Greeks Outspending Finns For Heat

oilGreeks spend three times as much as to heat their homes as Finns, statistics show, but it doesn’t matter much to 60 percent of Greeks who can’t afford to buy oil anyway because of big tax hikes on fuel to go along with pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions.

Takis Grigoriou, Responsible for Energy & Climate Change Issues, at Greenpeace, Greece, spoke on this issue at an event, entitled: Energy Poverty – Housing and Air Pollution. The event was held in the hall of the municipal council of Thessaloniki and organized by the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki, Ecologists Greens, in cooperation with the office of the MEP Nikos Chrissogelos.

According to data given by Gregoriou, “The waste of so much money by the family budgets, for the heating or cooling of homes in Greece, is a tragic obstacle to the development of the Greek economy.” He added that, “The main problem in Greece is the buildings’ inappropriateness,” because they are not energy efficient.

He criticized the government for focusing on the payment of allowances and tax equation for the excise duty of the oil consumption” instead of targeting energy improvement. “In 2013, 270 million euros are expected to be spent for heating allowances and in 2014, 300 millions,”  Gregoriou said.



  1. “In 2013, 270 million euros are expected to be spent for heating allowances and in 2014, 300 millions,”

    Imagine if natural energy were used and people didn’t pay anything, then we could save €300 million a year. Then it will only take 1000 years to pay off the €350 billion we owe. Great stuff!

  2. Lol. At our current pace we will be lucky if its in a thousand.

    Clearly the debt will need futher restructuring (whether volentary or not) and austarity is going to continue (whether volentarily or not). However we can eventually get out of this hole in a decade or so if we focus on economic production rather than more socialist money redistribution scams.

    Albeit I am not a socialist, I am not actually opposed to helping other Greeks but I think context matters. We should only help Greeks that are patriots. Anti-Hellenic anti-nationalist multiculturalism leftist types that turn the chartity of other Greeks into extortion (by rioting or using other forms of coercion) shouldn’t recieve our help.

  3. It’s a miracle!

    Alex – you didn’t use the word Communist or Skopian!  What’s going on?  Have you finally seen the light, or have you been threatened by the Greek Reporter to curb your tonge?
    Will you now be accusing me of being a leftist and expecing handouts?

    I’m starting a poole……..who’s in?

  4.  How about some commentary on an actual article rather than trolling me?

    Its really getting trying getting arguing personal gibberish with obsessed Skopians and leftists angry at me because I keep criticizing FYROM and communists.

  5. Kosti
    Why is it when the EU stops welfare, Greeks like yourself get angry, blame Macedonians & are poor? Hasn’t Greece heard of the word ‘self sufficient’?

  6. Good everyone sees this “Alex” fellow is a mental case and stuck like  broken record on commies & lefties. They are obviously the only two ” words” he knows to try and get attention. 

  7. Why hasn’t this phoney Coalition solved this by putting a “price freeze” on fuel? Very simple solution, but knowing this corrupt goverment they will probably only do that by June when summer has arrived! — and too late as usual.

  8. Its curious that a country with a reasonably warm winter climate should spend a lot of money on heating subsidies. It is also worrisome that a country with about 100% too many civil servants does not fire those people but rather keeps them on and expects other countries to pay for those superflous civil servants. I heard a greek immigrant in the netherlands complaining his parents receive monthly about euro 1.600 per month after taxes and after a recent cut in pensions. Our state pension is euro 1.400 per month and received 12 times a year instead of 14 times. In the netherlands state pensions commence at 65 and witin a few years at 67. Almost no exceptions. Therefore a lot of dutch people wonder way they should pay for greece . I wonder too.

  9.  I don’t blame you Slavs for our debt (although you should be the last one to lecture on economics giving your country is practically the third world). I do blame you SLAVS for ridiculously trying to turn yourself into descendents of ancient Macedonians, threatening my country, and trying to delete us. Why are you trolling us on this forum Skopian? Nothing better to do with your time than ethnically harass Greeks?

  10.  Well “Paul Johnston PhD” the fact you aren’t offended by the Skopian troller “Mental retard Kosta” harassing Greeks on this website says all we need to know about you. BIGOT.

  11.  Hey Mr. “PhD”.. .are you sure you are not a Skopian? Why didn’t you criticize the Skopians trolling this website?

  12. Its funny you skopians  calling me that. but i have never gone by the handle “Kosta” you moron.  I’m actually kind of curious about it though. If you think I’m him it suggests a kindred spirit.

  13. I too wonder. Why does the dutch government pretend not to notice out northern Slav neighbours trying to turn themselves into “ancient Macedonians” and delete the Greek people?

  14. Of course you would be Skopian. You attack any Greek that defends his country and try to manipulate our clueless leftists into supporting you.

  15. An unclear article: are Greeks spending a higher household percentage of income for fuel than cold-climate Finns or do Greeks spend a higher amount in euros than do Finns?

    Without specifying it is hard to see the point of this article.

    In any country there are those individuals who cannot afford to heat their houses because the heating bill competes with food costs, rent or house loan payments. Fuel poverty is common in the UK, for instance, because all costs are very high and many on fixed incomes simply lack the means.

    In Greece, heating oil is used as a motor fuel which is not done in Finland. Those who use heating oil for motor fuel cut down trees in the city squares and national parks to heat their houses.

    The real problem is Greece are the cars which compete with humans for sustenance. Greece needs to ban cars until and only there is domestic fuel available for them. No fuel. no cars,


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