Greek Bookstore On World Best List

455533_AthinaThe bookstore Papasotiriou at Panepistimiou street, Athens, is included in the list with the 49 best bookstores around the world. It is in the compilation Bookshops: Long Established and The Most Fashionable Ones, from the Brown publishing house.

It includes a Gothic church which has been turned into a bookstore, located in Maastricht, Netherlands, as well as the sophisticated Libraire La Fontaine in Lausanne.

According to Athens Spotlight, Papasotiriou is the largest bookstore chain in Greece, a pioneer in the distribution of technical and scientific publications but also of a more general range of topics (literature, books for children, dictionaries, philosophy, travel guides, etc.) in Greek and other European languages.

An important innovation launched by Papasotiriou is Press Point,located in the International Airport of Athens, where visitors can buy Greek and foreign books, cigarettes, stylish gifts and gadgets while the extremely interesting Art Point of the airport, has exact replicas and art pieces inspired by exhibits of the Greek museums and also books for the ancient Greek art.

This album aims at showing that these bookstores are not just commercial stores, as through their aesthetics they offer much more to their visitors. These bookstores, in a way, contribute in shaping the culture of the city and the development of literature. On this basis, each bookstore selected and included in this list is unique and enhance the city which hosts it.