Greek Space Program Gets Boost

ellhnikh-diastimiki-texnologiaA five million euros ($6.59 million) funding proposal has been approved for the Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster (si-Cluster)  by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT).

Members of si-Cluster-Greek high tech companies and research centers represent a significant proportion of the Greek research and industrial potential, in the field of space technology and applications.

The majority (59%) of the members are limited liability companies, 9% are limited companies, 14% general partnerships and 18% are of other legal form (universities, research centers, local companies).

Some 28% of the industrial members are medium-sized companies while 72% are small companies. About 11% of the industrial members have a turnover between 10-50 million, 28% between 2-10 million and 61% less than 2 million.

The economic crisis, seems to have had a rather small effect in this specialized space sector, compared to other sectors of the Greek economy, given that none of the companies were closed. Instead, some new ones were created, at the same moment that cluster exports increased over the last two years.


  1.  Actually Alex I spend about 1 hour a day on the internet.  Last night before I went to bed I responded to you.  I wake up and see about 45 emails from you…I respond to 1 of them, and you responded within 1 min……What do you do with your time?  Last time I was on here was this morning for 5 minutes (8am) and now it is 23:04….I just got on and have 58 emails most from you…

  2. This is one of the most logical and intelligent comments i’ve seen regarding Greece’s deep rooted problems. Most speak of the symptoms but not the disease itself.

    The trouble is I do not see Greece being able to impliment any of the suggested medicines you have described. Wealth in Greece is something to be taken not made, this is a difficult mentality to change.

    Free markets, people need to learn to accept the wage the work they do warrants. They then need to learn to adjust to the lifestyle that brings.

    Skilled workers like you said need to be given incentive to stay in the country. That incentive is jobs. To have jobs you need profitable companies, to have profitable companies you cannot have the government taking the profits to distribute it to those with no skills.


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