you qualify as “n*zis” and other stupid names peoples who just demand their Human Rights.
    Greeks have the right to live peacefully in their Homeland. As for the diaspora, we are often linked by blood to our 2nd countries and when not, at least thoses who go to live abroad do it legally = They ask the authorization of the country they want to immigrate and their past is checked to verify they aren’t criminals.
    Trying to associate illegal persons with immigrants is manipulative and very insulting for immigrants, same when you try to frame peoples who want to protect their borders and their cultures as n*zis.

  12. Golden Dawn polled 0.29% nationwide in 2009
    Golden Dawn polled 7% nationwide in June 2012
    Golden Dawn is now polling 12% – 15% nationwide and is the 3rd most popular party in Greece.
    Golden Dawn is the 2nd most popular party amongst 18 – 44 year olds
    Golden Dawn is the most popular party in the under 18’s category.
    Do you notice a trend?
    It’s anyones guess how far Golden Dawns popularity will have increased by Christmas 2013, however given support for Golden Dawn has doubled in the last 9 months, i’d say it’s guaranteed to increase quite alot.
    My own conservative guess is that by Christmas Golden Dawn will be polling at least 20% nationwide.

  13. plenty of greeks call them nazis too especially those heroes in crete who gave germany hell for 5 years.  

  14. i’m shaking in my boots.  like i said previously, i am neither a commie nor a nazi, like yourself.  i share your sentiments about illegals just not your methods of removing them from the country.  not once did i touch on the fyrom conflict, but since you brought it up I share your sentiments on that as well.  you speak about human rights yet have no problem denying illegals their human rights and treating them like subhumans (which is separate from the issue of their legality or lack thereof. i agree again about immigrating legally and through the proper avenues, just like there are proper ways and avenues to deporting people. i never once associate illegal persons with immigrants hence why i always said “illegal immigrants” i again never framed those who want to protect the borders as nazis either, just those who support XA and their immoral methods and bigotry from those who are gay to those who do not look Greek.  there is a very big difference and if/when you finally realize it, you will see that XA is nazi and is fascist from a economic, social, and political point of view.  

  15. agree re the center parties doing their jobs. doubtful that XA will go away in such a case. they will just continue to attack other minority groups, like gay people, and continue to push their fascist agenda on Greece.  

  16. you are delusional.  i, nor my ancestors who fought both NAZIS AND COMMIES, never once supported invaders. Just because I am against XA does not make me a commie.  trust me I am not a commie, but thanks for admitting through your defense and support of XA that you truly are a nazi.  As for Stratoulis ( , it doesn’t surprise me that he was attacked considering XA nazis like yourself have not only blindly attacked illegals without due process but also fellow Greeks, true Greeks, who don’t agree with them. the only person lying and sticking his head in the sand here is you, you  traitor.  I am obsessed with nazism because it must be eliminated from Greece once and for all.  it is disgusting that it has been allowed to creep back in the last few years taking the form of XA and their despicable leaders.  the world and Greece needs to know what is happening with XA.  they need to KNOW and they will know that XA is nothing but a bunch of anti-semetic homophobic bigoted racist nazis who disguise themselves as patriots and nationalists by claiming such issues as illegal immigration and border control as their own (effects not causes of the crisis to begin with).  i’ve seen your type.  i’ve read the aryan XA message boards and it is disgusting and pathetic.  by calling XA fascist and nazis, which they are, it is not only a matter of discrediting, but also a matter of telling the truth.  I know what fascism is at its core and I certainly know what nazism looks like as well.

  17. You are really delusionnal. First you claimed the crime committed by your far-leftist friends was committed by far-right people, which everybody knows is a false claim and now for your source about Stratoulis, it’s the BBC ??? Common man, high officials of this medias and even some of  their journalists have recently been accused of having hidden for years the fact that their star prestentator Jimmy Saville was a ped*phile (there were rumors about it since at least 1973).
    They also tried to make the proofs disappear after ITV unveiled the scandal because of the embarrassement this would cause to them.

    Also, it would be not the 1st time BBC would write false things, for example, this media wrongly implicated a former Conservative Party politician in sexual abuse.

    And so this is the source you are using to back your claim ?

    But OK, let’s not discuss the validity of your source and see what is written in the article :  “Greek left-wing MP Dimitris Stratoulis HAS SAID he was attacked in
    Athens by three men claiming to be supporters from the far-right party
    Golden Dawn”.
    The BBC only say that Stratoulis SAY he was attacked by 3 guys. The BBC doesn’t say the attack really happened, only that Stratoulis say it happened.
    For the rest, I’m certainly not a XA supporter especially since I’m from the diaspora (Eime Ellinas KAI gallos re vlaka)
    Wether you like it or not, chrysavgites aren’t the only ones who dislike the far-left (even if consider a party like Syriza as a Pasok 2.0 because of recent comments by Tsipras and US officials).

