Greece Says Smoking Ban To Start

Smoking CopAfter five No-Smoking laws in the last decade have been largely ignored by Greeks, who light ‘em up more than any other European country, the government has vowed yet another crackdown and said it will begin stricter checks in public places.

The newspaper Kathimerini said that the Health Ministry’s General Secretary, Christina Papanikolaou has issued a circular calling for the intensification of checks at schools, hospitals, restaurants, bars and nightclubs by inspectors in charge of the implementation of the law introduced in 2010 that was promptly violated almost everywhere with no enforcement.

The new wave of inspections is expected to meet with opposition from entrepreneurs who argue that the smoking ban will affect business amid the ongoing financial crisis, the same arguments they make every time Greece passes alleged smoking bans.

In November 2012, the Council of State ruled that the ban was in keeping with Greek law and the Constitution, after 150 entrepreneurs and the Panhellenic Federation of Restaurants and Related Professions filed an appeal against it.

Despite that, the law continues to be ignored and people who don’t smoke have no recourse when they go into restaurants, clubs, tavernas, summer cinemas and other public places, including hospitals, where people pretty much smoke wherever they want.

Public workers, including those in post offices and government buildings, as well as police, doctors, and bus drivers also smoke without having to worry about being checked or having fines issued against them. Members of Parliament also openly smoke in the building where they passed the ban, ignoring their own law. There was no word on whether inspectors would attempt to stop them, check on them, or fine them at the same time those in other public places could be fined.



  1.  I also claim to be a Golden Dawn voter… then troll posters that are anti-communism and anti-Skopian. I also like to defend leftists and Skopians on this website.

    I am real Greek patriot.

  2.  I don’t actually have a reply to my critics about why I never criticize communists and Skopians and instead constantly rush to defend them on this website.

    I don’t need to because I swear am I a greek patriot that voted for Golden Dawn. I also swear Alex Prime Minister of Greece is my only handle on this website.

  3. Rushing to the defense of self-proclaimed communist Sal? I though you claimed to be a “Gold Dawn Voter”?

  4. Thats it Alex. The poltical will. The background of the leaders of our coalition governemnt is a proffesor in consitutional law an economist and a lawyer/polical scientist. Behind them is Stournas who once formed and headed an econommic think tank for Greece.

    What I am trying to say the knowledge and solutions are there. The problems lies in the collective political will to enforce such policies and the collective will of us Greeks in accepting such polices.

    Unfortuanlety we still have a cultural issue amongst a portion of our pupoulus of that revolves around handouts, nepotism and corruption. It is this treasonous section of the population that is hurting our counrty. 

  5. Look this time Greeks are acting like Arabs I mean I have traveled this is what Arabs would do my real name in Salim Constandinidis and Iam a Greek.

  6. Fighting corruption, collecting Taxes from Taxevaders and more is much more important than Banning smoking…Do you get me your thick head???

  7. The funny thing is those that claim to be the most against corruption… the communists… are the most corrupt of all. They constantly are trying to get government to take wealth from the actual producers of that wealth to put into their own pockets. They claim it belongs to “workers” but in reality workers were already paid for work they did voluntarily.   Since communists cannot compete they instead resort to thievery vis-a-vis abuse of the state.

    To make matters worse they claim to be “against fascism”.. .then many of them align themselves with crypto-fascists like Gruevski threatening our country. (so utterly clueless that don’t even realize they are being consciously manipulated)

    To paraphrase Winston Churchill, a staunch defender of democracy, on the ugly side of democracy…. its sometimes two wolves and a sheep deciding whats for dinner.

  8. Communism is a cancer to us Greeks. We Greeks are true capitalists who thrive on less regulation not having a “nanny state”.

    One of the best outcomes of the 20th century was that we didnt become a conmmunist state. We would have lost our soverignity and the levels of nepotism and corruption would be unprecedented…even compared to now.

    Funny how our communist friends never comment how great they have it in North Korea… a true communist country. The people there are starving while the “elite” take holdiays and educate their children at capitalist country’s top private schools e.g. Kim Jong-Un was educated in the top schools of Switzerland.

