Crisis Pushes Greek Poverty To 31%

poorUnrelenting pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions have put 31 percent of the Greek population at risk of poverty or social exclusion in 2011, according to a report released by Eurostat on Feb. 26. According to the report’s figures, the percentage of Greeks at risk of poverty was above that of the European Union average which stood at 24.2 percent.

The report also pointed to 30.4 percent of children under the age of 18 being at risk of poverty or social exclusion, compared to the EU’s average of 27 percent. In the 18 to 64 years old age group the percentage reached 31.7 percent, compared to 24.3 in the EU, while in the senior citizen category the figure stood at 29.3 percent, compared to the EU average of 20.5 percent.

Education was a pivotal factor when determining the risk of poverty the report showed: Children whose parents had a low level of education faced a 50.2 percent risk of poverty, compared to the 49.2 percent average in the European Union.

Children whose parents had a medium level of education had a 28.7 percent poverty risk, compared to the EU average of 22.4 percent, while children whose parents had acquired a high level of education faced a 7.9 percentage of risk of poverty, compared to the EU’s 7.5 percent.

Austerity measures have worsened the country’s recession, now in its sixth year, and created a record 27 percent unemployment, some 67.1 percent for those under 25, and put nearly 1.35 million people out of work. That coincides with rising rates of homelessness and suicide. The government has almost no programs to help the poor, leaving it to NGO’s and the Greek Orthodox Church to set up soup kitchens and medical clinics to help them.

The uneasy coalition government led by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, the New Democracy Conservative party leader, has yet to act on promises to pass legislation allowing Greeks who can’t pay their bills and loans because of pay cuts of 30-40 percent to restructure them while his party and the rival PASOK Socialists owe banks some 250 million euros ($326.2 million) and haven’t paid.



  1. “Austerity measures have worsened the country’s recession,”

    A myth leftists like Andy repeat over and over again until they believe it.

    The actual mistake (among many) as overspending not austerity. The leftist’s “solution” to our problems… just keep on spending money our government doesn’t actually have… is ABSURD.  Austerity wasn’t a choice. One way or another we had to match inputs to outputs.

    Immediate cuts were the quickest way to do it. Tax cheats will also need to be caught but that takes far more time and effort. Those that see tax collection as some sort of a panacea for all our economic problems are incompetent populists. We need industry not just handouts. All the leftist money redistribution scams in the world will still add up to poverty unless we focus on it.

  2. I’m so hungry dat I now eat my pet goats poo poo & makes poo soup. I gets fresh milk from goat tit (my splurge). I eat from trash cans near tourist spots & am a street beggar.

    I still love Samaras because he no like FYROMians. Doesn’t matter if he make people starve. He save that money for spreading our true history and to remind village idiot Branko Crvenkoski how Ancient Greek we really are.

  3. This is the result of massive spending and borrowing from our inept government. Also did not help that Greeks had become complacent and appathetic. There is a deep reluctance from the public sector to reform. So they’re prolonging people’s suffering. Useless scum that is all. Especially Tsipras and his Marxists zombies.

  4.  They only time they “care” about other Greeks or patriotism is when it comes time to begging for handouts from them. The rest of the time the commies are ranting anti-nationalist anti-Hellenic extremists.

  5. The Macedonians that actually care about preserving authentic
    ancient Macedonian things (i.e. Hellenic), that live in actual
    Macedonia  clearly have nothing to do with ancient Macedonians.

    Obviously I as a Slav that lives in ancient Paeonia am the true macedonian. This is why I am anti-Greek and prefer my slavic language and culture.

    Historians around the globe know what I say is true.

    “The history of
    the construction of a Macedonian national identity does not begin with
    Alexander the Great in the fourth century B.C. or with Saints Cyril and
    Methodius in the ninth century A.D. as Macedonian nationalist historians often


    Misirkov, who had clearly developed a strong sense of his own personal national
    identity as a Macedonian and who outspokenly and unambiguously called for
    Macedonian linguistic and national separatism, acknowledged that a Macedonian
    national identity was a relatively recent historical development.”


