Greek MP’s Flout No Smoking Law

Greeks ignore no smoking laws just about everywhere
Greeks ignore no smoking laws

Joining other Greeks who have ignored five smoking bans in the last decade and light up just about wherever and wherever they want, Greek lawmakers are openly smoking in Parliament in violation of the law they passed, and in the building where they did it.

The defiance has angered 88 of the 300 Members of Parliament who wrote to the body’s speaker urging action against what they called a “pathetic and infuriating” state of affairs.

MP’s enjoy other special privileges as well and a lifestyle that has angered Greeks suffering under crushing austerity measures. Greek media reported that during debates, most of them are in the halls drinking whiskey and eating unlimited free food.

Greece has one of the European Union’s highest smoking rates but has given up on trying to enforce no smoking laws, including the last one in 2010 to outlaw smoking in enclosed public areas. Violators face fines of 50-500 euros, $68-680 which are rarely enforced and inspectors face resistance when they try to cite people for breaking the law.

People still light up freely in bars, cafes, restaurants – and Parliament. It wasn’t that long ago that they would even smoke in supermarkets, and doctors often smoke in hospitals. The lawmakers wrote that, apart from assembly halls, at times there is “not a single square meter” in Parliament where the law isn’t broken. It’s common in Greece for unpopular laws to be violated without recourse.



  1. “Greek lawmakers are openly smoking in Parliament in violation of the law they passed, and in the building where they did it.”

    Is it hard to qualify your sentences with “SOME” Greek MPS andy? Or give the names of MPs in question? Do you have to constantly frame your sentences and stories in such a way as  to drag in the entire Greek coalition government into some sort of conspiracy of the elite versus the people?
    Isn’t it enough to focus on if SOME MPs they set a bad example for the many many average Greeks that ignore the law..

    I know your not a communist but its these sorts of anti-government word manipulations that end up helping out the communists and anarchists. Your constant stories about the elite versus the poor only harm our country. Your stories should be focused on noting corruption no matter where it is found not primarily on anti-elite working class unite rhetoric anarchists and communists use.

  2. What? You didn’t know already that Greek Lawmakers were criminals who make one law for the citizens, while Parlimentarians do whatever they want ignoring ALL the LAWS!   

  3. There goes nutter Alex again! — “the commies are coming” — Oh please give us a break!

  4.  But it *is* what he is implying. I can assume from your remark and the name you use that you are probably unfamiliar with the kind of regurgitated nonsense Alex repeats in his postings.

    If you read even a small selection of our dear Alex’s remarks, you will quickly understand he constantly says the same thing and brings anti-communist/Syriza/leftist sentiments into almost all of his postings.

    And don’t dare to disagree either as you will be branded a ‘leftist troll’ or Skopian manipulator or such like.

    If it’s not that, then it will be the FYROM issue, how wonderful Samaras is (he is our savior!), or how biased, bad and inaccurate Dablis’ reports are.

    In short, Alex is incapable of listening to any view other than his own and constructive dialogue is out of the question as other readers who have put up postings have often remarked.

    But please don’t take my word for it. Just check out other news stories and Alex’s comments.

  5. I have said for the past 20 years that Greece has three, if not more, sets of laws;  A few that are strictly enforced, some that are randomly enforced, and most that rarely enforced.  The trouble is is you never know which is which.  If Greece cannot enforce the No Smoking Law which has been working so well and effectively in just about every other “civilized” European country, including Turkey I might add, well how can it possibly enforce the taxation laws.  I say impossible and that the people are only as good as its elected representatives – who themselves are all above the law.  Pitiful, shameful, and obscene.

  6. Absolutely pathetic and shameful. The real slap in the face is the non smoking taxpayer has to indirectly pay for the Cancer therapies and surgery, emphysema and asthma caused by these selfish addicted barbarians. What does it take to become part of civilized society?

  7. Bravo Greeks! Stand up to the polically correct health reich. Oh and ‘jeleahy’, go polish your jackboots.

  8.  Alex is sitting at his computer, in the US, 15 years old, has never lived in Greece, does not have Greek citizenship, but knows everything about Greece.  The only reason he supports Samaras is because his parents do.  Most of all Greeks outside of Greece support Samaras because they believe that he is protecting the interests they have in Greece, (money, land etc.)

    I say this because I know many Greeks from abroad that were here last June, and voted for him for that reason…..they didn’t vote for the countries best interest, but their own.

    The problem is that no one in these political parties cares about us Greeks in Greece, and some Greeks abroad, like Alex, have no grasp of that is going on in Greece. 

    He will never listen.  He is brain dead and a spoiled little kid.

  9. yay! we could do with that kind of rebellion here in the uk. i applaud and admire the greeks and others across europe who have the self confidence as a people to put two fingers up to these ridiculous bans brought in via the pressure of ridiculous people.

  10. I guess that means that you don’t want Greece to become a Nation of Laws – followed and enforced.  It really doesn’t make much difference actually because they are standing up to the politically correct health reich – Whatever that means.

  11. The smoking prohibition isn’t based on anything remotely scientific, but only in political propaganda of insane hypochondriac freaks. There is no such thing as ‘passiverauchen’ (term coined by the Nazis for similar propaganda reasons).

    Greece has one of the longest living population in the whole planet, and yes most of them smoke. Asthma in children is extremely rare. 

