Greek Misery Tourism a Lure

imagesThe current harsh economic conditions in Greece, the unemployment, the poverty and despair affecting scores of thousands of Greek families are apparently an attraction for foreigners.

For many years now, foreigners have been visiting Greece because of their interest in  history and historical attractions. It seems though that things have changed as they now wish to actually “browse through” the country’s misery.

The American travel agency Contex Travel, renowned for the ultimate experience of its theme tours in cities throughout the world, is now promoting a three-hour tour in parts of Athens that reveal and reflect the Greek crisis. The three-hour tour goes under the title Greek Crisis walk, and costs 70 euros per person or 305 euros for a five-people group including a tour by economists and other experts.

The tour starts from Syntagma and the Greek Parliament. On the website which advertises the tour, tour guides make references to the political situation in Greece, to the way parties handle the crisis and the huge mobilizations of Greek citizens against austerity measures. Anecdotes are welcome, too.

The aim of this tour is for participants to better understand the underlying causes and consequences of the crisis. The walk then, continues up to Panepistimiou Street, with a stop at the Bank of Greece, so as more information is given on the bankruptcies of the past and then continues up to Sophocleous Street.

Tourists with financial literacy can be subscribed to a very specialized group tour given by experts. The tour would be incomplete without special reference to the rise of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party. If there is extra time to spare, the travel agency promises those interested to go somewhere for a glass of wine and discuss possible solutions for Greece to be saved.


  1. Signomi!
    apology – prohibitThere are many good things in Greece, report on, report, report …

  2. ” Now dis is our Olympic ruins ruins post August 2004. Ova der you vill find murky vaters of Olympic size swimming pool. Maybe you drink because Greeks no know how to svim. Ada Greeks come here to catch frogs for dinner. Ova on dis side der vas volleyball venue but Vasilis da goats live e here now”

  3. If any body is interested, I can show you a HIV clinic filled with prostitutes who will do anything for 2 Euro. If you are in Athens call  210-606 6000 and ask for Alex

  4. Interesting!  The same can be done with respect to showcasing California’s economy, especially, Los Angeles.  We have the same here, bad neighborhoods, rotting infrastructure, and a hamstrung Police Department headed up by Chief Charlie Beck!

  5. We can do the same in the US.  We can tour many cities there and see how worthless some Americans can be.   Not that hard to do.  Go to Alexs house for one.  A wh roe house, unemployed and incest infested house all in 1!

  6. I am a greek citizen and I find it wonderful that this is happening!!! Of course I have not partaken on such a tour but I should hope that ALL truths are spoken about the reality of the crisis, it s REAL origin, the ones who are REALLY at fault, we are talking years and years of politicians! And why am I so positive about all this?? Well it is very simple you see, Greece is the guinea pig of a econopolitical scheme run by multinational companies/banks and governments and the game will not stop here but will continue on to other countries so hopefully all these PAYING tourists to see our country’s crisis from close will learn a lesson of what will happen in their country (or maybe I should say what is already happening in their countries but they haven’t realized it yet as nor had we back when..) very shortly. C’mon lets not play stupid here! This is just another ‘smart’ thieving way to get money off moron tourists who will go back home to boast about  how their holidays were in “poor” (pun intended) Greece!


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