    “The political
    and military leaders of the Slavs of Macedonia at the turn of the century seem
    not to have heard Misirkov’s call for a separate Macedonian national identity;
    they continued to identify themselves in a national sense as Bulgarians rather
    than Macedonians.” –

    US Anthropologist Loring Danforth, “The
    Macedonian Conflict: Ethnic Nationalism in a Transnational World”,
    Princeton Univ Press, December 1995

  6.  “Let us not allow the
    splits and splintering to frighten us. It is, indeed, a pity, but what can we
    do, since we are BULGARIANS and all suffer from one common disease. If this
    disease had not been present in our ancestors, from whom we inherited it, they would
    have never fallen under the sceptre of the Turkish Sultan… ”  – my letter to Nikola
    Malashevski, Jan. 5 1899

  7. That is Greek mentality.  Make $10 and spend $11.  Go to the bouzoukia and spend $300.  The smart people saved their money during the good years.  The idiots spent it all like drunken sailors.  Hopefully they enjoyed the 6 year period of fun.

  8. “We
    are Bulgarians, more Bulgarians than the Bulgarians in Bulgaria

    anyway, what sort of new Macedonian nation can this be when we and our fathers
    and grandfathers and great-grandfathers have always been called Bulgarians?”

  9.  We are Bulgarians and we always work and will work for
    the unification of the Bulgariandom.

  10. Article three of BMARC Charter (written by ethnci Bulgarian Delchev and other Bulgarians that went on to found IMRO)

    “A member of
    BMARC can be any BULGARIAN, independent of gender”

  11.  “No
    matter whether we call ourselves Bulgarians or Macedonians we shall always feel
    as a nationality with a Bulgarian national consciousness”

  12. I also love Gruevski. Doesn’t matter if my country has 30 percent unemployment and third world GDP. It is more important to build giant statues to ancient Greek historical figures to senselesly piss off our neighbours.

    You see we are deeply ashamed of our Bulgarian Heritage. So much so we prefer to pretend to be Macedonians.

  13. He’s a confirmed Skopian that trolls this website with a large number of handles (sometimes trying to portray himself as Greek) He constantly calls the Skopians “macedonians”. He’s also admitted at few times.

    Of note —  “Alex Prime Minister of Greece” (who claims to be Greek “Golden Dawn voter””agrees” with the troll sometimes. This is one (of the many reasons) that despite that he speaks Greek I think the Prime Minister is a Skopian himself (or one really really stupid greek)

  14.  It he Skopian mental retards posts sometimes seem contradictory its because he himself is being trolled by Greeks in response.

  15. Good article on what what a real troll is about.

    Essentially a troll is a sick  *sshole who obsessively harasses some individual online target to get their rocks off. For a perfect example of this one look no further than my fan the Prime Minister. He has developed a girlish crush on me (writes love letters under a wide variety of handles virtually every day for weeks on end). Even the trolls handle is devoted to me (I feel almost famous. I have my own stalker)

    There is two ways to deal with trolls. Either ignore them (the proverbial “don’t feed the trolls”) or fight back with similar tactics. Normally I would do the former. Its less work. They eventually tire themselves out talking gibberish while being ignored.  However, in this particular case most of the trolls are working for Skophe (using false flag handles trying to trick other Greeks on this website) so its worth spending some time letting other Greeks know what they are being trolled.

    When it comes to FYROM issue, my genuine suggestion is don’t trust anyone’s claims of where they are from or their ethnic roots online. (not even me). There are tons of these Skopian propagandists online pretending to be Greeks and skopians.
    The best way to judge is if they staunchly defend Greece on Skopian issue. If they don’t, or only put a token effort for show, or evade the issue, whether alleged Greek or not its all the same.. .they are anti-Hellenic.

  16. Not Greek mentality at all, but rather flawed domestic economics.

    A state without economic growth will always depend on loans. Every successive Greek government has opted the easy way out of accessing easy Global loans (which the people followed suit from their banks) as opposed to creating economic hubs in various private and public sectors which would and could help create and provide financial growth and thus allow the state to pay for, instead of borrow for, all its bills.

    Poverty and the people who continue to suffer under these extreme conditions is on the rise because austerity measures target restructuring the whole Greek economic system of collection, distribution and growth. The sacrifices today, if carried out decisively can bring Greece in line with other western socio-economic systems, that guess what, seem to work.

  17. Alex I agree that tax collection is not a panacea but rather a sign that shows no matter who your are you will pay your share of tax . But to the average person on the street before they can begin to trust what we laughingly refer to as our politicians the Tax cheats must be brought to justice quickly , I have said this before to catch a thief follow the money.
    As to your other statement ” Austerity …. is a myth ” there I dissagree borrowing money to stimulate growth is not a bad thing creating jobs is not a bad thing…. getting money from europe and distributing it to your cronies as has been the case for the last 30years and then asking pensioners to pay it back is were we are now.
    If you look at history 1930’s America was in a similar position to greece, Roosveldt’s New Deal  created jobs and in the process built infrustructure. When I look at Greece today I would like to bulldoze the whole place and start again I look at what once was a bueatiful country and has became a damp caused mainly by corruption and greed and we all let it happen , we voted for these people time after time why because there was something in it for us. Now we all have to pay or we will pay rent to who ever owns Greece.   