    Also about “Aryans”, real “Aryans” are “Iranians” who are also known as Persians and if you know a little Hellenic History, the “Aryans” are our long time enemies (even if now we have somehow good relationship with them).
    As for n*zism, Adolph Jacob Hitle*r (his real name), was part jewish and there were more than 150000 jews in the WWII german army so what happened wasn’t so simple as you try to portray him.

  18.  And has grown precisely because of far leftist morons that sound like you. It is Greek reverting to violence to protect their country as a measure of last resort. The more  you defend far leftst extremists, the more you will create far right ones.

  19. Given yu are stuck on GD will staying nothing about the 30 percent that vote communisk you have no moral credibility as a moderate.


  21.   Sorry miles Didn’t mean to call you a “moron”. I miss interpreted your post as being from that commie lover.

  22.  What is your real name? What is your real address? Why are you avoiding answering the question? Are you are fascist? Is that why you are not answering?’

    I’m simply going to stop wasting my time responding to your retarded posts if you keep obsessing over me rather than issues.  Seriously dude get a girlfriend.

  23. You are not answering what I have asked you several times because you have no balls to do so.  Your age does have to do with the issues.  I am trying to prove that your young age is the reason you are making stupid remarks all over Greek Reporter, and that you are clueless from the USA.

  24. World Domination, don’t waste your time with this scumbag.  He is a clueless kid from the US.  If you want his information I will have it soon and will give it to you.

  25. All I asked for is his age and he won’t give it.  I don’t want his other information because there is no point to it.  That is personal information

  26. I don’t want to lump every turk into the same basket but Erdogan is a Greek-hating manipulator. His adminstration strongly strongly backs the Skopian (while pretending not to notice their change into ancient Macedonians). This is implicitely an attempt to delete our very identity.  (i.e ethnic cleansing)

    My personally belief is Greeks need to start openly supporting Kurdish self-determination groups as a response. 20 million Kurds in turkey that would love to split Turkey in two. I would even support the Greek government supporting Kurdish paramilitary paramilitary groups. The Turkish government is literally trying to ethnically erase us. The glove have to come off.

  27. LOL No im saving them from nazis like yourself, just like my blood line did against your German nazi friends in ww2. Since you live in your parents basement, why don’t you tell us where you live

  28.  Don’t listen to him….who ever (everyone) doesn’t agree with him is either a communist, Skopian, Bulgaria, his mom or dad…..You know communist never let anyone else opinion be heard.  In a democratic world you listen and respect opinions.

    But those are the morals he has learned from his sad home.

  29. Wasn’t it at it’s peak 50,000 and average 30,000? But it is to be expected by media…antifa’s only got a few hundred and you had to play spot the Greek in the video lmao The Greek spirit is admirable, still defending Europe in the 21st century after all they’ve been through, one of the greatest European peoples of all time that it is for sure.

  30. Wasn’t it 30,000 on average and 50,000 at it’s peak? But what more can you expect from communist supporting media?

    The so-called ‘anti-fascist’ rally only got a few thousand supporters – and after all the effort they put into getting people all over Europe, with the liberal/communist and so-called human rights activist parties trying desperately to fund such an event, it was all for naught, you had to literally play ‘spot the Greek white man/woman’ in amongst the illegals lmao

    Once again the Greeks are up to defend Europe against invasion even in the 21st century after all they’ve been through with Turkish occupation, their spirit is admirable, definitely one of the greatest European peoples of all time.

    Justice will be done for the 3 heroes of Greece who were shot down by the Turks when scouting out the front lines of Greek/Turkish borders, Christodoulos Karathanasis, Panagiotis Vlahakos, and Ektoras Gialopsos. They won’t be forgotten no matter how much the media tries to deny the existence of the event. Good-night left-side, your days of trying to break the European spirit are numbered, Heil victory, Heil Golden Dawn!

  31. Don’t bother with any party apart from Golden Dawn, from left to conservative(center-right) you will get much the same betrayal in any nation of Europe ,all are sold out, they make promises but never follow through, only to back-stab the people time and again, none are to be trusted, they twist their words time after time to steal votes from the parties that will actually do something.

    They are career politicians, being a politician is their life, so in order to keep their position of power they will go through any means necessary to stay there, even betrayal, Europeans never needed immigration it is just a farce to gain votes so that they can stay in power, also so the higher ups can pay them cheap wages and under cut the native population, you can be damn sure without immigrants we would still do the jobs they say only immigrants will do, we have done so for thousands of years, they have no monopoly when it comes to evidence, they do not care for the future generations of their people at all, all they leave true Europeans with is revolution, so they’ll get it.

  32. Please, the *younaziwhowanttokill6millionjews* rhetoric is getting old, think of something else. Why can’t people stand the fact that in a European nation a political party is standing up for the majority rather than pissing on them to appease illegals/immigrants? Oh right, no rights for the white population, just non-whites. You, Ser, sound like the Nazi. 

