SYRIZA Sacks MP For Backing Turkey

Nassos Theodoridis
Nassos Theodoridis

The major opposition Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) party has removed one of its representative from the Parliament’s Human Rights Committee after he said the Greek island of Imia belongs to Turkey and that Greece should cede its territorial rights within the international 12-mile limit.

Nassos Theodoris was summarily ejected from the committee, although not from the party, after he called Imia by its Turkish name of Kardak and said Greek fighter jets should not challenge Turkish jets that violate Greek air space. Greece and Turkey nearly went to war over the rights to the island in 1996.

“The personal views of Nassos Theodoridis are far from those of SYRIZA. By no means do they represent [the party’s official line], press spokesman Panos Skourletis tweeted on Feb. 7, the newspaper Kathimerini reported. It was seen as a warning to other SYRIZA officials that have in the past distanced themselves from the official line of the country’s main opposition party, a loose collection of Communits, Far Leftists, Maoists and Trotskyites.

In a message posted on Facebook ahead of the anniversary of the Imia crisis, in which three Greek navy officers died, Theodoridis questioned Greece’s sovereignty over the island. The whole idea of national sovereign rights, Theodoridis said, is an invention of official state propaganda “to extract the consent of the oppressed masses.”

The New Democracy Conservatives, the leader of the country’s coalition government, slammed Theodoridis’s “anti-Greek delirium” and urged SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras to dismiss him from the party.  “Otherwise,” a statement said, “(Tsipras) will merely confirm that these are also his own positions and those of his party.”

In late January 1996 the US intervened to stop Greek and Turkish warships from clashing over the two uninhabited islands, known in Greece as Imia and in Turkey as Kardak, in the eastern Aegean. Three Greek navy officers died when their helicopter crashed during a reconnaissance mission in the area.


  1. Now the real face of some officials in the Syriza coalition is beginning to come to the surface for everyone to see it.
    And the Syriza’s officials didn’t even kick this vlakas out of the party completly …
    A party of traitors, really.
    Every other party is better than this coalition of traitors because if Syriza is elected, the Syrizans will destroy Greece completly.
    Just because XA comemorates the Imia crisis each year, this clown want to give the island to Turks.
    And that just shows that theses m*l*kes hate more the far-right that they love their country.
    Shame on them.

  2. “whole idea of national sovereign rights, Theodoridis said, is an
    invention of official state propaganda “to extract the consent of the
    oppressed masses.”:

    What a surprise coming from a communist. Anti-nationalism extremism. Tons in Syriza sound just like this rocket scientist. His words that translate into… “my goal is to eliminate both the Greek state and Greek people so we call all be fellow comrades” ….

    ,,,i.e. the communist version of ETHNIC CLEANSING (which they frame as “human  rights” just like they frame communism as being a synonym for “democracy”)

    If push came to shove such “Greeks” can be trusted to murder other Greeks for the sake of their foreign comrades (ala Greek civil war).

     Communists and anarchists are trying to eliminate our country and people wonder why there has been a shift politically to the right (including by some on the moderate left) Wake up Greece.

  3.  Excuse me….any Greek that has that view is a traitor!  They didn’t do enough to him!

  4. Ante pidiksete apo kana para8uro, prodotes! Ama den goustarete thn Ellada, kai ama den thn agapate, na pate allou! den sas 8eloume! Apatewnes! What an insult to the brave Greek soldiers who gave their lives on Imia, and all the Greeks who fought for our country’s freedom. Kick these traitors out! They don’t deserve to be in Greece.


  6. “The New Democracy Conservatives, the leader of the country’s coalition
    government, slammed Theodoridis’s “anti-Greek delirium” and urged SYRIZA
    leader Alexis Tsipras to dismiss him from the party.  “Otherwise,” a
    statement said, “(Tsipras) will merely confirm that these are also his
    own positions and those of his party.””

    Choose Greeks. Patriots that made mistakes or incompetent treasonous communist buffoons intent on destroying our homeland.

  7. its always been the reality of Greek communists. It boils down to the fact their Marxist beliefs are anti-nationalist to the extreme. The only time they don’t take anti-Greek positions or become “patriots” is when they think it effects their own livelihoods. Then they “gernerously” demand  money from both other Greeks and foreign taxpayers.

    Communists have no shame and few moral morals. Just bags of self-righteous hot air that spend their whole lives trying to talk someone else out of their hard earned money.

  8. Are you for real??? This guy should be deported to Turkey…One way and tell him to close the door behind him…

  9. And what ia unerving that more than 30% of Greeks (inclusive of KKE) vote for these unpatriotic leftist traitors.

  10. This article breaks my heart in that 1/3 of the Greek population support these guys. Sometimes I think we are doomed to oblivion.

  11. I treat both them and anarchists as anti-Greek as the Skopians are.
    Their philosophy is implicitly anti-nationalist extremist. Ergo –  we shouldn’t  see  communists as Greeks. They have abdicated their Greek identity in lew of a communist one.

    If Greece for some failed as a state for some reason, Greeks like you and I would continue. We just would just need to regroup and form new types of Hellenic oriented organizations that excluding anti-hellenic anti-nationalist elements like communists and anarchists. Greece has been taken over by foreigners many times before, but each
    time we take it back. Our relentless devotion to Greek culture is why Greece exists even today.

