Greece Woos Investors With Eased Rules

eforiaHoping to reverse the country’s image as unfriendly to business because of corruption and a labyrinthine bureaucracy, the Greek government is proposing to relax regulations and eliminate obstacles that have kept foreign investors from wanting to open businesses. reported that Greece especially wants large developments to help it get out of a crushing economic crisis and would ease visa procedures for investors who want to buy real estate.

The proposal has six aims:

  • The acceleration and simplification of procedures for the attraction and materialization of investment plans
  • Alleviation of counter-initiatives and the provision of additional initiatives for the attraction of investments to Greece
  • Strengthening of transparency and the control procedure of the developmental law
  • Reformation and development of the seaside front of Attica within the framework of the program commitments of the Prime Minister
  • Providing liquidity, especially to small- and medium-sized enterprises
  • Improvement of the institutional framework for the founding and operation of seaplane ports

All work related to strategic and private investments will be concentrated under the General Secretariat of Private Investments, which wants to co-ordinate a unified policy.

The government said it would try to cut red tape associated with getting licenses and various approvals, which often require bribes and pay-offs that have frightened off investors.

The Invest in Greece committee will be given a stronger role in trying to attract business, and tax initiatives are being planned as well. A key element is one-stop permitting so that businesses don’t have to run to a number of different agencies and offices for approvals.






  1. The Coalition government is an complete FRAUD and NOT representing the Greek People anymore. All we have now is corrupt Pasok and ND politicians and their criminal friends from the, ECB, EU Commission and IMF who are raping and selling-out the country & it’s resources.

  2.   You are not representative of the Greek people Paul Johnston. (aka
    worldarts). Have you changed handles because I pointed out you were
    cheering on communist and anarchists terrorists? Ashamed of your last

  3.  Are you even ethnic Greek? I’ve asked many times but you constantly pretend not to notice the question. Can you answer without lying?

  4.  I am a new reader of Greek Reporter and this is my first post….

    I think that Mr Johnston’s view is a valid one and that our politicians have long been out of touch with the people too.

    But why Mr Alex is his ethnicity such an issue? Surely he can still express his opinion whether or not he is a fellow Greek? Also, you can of course have an opinion too and I for one would like to hear it, but why do you seem to lose focus on so many of your posts? 

    I am sure you too have a lot of equally interesting and thoughtful comments to make which other readers like my self would like to hear. It just seems a pity you appear to constantly attack so many people instead of staying on the topic.

    With respect to both you and Mr Johnston.

  5.  If you are a new reader as you claim… then you don’t know that their are Skopians trolling this website under a wide variety of false flag handles attacking our government. You also wouldn’t know that Paul Johnston has switched handles on us (used to go by handle “worldarts” but pretends he doesn’t seem my posts mentioning that) My questioin as to where he is Greek is relevant… considering he constantly posts in a manner to suggest he is speaking for the Greek people.

    What is  a pity you claim to be a “new to Greek reporter” and automatically start by trolling me without having a clue what you are talking about. Typically new posters lean a bit about the website before ranting their opinions.  For all we know you are just one more handle by one of the Skopian trollers pretending to be Greek on this website. Even if you are Greek, your rant towards me hardly evidence of “respect”.

  6. fyi- Pual Johnston has previously applauded leftist and anarchist terrorism in Greece under his prior handle “world arts”. Whether he is Greek or a Skopian he is an extremist thug that belongs in jail.

  7.  I am a new reader of Greek Reporter and this is my first post…. 

    I claim to be Greek, but I may actually be a Skopian or Greek trolling this website under a different handle.

    See how it work?

  8.  I apologize for causing you offense and I certainly was not ‘trolling’ you (whatever that means).

    But I would like to say that I gave my earlier post in good faith and I am who I say I am. I do not understand why anyone would think otherwise.

