Corruption Costs Greece 10% of GDP

corruption_390The Washington, D.C.-based prestigious think tank the Brookings Institution estimates that corruption is costing Greece some 20 billion euros ($26.7 billion) which, combined with lost revenues from the country’s notoriously tangled and inefficient bureaucracy, is crippling efforts to reform the debt-crunched economy.

The General Inspector of Public Adminstration Leandros Rakintzis said, “Both combined make up about 30-32 billion ($40-$42 billion). If for 10 years, we could this or part of this, we might not have had all this public debt or all this crisis.”

That’s nearly equivalent to 10 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) leaving Greece to have to borrow $325 billion from international lenders, who have demanded austerity measures in return.

According to research from the agency Transparency International that one of Greece’s Members of the European Parliament, Theodoros Skylakakis, recently presented, Europe loses 120 billion euros ($160.3 billion) annually to graft. At the same time, the government has failed to go after tax evaders who owe $70 billion.

Most of that is in health care, followed by tax departments, police, urban planning, customs and justice. “There’s extensive corruption that remains unpunished even in countries such as Germany. Greece isn’t the worst country. In Europe, we’re below middle, but not the worst,” Skylakakis said.  Transparency International however, rated Greece the worst in Europe.



  1. “The Washington, D.C.-based prestigious think tank the Brookings Institution estimates that corruption is costing Greece some 20 billion euros ($26.7 billion)”

    Has the “prestigious” Brookings Institute estimated the cost of corrupt US politicians, Wall St. banks, Defense spending, etc. on the US economy?

  2. The Brookings Institution are anti-Greek and full of it. They recently hosted communist Tsipiras (they would never take an American communist seriously) They also have members that have lobbed on behalf of the Skopians while they pretend not to notice their attempts to rebrand themselves into decdendents of ancient Macedonians. Keep up the good work quoting anti-Greek sources Andy.

  3. “At the same time, the government has failed to go after tax evaders who owe $70 billion.”

    More leftist Andy lying The government is going after tax evaders.

  4.  Sorry I don’t understand English very well, one figure quite clearly refers to the research of this institute. (30 billion annually). Another figure refers to a report presented by Skylakakis (120 billion) and the other refers to money owed by the state (70 billion) my mistake.

  5.  Though I don’t really mean that as anti-Alex is not necessarily anti-Greek, in fact the people who actually live in Greece probably represent Greeks more than me.

  6.  I know, I don’t even know who President Kiro is to be honest, I just saw that video and thought it was pretty and that I’d like to share it..

  7. Sure you don’t know your first President Skopian.

    How many handles have you used in the last week here Skopian? Can you answer truthfully without more evasion?

  8.  I’m not Skopian I just love talking about them I’d hardly be on an English speaking Greek news site if I was Skopian, or a Greek speaking Greek either, I guess the mystery of who Alex really is will go on an on…

  9. Yawn. You using my handle only illustrates you have no moral or intellectual credibility troll. Whether you are a Skopian or disgrunted Greek far leftist extremist angry at me for calling out the treason of communists its all the same to me.

  10. You think I care where morons like you live? You are the one that’s obsessed with me. I couldn’t give a damn about you.

  11.  You are repeating yourself again Skopian.

    So why don’t you tell everyone why did just wrote with my handle…

    “Yay for recognising Macedonia, about time.”

    Keep changing and adding new handles Skopian. The more you do…. the more and more Greeks become fully cognizens that Skopians are flooding this website with fake “Greek” handles.

  12.  Ha ha, I’ve consistently told you I’m not Skopian, but in fairness to them at least they live a lot closer to Greece than you. Why do you continue this ridiculous charade, why don’t you get involved in some things in the country you live in and let those who actually live in Greece do their own thing?

  13. Yes. and I am chinese. Must be true because someone said soemthing online.

    I can only read what you write Skopian.

    “Yay for recognising Macedonia, about time.”

    Your words no?

  14. Don’t make me laugh. You try to portray yourself as an authority on issues you know nothing about while you miss even simple things like the Skopians trolling this website.

  15.  The Skopians trolling this website pretending to be “Greeks”, that vote for ultra right wing Gruevski in their country… fully support leftists like you in Greece “MK”. Keep up the great work “defending” Greece.

  16.  Ha ha, it’s funny for someone who lives so far away from Greece, like Alex to tell others they aren’t authorities on Greek issues. He should know, why don’t you worry about your own country’s problems and let the people living in Greece worry about theirs?

  17. Your words actually “3. Recognise the Skopians” or can’t you remember any more, your true colours finally came out.

  18.  Much more funny is Skopians like you pretending to be Greek.

    So why don’ explain to the Greeks on this website why you used my handle to say ” Yay for recognising Macedonia, about time.”.

  19.  Dear Skopian,

    If you have a problem with diaspora Greeks you
    should write in to the founder of Greekreporter to notify him his views
    don’t count .

    Yours truly,

    An actual Greek.

  20. Ahh the Vardaskians are in full force today…stealing a legimate bloggers handle and trying to extinguish his/her right to express his opinions. Moderators–This is not right!

    I think the Vardaskians are doing a diservice to their cause as they are showing what lengths they will go to elimiante Greeks expressing our opinions. To any Greek that supports their cause this is the true face of the populous of Vardaska-Benovina.

    I would like to reinforce the message that bloggers should not reveal any personal info expecially on this website as it is my understaning that the governemnt of Vardaska-Benovina builds up a dabatas of regular bloggers that are critical of their cause.

    Its a dam shame the Vardskans hate us Greeks so much….especially when their country’s largest minority group will become the majority in anather 2 generations…see another Kosovo.

  21. I appreciate the backup Tzak.

    At least you put your money where your mouth is unlike the treasonous far leftist anti-government sorts that like to claim to support Greece but then are too ignorant, lazy and cowardly to say and do absolutely anything to actually protect our homeland against these Skopian fanatics.

  22. No. You do not appreciate the backup because you are a communist and have a mancrush on Andy Dabilis

  23. And who is to blame for this culture of corruption? Why only ourselves, of course. When Greece and Greeks are ready to behave and live like a civilized country, then we will be come a civilized country. End of story.


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