    There are some uncivilized barbar puritans with hallucinations that the blessed and beneficial tobacco is somehow ‘harmful’. I suppose science hasn’t reached their areas yet. We Greeks have a duty to teach again civilized life, destroying the puritan hypochondriac insanity, which has been threatening lately many normal people.

  12. Laws and Hybris don’t identify, they are mutually exclusive. There is no greater injustice, said Plato, than the one which is wearing the mask of “law”. Greeks are civilized enough to know it, and to not tolerate Hybris.
    It’s barbars who are ignorant and vile enough to support Hybris. And coward enough.

  13. It’s the addicted barbarians who fought during the second world war with guns and cigarettes(read some history) that freed you from the potential slavery of the first anti smokers (Nazists).Ironic isn’t it?

    Of course in your ‘civilised society’  you even exile real war heroes, old men, to smoke outside with no consideration whatsoever…

    I don’t want to be part of this civilised society..

  14. Thank God for the Greeks. I love this country and all who sail in her.

    May the people of Greece continue to treat with contempt the nannying tyrants of this world.

  15.  I gather the Harvard school of public health that was sent over to athens to make sure the ban was being enforced have left home after reporting to their handlers at the EU! ROLFLMAO

  16.  Their Bankrupt and the EU is an enemy of the people! They dont give a chit no more to play the EU game……….Id suspect they will be out of the EU very soon and go back to the drachma.

  17. Some years ago I did go to places in Greece where a smoking ban was enforced. At the employment office the only people allowed to smoke were the staff.
    Greece is the foundation of democracy and Greeks know when a law is undemocratic. In spite of this the government recently tried to ban electronic cigarettes. The community responded by ensuring the nicotine liquid used in them was classified as chemical. Unfortunately now the EU is planning to ban this recent breakthrough that allows those who want to move to something cheaoer and healthier by requiring a medicines license for every strength and every flavour, which would effectively ban them.
    Perhaps it is no coincidence that one if the few manufacturing export industries in Greece is related to electronic cigarettes?

  18. This will be my final comment on the no smoking regulations and the practical impossibility of Greece ever becoming a Nation of Laws in view of the general attitude displayed in commentary. I love this country, the culture, tradition, and ingenuity while despising the selfishness and total lack of respect for others.  The Law on No Smoking in public areas was meant to protect people here as it does in most every other country.  Health is only one protection issue – how about simple hygiene.  I don’t want to smell like a putrid ashtray with my hair and clothes full of tar and nicotine, nor have to breath and compete with second hand smoke while I’m trying to enjoy a glass of wine or an Espresso or a brizola.  Why should I have to get up and go outside while the couple next to me eat with a fork in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  I may have been a little harsh with my description of barbarian – and I now substitute pig headed ignorance in lieu.

  19. That so many people think it is “okay” or worse “right” to break or ignore a law explains exactly why Greece is in the mess it is in today.

  20. Interesting you mentioned hygiene…. it was tobacco mainly used to purify the air, back in the Great Plague years of mid-17th cent and helped save countless lives. And it was always prescribed by older doctors to treat all sorts of respiratory problems, like asthma and bronchitis.

    Today there should be absolutely no problem with the current air filter technology and improving cigarettes – which aren’t as good as cigar and pipes.
    Only…. anti-smoker psychopaths blocked twice the improvement of cigarettes, in ’70 and again in early ’00’s. Because they basically didn’t want good cigarettes, they wanted a complete tobacco prohibition.
    And it was anti-smoker psychopaths who further blocked poorer people’s access to good tobacco, with the high taxation and all, so they can’t afford cigars and pipe tobacco. 
    And it was the anti-smoker psychopaths who wasted countless billions of money into vanity campaigns for brainwashing. Imagine if all these money were poured into medical research and facilities, resulting in actually benefiting a great number of people.
    Criminals, aren’t they?

    Lastly, but not finally, hypochondriacs could open their own tobacco-prohibited places, and stay there. Instead of attempting to ban smoking in general. Only…. wherever ban was applied hundreds of thousands of businesses had to close due to lack of customers. Isn’t it absolutely insane for a tiny hypochondriac minority, to cause such a huge destruction, in both financial and social level?
    And isn’t about time, those insane psychopaths to be held accountable for their crimes?

  21. Laws are passed by the elected representatives of a nation, and lawmakers are voted to do a job, which is to SERVE the people and their country.
    Laws aren’t a tool to enforce puritan moral beliefs. They aren’t a tool to enforce the false propaganda of a hypochondriac minority.
    And most important, laws AREN’T what some unelected bureaucrats from UN/WHO/IPCC and down to EU, attempt to enforce by blackmail, on other countries.
    I’m pretty sure all these are too complicated for simpletons like you, to understand. 🙂

  22.  In other words stupid laws should never be passed or followed.  I would say that the people understand this law was passed to make someone look good, not for the good of the people.

  23. The issue is the ignorant masses going along with the lies of the tobacco control industry. I have no obligation to pretend to respect the opinion of sheep.

  24. “the No Smoking Law which has been working so well and effectively in just about every other “civilized” European country,”

    This is known as the “Bandwagon Trick.” If you can convince people that they are the ONLY ones doing the odd thing out, they’ll feel isolated and be encouraged to join the mainstream. It’s most effective with immature minds… which is why the prime example is usually the six year old saying, “But Mommy! Everyone ELSE is jumping off the bridge! Why can’t *I* do it TOO???”

    – MJM