Golden Dawn Leader’s Wife’s Hotel To Be Seized

Eleni Zaroulia
Eleni Zaroulia

A hotel owned by the wife of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party Nikos Michaloliakos, who is opposed to austerity measures being imposed by the government, will be confiscated because she hasn’t paid 36,000 euros ($48,000) in outstanding taxes, the newspaper Kathimerini reported.

The firm that owns the Hotel New Dream is managed by Michaloliakos’s wife, Eleni Zaroulia, who is also a Golden Dawn Member of Parliament, and her brother. The two are also reportedly having their tax statements being investigated to see if there are any improprieties.

Golden Dawn won 18 seats in the Parliament last year on the back of a vehemently anti-immigrant platform. The hotel is located in a neighborhood near a large concentration of immigrants. The party is opposed to pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions being imposed on the orders of international lenders.

Despite fierce objections to her depiction of immigrants as “sub-human,” she was given a seat on a human rights organization panel for the European Union. Her party wants all illegal immigrants in Greece rounded up and deported, wants rights for legal immigrants to be curtailed, and supports a Greeks-only policy for medical attention, schools and other sectors.



  1. Such fantastic news. Now time to close her disgusting political party and strip of her and the entire Golden Dawn leadership of Greek citizenship..

  2. They can try, but they won’t stop the rise of European nationalism!

    Throw us in jail, bomb our political offices, go ahead!

    You have harassed us, censored us, colonized us, in our own countries for the past few decades.

    Soon, you will be sorry for the lion you’ve awoken.

  3. They are such patriots of Greece, such pure and deserving citizens who are still among the thieves and corrupt who have ruined this country. They should be dragged through the streets until their party of fools collects the money that they have robbed from every citizen in this country. 

  4.  Your suggestion to “strip of her and the entire Golden Dawn leadership of Greek citizenship.”… sounds like something a Nazi would do.

  5.  I find Golden Dawn and communists operate much the same. Both some GD and Syriza members resort to terrorism and street violence. Both are quick to advocate banning other parties. At least GD are patriots though. Communists on the other hand end up behaving like the Nazis that tried to erase the Greek people and Greek state.

  6. Assuming for a moment you are Greek and not a Skopian yourself… Skopian far right extremists that support crypto nazi Gruesvki love communists in Greece. They support them because they know they both undermine Greece economically and they are so obsessed with “anti-nationalism”  they can be easily manipulated into treasonously betraying their own country (also see communist Greeks that ended up murdering other Greeks for IMRO “comrades” during Greek civil war)

  7. And what about closing the disgusting party Syriza and strip of their citizenship all the leaders of this extremist party ? After all some of the officials in this party are traitors (Just remember the Syriza MP who said that the Imia island belonged to Turkey :
    Also all officials from the left to the right should be investigated to remove all the rotten apple and begin to rebuild the country with a sane base.

    Thoses who denounce the far-right wingers and don’t say anything about the far-leftists and anarchists (let’s remember the recent bank robbing by anarchists) are big hypocrites.

  8. Hey where is Skopian “Alex Prime Minister of Greece”? Does he claim to be a Golden Dawn supporter? No comment Mr. Prime Minister?

  9. “Those who denounce the far-right wingers and don’t say anything about
    the far-leftists and anarchists (let’s remember the recent bank robbing
    by anarchists) are big hypocrites.”

    Exactly. Not all leftists are extremists but the ones typically ranting to ban GD and say next to nothing about constant  leftist and anarchists violence are  extremists themselves,

  10. I was and I am right when I said and still saying that all politicians are corrupt…..

  11. Your blood most be boiling that support for Golden Dawn has jumped from 0.29% in 2009, to 7% in June 2012 national elections, to approximately 12% to 15% support nationwide today.
    Your blood must boil knowing that ALL mainstream opinion polls in Greece rank Golden Dawn as the 3rd most popular political party in Greece…with several new secret polls held by experienced pollsters now starting to show Golden Dawn as 2nd most popular political party in Greece.
    The youth in particular are overwhelmingly supportive of Golden Dawn!
    Golden Dawn is the most popular political party amongst Greek high school students who will soon be voters.
    Then there is the flood of reports from Greek & international media that over 50% of Greek police voted for Golden Dawn last year.
    Also interesting is a poll taken last week of 25 Greek Army officers serving in Crete.
    The result? 23 out of these 25 Greek Army officers said they will vote Golden Dawn.
    The FACT is that Golden Dawn has penetrated into the hearts of the Greek people via grassroots activism. It can’t be torn out of the hearts of the Greek people by any sleazy propaganda from the corrupt governing coalition or the anti-Hellenic communists from SYRIZA.
    Golden Dawn will soon govern Greece!
    It should be obvious by now that all those Greek citizens who support Golden Dawn have chosen to do so despite the anti-Golden Dawn smear campaign by the Greek political-media class. These Golden Dawn supporters are in turn converting other Greek citizens into Golden Dawn supporters.
    Do the math. It’s only a matter of time before Golden Dawn is the most popular party in Greece.
    p.s. Any attempt to ban Golden Dawn – the 3rd most popular party in Greece – will see suppprt for Golden Dawn treble overnight. I hope the moronic governing coalition tries this foolosh move.