    God help us if SYRIZA is elected at the next election. 

  9. Syriza, much like the North Koreans, constantly twist the word democracy to be a synonym for communism. The don’t understand democracy is not any particular economic system. It is simply the capacity for citizens to have input into how they are governed.  (whether direct vote in the formal sense of the word democracy or indirect by chosing leaders in the form of a Republic).

    This constant twisting of words, is why communist states were virtually all totalitarian one party states. While Syriza self-righteously rant for ‘democracy”… they are actually ranting for tyranny.

  10.  WOW….what you have is 3 idiots that only look out for themselves and not their country.

  11. Indeed but tax collection is money redistribution.. not wealth creation. 100 percent equal redistribution of nothing still adds up to nothing. You claim to be against government overspending… and your “solution” is to keep our government spending? To return the favour of a rude patronizing retort…I really hope you’re not turning into a ranting anti-government extremist like some of the leftists and Skopians on this website.

    Some politicians certainly screwed up but the state of our economy is not just the fault of a few politicians and rich. This is just a moral cop out that extremists use to oversimply the issues to push their various policial agendas.  Shifting too much moral responsibility to the wrong target will only ensure the problems continue indefinitely.  Is that what you want? Or do you want to fix the problems?

    The root causes are many but chief among these is lack of focus on technology and industry by our general population. All the anti-government rants in the world… all the riots begging for handouts isn’t going to feed children who go hungry. Industry will however feed children because industry allows families to help themselves in order to feed their own children. Teach a man to fish.

  12. “Salim” is a muslum not a Greek name.   You don’t seem Greek in an ethnic sense. Your constant defense of Arabs (and analogies comparing Greeks to Arabs)…. rather than defense of Greeks…. suggests you identify more with Arabs than Greeks.

  13. A Greek that doesn’t defend his country and culture is like a Jew that converts to Islam and still calls themselvs Jewish. Nonsensical.  If you want to be taken seriously as Greek… defend Greece rather than constant take anti-Greek positions on every issuie.

  14. Your obsessive trolling of me with your “Alex Prime minister” handle and all your other handles is getting old.

  15. More FRAUD & FARCE from this absurd phony Coalition government of Thieves & Liars.
    It is a waste of time and money sending Inspectors out to put more harsh measures on Bars, etc. What a joke Pasok and ND are who are unbelievably STUPID and arrogant.
    Why aren’t they asking for REAL Justice, like why Akis Tzahadsopolushasn’t had a trial yet after a year in “so-called” jail?

  16. More FRAUD & FARCE from this absurd phony Coalition government of Thieves & Liars.
    It is a waste of time and money sending Inspectors out to put more harsh measures on Bars, etc. What a joke Pasok and ND are who are unbelievably STUPID and arrogant.
    Why aren’t they asking for REAL Justice, like why Akis Tzahadsopolushasn’t had a trial yet after a year in “so-called” jail?

  17. Note to self: 

    As I claim to be a Greek Golden voter, that constantly runs to the defence of Skopians and leftists on this website, I wonder if “Alex Prime Minister of Greece” my only handle on Greek Reporter?

  18.  I am going to cut and paste the same remarks for the umteenth time. I constantly claim to speak for Greeks but I am not actually Greek.

  19.  You claim to support communism under your other handle. Now you support rightwing? Which way is it going to be?

  20. Actually, even Arabs are more polite than Greeks when it comes to smoking in public places, right in customers’ faces etc. There is no such ignorance anywhere else but in Greece. Go to Turkey and you will see that smoking is banned everywhere indoors, and everyone follows that rule.

  21. Surely the only way to eradicate this weed is for the EU to state that NO FURTHER assistance will be given until a smoking ban in places where food is served andwhere children. As an ex-smoker, yes, it is difficult to quit, but if rules are there…AND KEPT, it is easier! Even my local bar won’t be getting as much of my custom now…it was difficult because the owner is a friend, but I told him WHY I wouldn’t be there as often…also, NOT to use ash trys as weights for the bill…use something else! Any entrepeneurs around who could produce cheaping, advertising, weights instead of ash trays???