    As for ‘Nana Papaconstantinou’ I assume this is a fictitious name and an attempt to make fun of me. I thought the aim of responding to articles and others’ opinions was to share an honest exchange of opinions.  It is a pity that this is not the case.

    I do not think I shall bother to post again as I now see there is little point and a lot of hatred and bad feeling from many.

  9. :”I do not understand why anyone would think otherwise.”

    Maybe because some people lie online?

    “As for ‘Nana Papaconstantinou’ I assume this is a fictitious name and an attempt to make fun of me.”

    I do not understand why anyone would think otherwise? I am who I say I am.

    I thought the aim of responding to articles and others’ opinions was to share an honest exchange of opinions.  t is a pity that this is not the case. I do not think I shall bother to post again as I now see there is little point and a lot of hatred and bad feeling from many.

    … or are you by any chance suggesting that it is not unreasonable to sometimes have skepticism about anonymous Internet handles claims about themselves?

  10. Beware of Greeks bearing eased rules. They can change them faster then ladies of the night changing undies.

    I went to invest in the leftist wet dream of savimg mommy earth, commercial solar projects were not getting paid the last time I checked. I decided that burning my money was more useful then investing in Greece.

  11. Evie,
             I am sorry about ALEX’s welcome. He’s a boy with a grudge from the US and takes any opportunity to rubbish any objection to the ruling coalition. Everyone receives this I’m afraid.Unfortunately he posts under many different names, trying to create an illusion that he has support, and liking his own various comments, though he is easy to pick, as its always the same immature slandering, misdirected blame, and never responds to the story or truth.He sources all his limited information from GR and yet his tries to discredit it and makes a joke of this commentary forum, filling up space with his endless hateful attacking nonsense.Though he states he likes this story, it just shows he is totally removed and clueless he is about the real issues and present day life here in Greece.His aim seems to be just to turn people away from posting her in GR.He is a big problem, but please ignore him and his hatred. It’s best to not respond to him. Just laugh at him, his frustration, and the time and effort he puts in to maintaining his ridiculous game, and feel sorry for him and his sorry life.

  12. Well let’s hope this materialises.

    Btw, Alex I told you about this before and you denied that this was the reason that business investments lack in Greece. You stated that it is the unwillingness of Greeks to do so. There is red tape in starting a business in Greece and in Cyprus, and it is screwing with the economy.

  13. Not sure when you said I disagreed with you because I do agree Cyp.

    Most of this red tape was created by an anti-business mentality.. and that is mostly a left wing view of businesses. Even ND isn’t really a rightwing party. We just call it right because its right of socialists. The communist nuts and leftist oriented NGOs call it “far right” because… well.. they are far left. ND’s economic policies would be considered liberal by the standards of most western nations. No one would ever confuse them for Republicans or Libertarians of the US.

    This is precisely one (of the many reasons) why I keep going on and on about leftwing extremism in Greece. We need to support the viable parties that are as far right as possible at the moment. ND isn’t perfect but its the best we currently have. (even Golden Dawns economic policies are largely socialist oriented.)  Also I dont’  trust any leftist around this name issue. Too many of them seem to care more about apologizing for Skopians, and illegals than they care about defending Greece.

    If our coalition govenment falls, the commies have a good chance of winning the next election which will only make things far worse. Until there is some viable alternative that alone is good enough reason to strongly support our current coalition government.

  14.  Hey Mekima Kaityri, why don’t you explain to everyone the “context” of why you were calling Skopians “Macedonians” to your pal “Alex Prime Minister of Greece” that claims to be a “Golden Dawn Voter”.
    “Guess his grand parents or family somewhere were done over by communists or Macedonians during the civil war or something.”

  15. ALEX, you sorry fool…..again, I have already explained this.
    Stop repeating yourself and bother to click on the link you posted, and read my comments.
    It seems you can’t read English as well as Greek.

  16. ALEX, you sorry fool…..again, I have already explained this.

    Stop repeating yourself and bother to click on the link you posted, and read my comments.

