Golden Dawn Recruiting Schoolchildren

Golden Dawn supporters give the Nazi salute as their leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, passes
Golden Dawn supporters give the Nazi salute as their leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, passes by in review

Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which has actively been recruiting high schoolers to indoctrinate them, has been giving what it calls “national awareness” lessons to elementary school students aged 6-10 to teach them “Greek ideals,” its officials have admitted.

On its website, Golden Dawn said that more than 20 children took part in a tutorial at the party’s offices in Artemida, eastern Attica, on Feb. 23, and were shown educational videos, taught the virtues of the ancient Greek gods and the Christian faith and Greek Orthodox Church.

It was not reported whether they were also taught about the party’s platform to rid Greece of immigrants and its anti-gay, anti-Semitic extremist views on religion and nationalism.

The party, which gained 6.9 percent of the vote in the June elections to win 18 seats in Parliament and is rising in popularity, said that parents were advised to bring their children at specific times to the future tutorials that would ensure the “rebirth of the Greek spirit,” the newspaper Kathimerini reported.

The vigilante far-right movement has begun spreading its anti-immigration message in schools and youth clubs, and through online social media networks, according to recent reports in the international press.

That came as a noted historian of Greece, Columbia University Professor Mark Mazower, former Prime Minister Constantinos Mitsotakis and PASOK Socialist leader Evangelos Venizelos, who is one of the partners in the coalition government headed by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, have also warned of the dangers of Golden Dawn.

The party’s Nikolaos Michaloliakos,  called Hitler “a great personality of history” and said the Holocaust that killed six million Jews and hundreds of thousands of gays, gypsies and other targets of the Third Reich never happened. He has denied supporting Nazi tenets, although Mein Kamp was on display at party headquarters.

Samaras, now the chief of the New Democracy party once headed by Mitsotakis, has yet to denounce Golden Dawn’s alleged participation in beating immigrants and pushing for blasphemy arrests, but has adopted its position against immigrants.

Teachers at a primary school in the Athens suburb of Nea Philadelphia accused Golden Dawn earlier of trying to interfere in their work after one of the party’s MPs asked the Education Ministry to investigate an art project assigned to children titled As Refugees Facing Migration.

In a statement, the teachers pointed out that Nea Philadelphia was a neighborhood populated by Greek refugees from Asia Minor. They asked for teaching unions and the Education Ministry to condemn the action of the Golden Dawn MP, who asked for educators to face disciplinary action over the project assigned to pupils.

Venizelos also called for the police to purge themselves of ties to Golden Dawn as earlier reports showed as many as half the officers support the extremists and some have been accused of looking the other way as assaults were taking place on immigrants. Venizelos said that the police must improve their “internal monitoring” to ensure that Golden Dawn does not gain undue influence in the force.

Speaking at an event organized by the Andreas Papandreou Foundation (ISTAME) in Athens last month, Venizelos also called for civil society and the justice system to become more active in opposing Golden Dawn’s actions.

The PASOK leader also said it was time for the Church of Greece to take a clear stance over Golden Dawn, repeating his belief that the party is “unconstitutional” and should be isolated. Some church leaders have openly supported the party.

Golden Dawn said Venizelos’s attack on the party was designed to attract “the praise of international usurers,” criticism apparently aimed at the country’s international lenders, the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) who are putting up $325 billion in rescue loans but have demanded harsh austerity measures in return, which are supported by Venizelos, Samaras, and the other partner in the government, the tiny Democratic Left.

Some 30,000 black-clad neo-Nazis rallied in Athens last month in support of Golden Dawn party, Reuters reported. Billed as a remembrance rally, the event was held to honor three “fallen heroes” of the party. Men dressed in military fatigues, baseball caps and swastikas lit torches and fired flares, chanting anti-immigration slogans.

“We are winning the hearts and minds of the people, because we say it as it is,” Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris told supporters. “These politicians who have ruled us for decades are crooks. They have betrayed our national interests. They have led us to humiliating defeats,” he said, referring to a 1996 dispute with fellow NATO member Turkey, when three Greek air force pilots were killed in a dispute over an Aegean island before the US intervened, forcing both sides to back down.




  1. Two times my diasporic fascist!

    Once under Metaxas when he broke his gay love with mussolini and once under the fascist junta that lost Cyprus to a Tukish Delight because of their fascists trying to overthrow Makarios! 