  12. That says a lot for the immaturity of the Golden Dawn party having the youth as their biggest “fans”. Good call.

  13.  F–k you and your ridiculously uninformed opinions as you sit sipping iced-tea over in the States.

  14.  How about you keep your opinions to the country you actually live in and let others worry about their own Uncle Sam.

  15. Notice that Skopian “Alex Prime Minister of Greece” is missing on this thread. He claims to be a “Golden Dawn Voter” but never says anything negative about Skopians or the communists that support them in Greece.

  16. Are your complains just limited to Greeks? Do you have any complaints about the Nazis in the former Yugoslav republic once again trying to ethnically erase Greeks with “ethnic Macedonian” word games?

  17. Dear Skopian,

    If you think diaspora Greeks have no say in Greece, perhaps you should stop using Greek Reporter… created by a diaspora Greek in the USA?

    “Greek Reporter is an award winning project (Presidential Award of CSUN)
    that started on the grounds of California State University Northridge.
    The idea was conceived by Anastasios Papapostolou, a graduate of CSU
    Northridge, and Editor-in-Chief for Greek Reporter. Anastasios has been
    writing for magazines and newspapers since he was 14-years-old, and has
    also worked for numerous TV and radio shows. If you want to learn more,
    visit his website”

    Keep looking for angles and new handles to denounce me Skopian.

  18.  I am a Golden Dawn voter… this is why I have no comments to make on an article on Golden Dawn. Instead I am going to defend Skopians and align myself with supporters of communist Syriza..

  19.  I claim to be a  leftist Greek that claims to be against Golden Dawn… then will say absolutely nothing to criticize you.

  20. Wouldn’t want to be a “Nazi for having an identity so make sure to delete your own identity to “anti-racism”.

  21.  I am a “PhD” that has nothing better to do with my time than troll GR reporter under a variety of handles and rant about the government.

  22.  I am a communist that is anti-government. I claim I am “Greek”… then say all Greeks are actually Arabs and stay dead silent as fanatics in a neighboring state attemps to delete Greeks.

  23. Go to this link.

    On this webpage there is a link to a You Tube video where Robert Lane Fox, a respected historian of antiquity from respected Oxford University of Great Britain, says clearly that ancient Macedonians spoke Greek, worshipped Greek Gods, & were clearly Greek, whilst the people living in Skopje today are ignorant, & have no right to claim that they are Macedonian, given that history so clearly shows that ancient Macedonians were Greek, people in Skopje are simply Slavs.
    He makes these comments during the greatest exhibit ever of ancient Greek artifacts in the UK at the Ashmolean Museum.

  24.  You are preaching to the choir MsMlies. I don’t vote for Golden Dawn but I do know they are patriots and I entirely agree with them on both FYROM issue and deporting illegals flooding our country. I fear treasonous communist terrorists far more than I do Golden Dawn.

  25.  That’s nothing more than a baseless insult. Apparently, that’s all you people can do towards Golden Dawn – insult. Too bad they’re set to take the next election. All your Leftist terrorist acts will not stop them. Greece has a golden future thanks to Golden Dawn.

  26. yeah the jews are going straight out assault on Greece’s only patriots and hoping they can win. I hope to God Golden Dawn does.

  27. That is how the powerful Zionists which have obviously infiltrated Greek politics attack political groups or persons that pose a problem for their conquests.

  28. Just some info… America had been overrun by liberals. The results are an 16 trillion dollar debt, enormous deficit, slowly but surely proggressing economic instability and a president who wants to be a celebrity. Republicans will pursue pro business developments for reasons including an minimized unemployment rate and of course respect for christianity by preventing marriage between same-sex couples who are themselves miserable. I wish Mit Romney was president, tax cuts for small buisnessess, trade with Latin America, and increased oil and coal production. What more could a nation ask for? But anyways the youth are actually a huge deal. They are the next generation and things are not looking good for the Republican party in America. However, in Greece the Golden Dawn as long if they have the most youth support, expect them to rise.

  29. How could honest good greek people support such a vile, racist, and demeaning point of view as that which is peddled by golden dawn?  Shame on the country.