    It seems you can’t read English as well as Greek.

  17. How is a foreigner going to invest in Greece when a Greek cannot invest in Greece…
    Lets see:
    1. Greece has no land titles office
    2. Public servants only help locals foreigners are charged double or paperwork vanishes
    3.Solicitors take people’s money and fail to appear in court or receive kickbacks for matters to be delayed for years and years its a closed shop or are never heard…
    4. Apartment buildings have no building insurance and are unlicenced and uninsured
    5. Greeks who have moved abroad loose properties daily in Greece why would a foreigner even want to invest in Greece???Think about it..
    6. Greece does not have any public toilets on beaches or in the cities you have to pay for them.
    7. In fact you still cannot put toilet paper in toilets as plumbers still use 2inch pipes from 1800..
    8. Public servants are permanent employees and cannot be matter what..
    9.Major airlines have pulled out of Greece due to these problems..Lets see Thai airways and SIngapore airlines withdrew after flying to Greece for 35 years..why????
    Because staff in Greece failed to assist customers…
    It is very sad and things need to change as Greece is part of a global  economy not closed shops unfortunately…

  18. Since he doesn’t live here he doesn’t understand.  He thinks the same rules that apply to the US apply here.

    This is what is needed….but the mentality of people here also has to change!

  19. I don’t think Andy cares what you think. He reports the news and does not put his personal opinion in them. Wake up Alex…..but we all know you will never wake up.

  20.  Evie, oti kai na tou peis, ta idia kai ta idia!  Den alazei to paidaki.  Apla twra ton fountoses kai tha exoume kainourgies ekiliskeis mazi tou!

  21.  Since I am a Skopian I don’t understand.

    I claim I am a Golden Dawn voter but everytime a Skopian trolls this website trash taking Greeks I say nothing against them. I also like to defend leftists on this website.

  22. Why are you defending Andy of the USA? Don’t you claim Greeks in the diaspora “don’t understand”? And why again are you defending leftwing Andy? Don’t you claim to be a “Golden Dawn voter”? Funny how when the Skopians show up you never criticize them.

    I think you have one or two posts against communists and Skopians. It came after weeks of me pointing out you never criticize them. Back to the old routine I see.

  23. Sure you have explained. This is why I keep asking and you keep claiming you “have explained”.. .without exactly explaining.

  24.  Considering you align yourself with false flag Skopians trolling this website you are the last one who should be calling others “fools”

  25. Your knowledge of Greek isn’t fooling me Skopian.

    Rather odd you claim to support Golden Dawn….yet you’ve you’d dedicated an entire handle and obsessive over me…. the Skopians and any their communists collaborators biggest critic on this website.

    Why don’t you explain to others if  “Alex Prime Minister of Greece” is your only handle on Greek reporter troll?

  26.  I only claim that you don’t understand in the diaspora.  Everyone else does.

  27. I myself wouldn’t spend a dime investing in Greece but I try to help any honourable Greek patriots where ever I can.

    The distinction matters because I don’t want to give even a single dime to any illegals living in Greece or any leftist coward that treasonously betray their own people for Skopians or illegals. I do not see such “Greeks” as Greek (nor believe they see themselves as “real” Greeks)

    Not every one on the left is treasonous (there are some patriots there) but unfortunately even among the patriots they are silent about the treason within leftist ranks and cowardly refuse to protect our country against illegals and Skopians.

    Thus I don’t want to give a single penny to any Greek leftist. Its like feeding one’s own cancer. My general rule is shop philhellenic friendly where ever possible but make sure that if its a Greek I’m buying from they aren’t of the anti-Greek variety. Their priorities is their leftist ideology and cowardly apologizing for their foreign comrades that have clearly betrayed us to the Skopians.

  28. By “Everyone” you mean all your other handles “Orwell”. Keep up the handle swapping trollski. I esepcially love how you claim to have voted for Golden Dawn… then constantly run to their defence of Skopians.


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