Crete, Cyprus Promote Olive Oil

oilA new olive oil products business project is going to run in Crete and Cyprus aimed at promoting foods and dishes using only olive oil.

According to an announcement of the Association of Olive Oil Producing Municipalities of Crete (SEDIK)), the business will be established under the project Improving Quality and Marketing of Olive Oil which has been approved by the CBC program between Greece and Cyprus and will be implemented by SEDIK and the Ministry of Agriculture of Cyprus.

The main aims of the project is the promotion of olive oil, foods and dishes made of it, the  improvement of the health food level in Crete and Cyprus and the boost of the competitiveness of local agricultural and tourism products made in the two regions.

Basic obligations of those involved in the project is the exclusive use of virgin or extra virgin olive oil in the preparation of every single food. The news comes as a new study based in Spain, closely following the Mediterranean diet used in Greece, and especially Crete, shows it can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke by 30 percent, and that olive oil is a key ingredient.



  1. In 40 years Greece will be exactly where it is now (assuming it still
    exists) if it continues the path of only tourism and agriculture of the
    last 40. . While promoting business is good, olive oil and cheap hotels for tourists alone are not a way for Greece to move forward. We need a focus on technology and innovation to do that.

  2. Ne Ne, we’ll cut down all the olive trees, kill all the livestock, demolish all the hotels and shops, tell people not to come to Greece anymore and put millions of people out of work  because Alex says so.

    For Greece to fully recover, ALL of it’s assets and resources need to be developed and promoted, including the technological sector. Not one industry at the cost of the others, stupid and short sighted to put all your eggs in one basket.


  3. Well dah we have to have other industries too. Clearly I am not arguing we stop producing food and start eating smartphones Sherlock.

    Only a patronizing incompetent moron won’t notice we focus too much on agriculture and tourism and not enough on technology and industry.

  4. ” For Greece to fully recover, ALL of it’s assets and resources need to be developed”

    Clearly there is enough time in the day for everything to be done. Greece can develop everything… and Choralife will do it ALL for us.  (although Choralife will probably tell us our politicians should be doing  for him)

    Small nations don’t actually have to pick industries they specialize in to be able to compete in global markets. We can do it all. This is similar to rocket scientist Choralife. When Choralife isn’t working part time picking olives and unplugging the crap out of hotel toilets he’s obviously planning the next moon mission.

  5. Child to rational parent  When I want to grow up I want to be a scientist. My dream is design a faster-than-light spacecraft.

    Rational parent to child:  That’s a  wonderful aspiration. Lets sign you up for extra physics and math courses. Maybe we could spend some time launching model rockets for fun.

    Irrational parent to child: Go pick olives and when you’re done make sure to clean the toilets of the hotel guests. It will bring you valuable experience on your journey to the stars.

  6. Well as much as we need to promote science and technology we can’t leave behind possible business ventures. Olive oil makes a lot of money so why not? That’s not to say we shouldn’t focus on anything else.

  7.  You aren’t wrong Cyp.  Of course we have to exploit what we currently have. We can’t starve to death going from where we currently are to where we wan to be. The point Striker is making (as well as I) is agriculture and tourism is all we’ve doing for decades. Short term money in lew of long term commitment to our country. Just look at most of the business related articles  on Greek Reporter. Its mostly the same tourism and agricultural crap over and over and over again. Vegetables aren’t really that interesting.

    In any case, although we are expressing it in different ways I know you agree on this lack of Greek technology issue. We all seem to be in agreement this has to dramatically change.

  8.  Thankyou, just that inanity alone proves that you are not Greek, have never been anywhere near Greece in your short life and have no idea what you are talking about but feel yourself qualified to critise none the less.

    It certainly may be how you are raised in the US but it has no bearing on the reality in Greece. Every Greek child does private tutoring lessons after school, physics, mathmatics and English being the main three subjects chosen. 

  9. Aderfe, sand which me between two Greek men & squeeze all that greasy olive oil right out of me.

  10. This is the problem aderfe’s. then these children grow up, get their ‘certificate’ and refuse to do everyday jobs such as waitressing or working in hotel. 11 million Greeks are waiting for that Engineer Manager job because its been embedded in them that they will be nobodies bitch.

    I’m a rational Greek and I am Cobone’s bitch aderfe’s. we compare weiners

  11. True Cyprus, but we need diversity in industry and new avenues in opportunities. Olive oil is fine but we need more much more than this to get out of this horrible mess.

  12. Does your “yawn” change the fact the Skopian agrees with you? Do you think he means well for Greece?


  13.  Choralife, he is an idiot.  He has never been to Greece, he doesn’t speak Greek.  He is a little spoiled kid that has his parents views from the 1980s.  He is a waste of sperm.

  14.  Not if you move to Greece and become our Prime Minister.  We will have a chance of survival with you and only you!

  15.  Hey Skopian, I thought you claimed to support Golden Dawn? Why haven’t you said a peep against blatently obvious Skopian Mental Retard Kosta that keeps trolling this website saying hateful things about Greeks?

    Don’t want to offend your fellow Skopian troller?

  16.  You keep saying the same things Skopian… while evading my point you never criticize your fellow Skopians and their communist supporters in Syriza. Why is you you constantly defend leftists and Skopians that troll this website? Rather odd claiming you support “Golden Dawn” no/

  17. Ooopsie. Sorry aderfe. I’m in love with a Skopianka that I was fantasising about acquiring her Macedonian DNA.

    Now, rub olive oil on me. I got to reek on some more Greek!

  18. Oopsie. I am A Bulgarian that likes to fantasize I have Macedonia DNA.

    “SKOPJE — A six-year long DNA research of the Balkan peoples conducted
    by Skopje Forensics Medicine Institute has showed remarkable resemblance
    among them.”


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