Photo Exhibit at Tellogleio Art Institute

telogleio“Immigration then …” is the title of the photo exhibition which opened at the Tellogleio Art Institute of AUTH and hosts images from the everyday life of Greeks who migrated to Delmenhorst of Germany in the 60’s.

These black and white photos taken by immigrants reflect moments of working in factories, of their home, of tours and holidays in Greece. Greek immigrants used to show these photos to their relatives in Greece to prove they had succeeded abroad. These photos may not have an artistic perspective, but reflect reality.

Deputy Consul General of Germany, Klaus Bormann, who attended the opening of the exhibition, referred to the enduring migration phenomenon for Greece and said that “We are delighted when Greeks find a job in Germany, but our goal is to restore the situation in Greece as soon as possible, in order for the Greek people to find the job they deserve.”

The exhibition is co-organized by the Tellogleio Art Institution, the Hellenic – German Cultural Association Dialogos, under the auspices of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Thessaloniki. The exhibition will be running until March 6.