  18. This article title should be written to more accurately reflect what’s going.

     “Lazy whining Greeks push unemployment to 31 percent by waiting around for our politicians to feed them”

  19. I don’t agree with tax cheats (greedy unpatriotic trolls) but I see the whole tax cheating thing as mostly a circus side show issue. In the end even tax cheats are taking money they actually earned and putting in the hands of someone else that didn’t earn it.

    The much bigger issue than tax cheats is our lack of industry because of lack of productivity. And the number one reason for this is because we aren’t leveraging and innovating in technology (a task that will take decades to accomplish even if we focus on it)

    A Greek worker uncompetitive because they want too much money for what they produce. In places like China they have much lower wages. In places like Germany, they utilize technology to make up for the difference. Thus wages will remain low for as long as this continues. No amount of money reshuffling will change the basic fact that it is industry itself that creates wealth.

    As for your point about borrowing money to create wealth, I am off the beaten path on this issue. I think its fine for human beings of finite lifespan but when it comes to govenrments I do not agree with state level borrowing.

    This essentially is another way of saying a portion of all wealth and taxation in our country is a perpetual bank tax.  Were it up to me, I would draft a law that forced governments to save for rainy days. If for some reason some government broke that promise and needed to borrow to make ends meet, then elections would be immediately called. This would insure we would never have this debt problem again (which has happened serveral times before to us). Of course this would require Greeks to show some uniqueness and initiative rather than behave like the proverbial Sheeple.

    You also mention 1930s America. If you noticed they stuck with their established middle ground parties despite their mistakes and the Great depression. This is unlike the communists and nazi nations that wanted change at any cost. They evolved rather than revolted.

    I’d also note the Skopians want us to get rid of our middle ground coalition government because they know extremists like Syriza ares waiting in the wings. In the end if argue against the current status quo, without any real alternative waiting in the wings, we are effectively arguing in support of our treasonous communists. (whether that was the desired effect or not)

    Alex I
    agree that tax collection is not a panacea but rather a sign that shows
    no matter who your are you will pay your share of tax . – See more at:
    Alex I
    agree that tax collection is not a panacea but rather a sign that shows
    no matter who your are you will pay your share of tax . – See more at:

  20. No not Greek mentality at all, the age of cheap credit was/is a common western mentality with everyone now suffering as a result. Just some to a greater degree than others for different reasons. Although private spending has always been lower in Greece than the UK for instance.

  21. ·        
    Greek Lawmakers are
    criminals who make one law for the citizens, while Parlimentarians do whatever
    they want ignoring ALL the LAWS and where not one of them has been prosecuted
    or punished yet for High Crimes against the State!

    By the way— WHY hasn’t Akis Tzahadsopolous been tried yet after a year
    waiting in jail (if he really is in jail) ?? Ha! I doubt it anyway knowing how
    this corrupt coalition government works!
    There is no Justice System in Greece.

  22. PASOK and ND are totally corrupt. WHY hasn’t Akis Tzahadsopolous been tried yet after a year waiting in jail? Is how this Coalition government works? There is NO Justice in Greece!

  23. PASOK and ND are criminals who make one law for the poor citizens, while these arrogant MPs do whatever they want ignoring ALL the LAWS and where not one of them has been prosecuted or punished yet for High Crimes against the State. Venizelos got off free after hiding the Legarde List in his home to protect himself and his rich friends!

  24. In France, we are also nearly banckrupt, in Italy and Germany too, in the UK the economy is a catastrophe, so theses countries aren’t models. Even the USA is a catastrophe with millions peoples living in the street, underground (In New York for example) or in the wood (homeless regroups in the wood and create their own villages). And the reason Nr 1 for all this is corruption of the elites and big companies owners who prefer to have their countries manufactured in China and alike countries by slave workers instead of employing local people. And now with the illegal immigration policy, they have found the way to import “slaves” (=illegal immigrants) into Europe to work for low wages.
    It’s true that common people have some responsabilities in the crisis, especially since they elected theses criminal politicians but the more culprits are the politicians themselves who constantly lied about the economic situation to get elected and imported hundred of thousand of slave workers into Europe at the demand of the big companies (in the 70s-80s in France, Turks were imported on the hundred thousands by the state at the demand of the big companies and the Turks were delivered like package at the entrance of the company which had demanded their introduction into France). Also politicians refuse to reduce their number (in France, a country of 60 millions people we have more MPs that in … the USA which is a country of 300 millions inhabitants). Also French politicians are paid to high and in time of crisis they want to reduce pensions of the old peoples but they voted against reducing their own salaries and their indemnities. Also they create useless jobs just to help their friends who are out of jobs.
    Corruption is the number 1 problem because all this money badly used by the politicians could have been used to develop the European countries.

