Greece Spends 95,000 Euros Per Student

iatrikiThe Greek government spends over 50,000 euros per student studying at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

This is the most expensive degree per university with variations. For example, in the same institution, NTUA spends 69,000 euros for mining engineers compared to 17,300 euros for electrical engineers.

The Medical School of the University of Athens is the most expensive, since the cost of a degree reaches 95,000 euros. In contrast to this, among the Universities in Athens, the Faculty of Literature’s degree costs 8,100 euros, and the Athens Law School reaches 9,180 euros.

As reported in the newspaper Kathimerini, the most inexpensive seems to be the University of Western Greece, where the cost for each student until graduation is 5,000 euros.

In the meantime, thousands of university graduates are moving abroad. In 2007, 1,554 Greek doctors lived and worked in German hospitals. In late 2012, the number had nearly quadrupled, reaching about 6,000.


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