Crisis Drives Cretan Search for Godfathers

baptismWith many people unable to afford the tradition of being a Godfather because of Greece’s crushing economic crisis, some Cretans are taking out ads looking for someone who can afford the cost.

A baptism in Crete is customarily a big occasion. Even during the toughest years of starvation, Cretans had no problem finding one to baptize their child.  Now, many couples cannot find someone to baptize their child, something that led them to post classified ads.

A godparent has to buy the whole package for the christening ceremony, such as clothes, shoes, and pay the priest and church costs. But the most important part is that godfather has a firm and lifelong commitment toward his godchildren including his continuous presence as well as gifts and money.


  1. Good, hopefully this crisis will mean the end of the ridiculous extravagance. A child doesn’t need fancy christening outfits, big parties nor money and gifts, which is more about adults showing off to their neighbours than anything else.  Love, guidance and support are the true gifts any adult can give to a child, and that is free.

  2. I give my god daughter my love, my support… and she is a mother of 3. She does not ask us for expensive gifts… but when she was younger we did what was traditional. BUT! The costs are too high and people need to reduce their own extravagances. You do not need a huge baptismal party. You do not need the entire village or every relation you have to be there. The clothes do not need to be Armani of Calvin Klein. But when we baptised my wife’s god son many many years ago, teh priest even demanded money from me to plug my video camera into his power socket.


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