    Even if the whole world turns against us on this FYROM issue, they will lose. Many haven’t realize that the Slavs are slowly ironically deleting their own identity and Hellenizing themselves (to prove they are the “real” Macedonians they move towards the artifacts) .  Whether it takes 100 years or 500 years, payback to our enemies that tried to delete us will be a bitch. They will suffer the fate they intended on Greeks because their own arguments will be used to delete their own identities.

    Don’t disrepair  There will be another day Tzak. Greeks memes are
    strong because they will forever will be written in stone in Greek.

  12.  FYI –

    There are skopian trollers on this website going by different handles (typically posing as Greeks or foreigners). They repeat this behavior online on all sorts of websites (typically you can spot them because they have not posting history but then go on to attack anyone that attacks FYROM and are “friendly” with pro-Skopian groups)

    I’ve caught some of these Skopian false flags here. Bobby V, World domination,  K.Mistos, Alex prime minister, and a few others appear to be all the same handle. I can’t tell for certain but dispite he speaks greek I think he’s a Skopian. Aside from constantly switching handles when I started to call games he also switched politics (going from aligning himself to leftist world arts… to middle ground posters…. to now anow claiming he supports GD) No one on the right would be attacking someone that constantly criticizes communists, anarchists and Skopians.

    In short, I don’t trust anyone that claims to be Greek on this website unless I’ve communicated with them for an extended period. My suggestion is you shouldn’t completely trust me or any other “Greek” on this website either. Skopian trolls are playing mind games with us trying to get us to fight with one another.

  13. Spoiled children that were talk but their parents they were entitled to the wealth of others and to hate their own Greek roots. Don’t waste your time with them. If they want to irrationally delete their own Greek identity we have no control over that. What we should be focusing our energies on is financial and moral support for Greek patriots and philhellenes.

  14. Agree. Have had expereice with the Vardaksians before…they generally become personal after you objectively dismantle their arguments…but you do get some of the more clever ones that you have to be careful.

    If the Vardaskians put 10% of their efforts in fighting Greece they may not have the problem of having their land being taken over Albanians supported by Turkey. Regardless that is another topic….

    In regards to trust I dont think people come on this blog to make friends but rather use this avenue to discuss and refine their opinions…well the Greeks anyway. My thinking is that this blog is an avenue that should be use a catalyst to unite the Greeks overseeas towards a common goal and highlight the subservient forces that provide such hinderance.

  15. Good Points Alex.

    Unfortunatley I do despair as for the first time in our glourious exisitnance as Hellenes we are facing a cultural genocide.

    Historically the big problem was being exterminated by foreing invaders be it Persian, Roman, Goths, Ottomans etc.. Now it is this cultural genocide where we are to lose our sense and right “Greekness” to be replaced by idelogies. These ideologies take the form of communism, apeasment to our neighbnours and our sense of entitlement from a nanny state. These are not Hellenist paradigms.

    True Hellenes are capitalists who in all circunstances seize and maximes oppurtunites for each other. It is this type of thinking and behaviour that sets us apart from others. Unfortnately from what I see and read we are being eaten from within like a contagious disease.

    That is why I despair….

  16. “Hellenes we are facing a cultural genocide.”

    That’s certainly what they are trying to do but will fail.

    This has happened before…. much much worse. In the 4rd to 6th century calling oneself a “hellene” essentially became illegal because of fundamentalist Christians.

    This is why called ourselves Romans for the middle ages and lost our old religion. Once the damage had been done (mostly by Latin Christians) emperors there was no Internet for our forefathers to recover lost knowledge. The best we could do is recover bits and pieces like our language and whatever books the Christians didn’t destroy.

    When the Ottomans destroyed our Roman empire that too could have been the end too. They did their best to change the demographics of Greece but once again we took back our homeland. 

    Some human beings are obsessed with unifying the world under a common human identity. Today its the multi-culturalism fanatics trying to do it. They too will fail. They will fail because multiculturalism only leads to assimilation into new ethnic and national identities not the elimination of them. Nationalism and territorial association is part of the human condition. It is like gravity. It is unavoidable consequence of living in communities.

    With Greeks spread out throughout the world, and much of the world adopting Greek culture (framing it as their own cultures), it will be much harder to erase Greeks again. Ancient Greek artifacts are in museums around the world…. all written in Greek. No amount of bizarre “recognition” of obvious Slavs as “macedonians’ will change that. The main thing the anti-hellenes have achieved is ethnically erase FYROM’s own Bulgarian identity.

    Despite the enormous pressure and the current unpopularity of Greece its is the the Skopians who are slowly Hellenizing themselves not we turning into Slavs. They are the one putting up giant statues of ancient Greek figures not we of Bulgarian  Delchev and Misirkov. They are the ones being forced to learn Greek to understand ancient Macedonian artifacts. They keep moving towards the artifacts to “prove” they are the real Macedonians. Ancient Macedonians conquered Paeonia to Hellenize it. All we need to do is keep egging on these morons they are not Macedonians.

    My concern is not that we won’t win. I am just angry at the world that betrayed Greece after Greece has given so much to the world.

    We have something the Skopians and their apologists will never have. Immutable ancient Greek
    artifacts, all written in Greek, that help tell us how a Greek
    should behave. What language he should know. What subjects he should study and what lands he should  see as his own.

  17.  Still trolling Skopian? What are you going to pretend to be today? Greek left or right supporter? Any new handles we should all know about?

  18. If people like Mr Nassos Theodoridis are representative of other SYRIZA politicians then this party must not be trusted with the national security of Greece. I hope that SYRIZA as the opposition party are not privi to any classified documents to do with national security. That, would be really scary.


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