    Let’s take Germany as an example : Their official debt is 85% of GDP but their true debt is 185% of GDP, the same as … Hellas.
    That’s because the Germans don’t count in their official number the money they need to pay the pension of their old peoples and the money needed to take care of them medically. When we know that Germany is the country which is the oldest in the EU, the Germans are in a really bad situation. To solve this, they are now even trying to export/expell their older ones into poor countries.
    All the country of the EU are in a mess.
    As for France, since 2003, date where the governement definitely give up the France, the country is losing a lots of money when it comes to international trade. The € is very bad for the French economy.

    So sadly, the austerity won’t work, at least in France and in other countries because they are now societies of services. The car industry in France is in crisis, same int the USA.
    All western countries are becoming societies of services and all industries are relocated in third world countries because here workers are slaves.
    When it’s possible, we should all go back to state nationalism with borders re-implemented, local companies who produce in their country and sell their goods in their countries.

  25. It isn’t talking about 31% unemployment you idiot.  31% poverty!  You are worthless Alex…

  26.  It doesn’t matter what you think….the fact is that you are clueless about Greece, Greek people, and the world.  The only thing you relay on getting your information is from wikipedia.  If you even had an education, you would know that wikipedia isn’t a resource.

  27. Hey Skopian, don;’t you have a life beyond trolling me on GR weeks on end? Even your main handle is devoted to me. What kind of sicko devotes hours of his day to harassing a particular poster online. You aren’t just a trol. You are mentally ill.

  28. Hey the Skopian actually said something right for once. I will mark this day on my calendar.

    Now why don’t you explain why you never criticize SKopians and Syriza? Don’t you claim to support GD? Funny how you keep defending leftists and Skopians on this website. Funny how you constatnly criticize teh Greek that most points out their a Skopian false flags trolling this website.

  29. Don’t make me laugh. You aren’t even Greek. You are a Greek speaking Skopian that trolls this website pretending to be Greek. You obsess over me precisely because I called out your little game.

  30.  I, as he Prime Minister of Greece, will not say a peep about Skopians like you. Instead I will pretend I don’t notice the comments while I simultaniously claim to be a Greek that supports Golden Dawn

  31. “The sacrifices today, if carried out decisely can bring Greece in line…”

    This is quite right… and also why you are quite wrong to support tourism.

    A tourist based economy is a major mistake. Even in countries like the US too much focus on tourism is a mistake.  (see Florida that for years now has suffering massively because of that error). Most tourism jobs are essentially for low skilled workers that have no other options. Tourism workers represents failure not success.

    For an economy to thrive it needs productive workers. To create productive workers it needs technology based workers not workers serving drinks and cleaning toilets. It is precisely the workers producing technology that are the ones that are chiefly raising the standard of living of the ones who are not. We would still be living in caves if if wasn’t for those that produce technology.

    sacrifices today, if carried out decisively can bring Greece in line
    with other western socio-economic systems, that guess what, seem to
    work. – See more at:
    sacrifices today, if carried out decisively can bring Greece in line
    with other western socio-economic systems, that guess what, seem to
    work. – See more at:
    sacrifices today, if carried out decisively can bring Greece in line
    with other western socio-economic systems, that guess what, seem to
    work. – See more at:

  32. Insert. Legard list,  Akis, .  claims I support “democracy” while ranting for overthrow of democratically elected government here. I will repeat myself a few million times

  33.  Everyone on here is still waiting for you to say something correct….

  34. I love how you say “us” and “everyone” when speaking about yourself.

    Didn’t you claim to support XA dearski? “Everyone” is still waiting for you to criticize SKopians and Syriza…. rather than constantly defending leftists and Skopians posters here.

  35.  Hey Skopian… no comment towards the obvious Skopian “mental retard Kosta” below? Funny how you never criticize the blatently obvious Skopians on this website. Don’t want to criticize your fellow Skopian?

  36. “Everyone” in your Skopian vocabulary means your fellow Skopians and any Greek leftist stupid enough to buy into your manipulations. How many handles are you using on Greek reporter? Can you answer with our lying again?


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