  33. You make some good points Christopher but thus far Samaras has made both strong words against illegal immigration (despite what the ranting anti-Greek foreign NGOs that pretend not to notice FYROM say) as well as taking actions (unlike prior adminstrations).

    It might not be to the level of GD  leadership want (or for that matter me) but it is at a level that seems to be helping. If GD overly attack every other party in Greece they will only end up alienating themselves as week as potentially hurt our country by splitting up the vote of the right (thus giving the communist morons a chance to win an election.. who can be trusted to eventually treasonously to collude with IMRO “comrades” in oppressing Greeks just like they did during Greek civil war).  If every Greek abandons the middle and moves to either the far right or far left we have a very real risk of another civil war.

  34. Europe has a warped reality of left vs. right. Let me lay it out for you.

    Right – Libertarianism, more power in the hands of individuals

    Left – Statism, more power in the hands of government

    Progressivism (or soft socialism) is a sect of statism. Conservatism is a sect of libertarianism. Make no mistake though, New Democracy are not really conservatives. If they were, they would NEVER have been in a coalition with PASOK, who spent the country into debt, and attacked its culture relentlessly.

    Greece suffers now because conservatism and libertarianism have ceased to exist. Greeks don’t understand freedom.This is why Greece needs a real constitution. One that limits the power of government over the people, and holds politicians accountable.
    While I can understand why people would vote for Golden Dawn, don’t think you’ll get the Greece you seek. These people are socialists of the nationalist variety. Nationalism is great. European people need more of it so they can preserve their beautiful cultures, but socialism is what plunged the continent into crisis. Power was given to politicians who abused it (as politicians always have and always will). Politicians took away your right to freedom of speech. You couldn’t criticize immigration without being labeled a racist. I can fully understand why people would vote for the only party talking about how great it is to be Greek, but getting in touch with your roots is only half the equation. You need to ditch socialism entirely. People in Greece have become addicted to welfare and government handouts like a drug, and now that they’re gone, people don’t know what to do. Socialism has sapped the people’s work ethic and their drive to innovate and achieve. Why try when the government will provide for me? This kind of system only empowers one group of people. Politicians.

    If Greece wants to rebuild and blaze a trail that other European nations will want to emulate, they need to follow some simple steps.

    1) Leave the EU. These people are tyrants. They are Marxists and aim to take away Greek identity.You don’t need to enslave yourselves to these unelected bureaucrats for their crappy currency. Ditch it.

    2) Limit your politicians. Put in place constitutional principles that recognize the undeniable rights of Greeks. The rights to free speech, freedom to educate children as they wish, freedom to practice their religion, and freedom to assemble. No politicians should be able to take away your rights.

    3) Deport all third world immigrants. Golden Dawn are right here. These people are unfortunate, poor, and destitute, but they don’t belong in Greece. Deport them back to their countries of origin, and put in place strict penalties for those who sneak into Greece. Your country is not a charity.

    4) Turn power from the government, back to families, communities, and townships. Greeks are great at family, and are people of strong Christian faith. Let that shape the next generation, and bring people together.

    5) Deregulate your markets. Regulations are choking business in Greece. If  a Greek man wants to set up a lemonade stand, he should be able to, without filing a thousand zoning forms. If someone has an idea for a business, encourage it. The more business in Greece, the more honest jobs for its people.

    6) Assert Greek sovereignty. Don’t let any other nation or group of nations tell Greece what it has to do. They’re often looking to exploit you.

    7) Forget the Jewish conspiracy theories. The few Jews in Greece live peacefully, and keep to themselves. Judge people on their actions. Which group continues to commit crimes? Gypsies and Albanians. Deport them. Which group speaks of Jihad and Sharia law while funding global terrorists? Muslims. Deport them. Remember what the Ottomans did to you guys? Surprise. They want to do that again. That’s what the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is all about. Reviving the Islamic empire.

    Greece can have a bright future, because Greek culture is wonderful and the people (though beaten) are strong, but don’t blindly follow the first movement which chants a slogan you like. Greeks have to come together to figure out solutions, while pointing out people who clearly have anti-Greek intentions, such as PASOK and the KKE.
    Don’t settle for the lesser of two evils if you can think of something better.  All it takes is one Greek town to set an example for the country. True conservatism has one basic message: Government and politicians will always let you down. Faith and family stand the test of time. Hold them close to your hearts, young Greks. I’m praying for you.

  35. Yeah that is true, but it seems it is unavoidable in many European nations, civil war is a very real possibility, I still can’t believe the reds are getting votes, don’t they understand what communism did to southern Europe? Starvation and mass murder of 40,000,000 people, is that what they really want? But yeah I can agree samaras has done some things to help, an actual leader that has democracy? Who would’ve thought. But idk, I still don’t trust CONservatives. What’s the point in conservatism now? There’s nothing left in Europe to conserve haha It is beyond conserving now, we must fight and bring what we lost back into the hands of the European people, then the western world can be saved, we’ve protected it for thousands of years and that is how our nations became great.