  2.  It has not once been “fascist” according to academics you illeterate troll.  Metaxas government (and 74 for dictatorship) are generally regards as paternal authortarian by academics.

    Non-communist dictatorship does typically not equal “fascism”. You are blabbering fool that doesn’t even know what fascism means.

  3. EU and Greece are to blame for this mess.Let’s not heap this on the Greeks completely OK. I find it hard to believe that the EU with it’s huge economic team,that YOU pay for, did not know the state of Greek finances.The Greeks were less than reliable with their numbers,but,then it is the responsibility of the EU to verify the numbers before they allow entry of the Greek state to the EU.The Greeks did what they did and today live with the consequences.The EU/IMF gave loans to Greece because they had to.Greece has financially supported  the IMF since 1945,when other countries were piss**g in the wind..hundreds of millions a year.Greece has shouldered EU payments since entering the EU.Greek payments to these organisations means they  have access to what the organisations  are for.So,don’t act like you are supporting the Greeks,they are accessing those mechanisms of funding  when they need them.That is what the EU and IMF were designed to do, and not  to support  Christine Lagarde’s lifestyle.Thanks to the US Government and people,the GreekAmericans who once again support the Greeks in need, and for forcing the EU to support the Greeks….i doubt the EU/IMF would have done anything without firm US pressure,support,leadership.

  4. “…allowing neo-nazis who actively campaign for the death of anyone who looks or thinks differently is another.”

    Any proof than GD is advocating this? 

  5. The true nature of Left exposed once again:
    In a pathetic show of hypocrisy, Anarchists have petitioned the Australian government to refuse a visa that would allow Golden Dawn parliament members to speak to Greek-Australians, as well as other Australians who have expressed interest in hearing them.
    The Anarchists claim to be against the state, as well as oppose the concept of a nation with borders, unless you’re anywhere to the “right” of Gramsci, then they become the “authoritarians”, and have no problem working with the state they claim they are going to destroy.  Anarchists in Greece are working with the elites to save their own hides, as they know the people of Greece are sick of their terrorist acts and murders against innocent people. Even pregnant women are not safe from these vicious drug addled thugs, as seen in the Marfan bank murders where the Anarchists stood around and laughed as innocent people they bombed burned to death!
    They call us authoritarians, but how have street Anarchists and Communists behave when they are out of their straight jackets?!
    The most surprising of all is the specific racist intent of this petition. Individuals and political views from around the world, including Albanian ultra-nationalists, have spoken in Australia before, unhindered.  The Australian Zionist Federation holds influence over the Australian government that has no equal. All sorts of lobbies that put their own ethnic group above all operate freely in Australia, sometimes imposing their beliefs on others, yet they are not subject to racist cultural Marxist attacks,  but Greeks cannot have an office which has expressed 0 interest in Australian politics, instead they seek to spread awareness about events in Greece, as well as collect aid for the poor.

    The Anarchist street enforcers of Syriza, Pasok, and the World Bank will not hinder the spread of the Hellenic ideal.  The Greeks around the world are awake!

  6. You silly fascist, why would you want fascist thugs in your moderate host country!

    These fascist pigs are as evil and dangerous as any anarchist I’ve eve seen!

    Wake up to your self!

  7. Claiming that fascism is somehow less pretentious than communism is incredibly naive!

    They are both born from the same ideological seed of totalitarianism!

    Its beside the point that you would find non-white fascists or communists!

    Ideologies create extremists not skin colour, ethnicity, or nationality!

    Time to learn more my diasporic fascist!

  8. This type of fascism portrayal is incredible!

    You idolize these fascist people who use violence on innocent men, women, and children!


  9. But you “anti-fascists” somehow always wind up defending Communism. See Spanish Civil War and the still ubiquitous Che T-shirt. You know Che had great fun with firing squads. 

  10. But you “anti-fascists” somehow always wind up defending Communism. See Spanish Civil War and the still ubiquitous Che T-shirt. You know Che had great fun with firing squads.  – 

  11. No Savas, YOUR idol. It’s you hard-leftists, communists and muslims who fought alongside Jacob Hitl*r and his na*zi army in WWII … while the Hellenic Nationalists decided to fight against the German n*zi army and the italian fashist TO PROTECT THEIR HOMELAND.

    Now more and more peoples doesn’t trust your lies anymore when you say you had-leftists resisted against the Germans while in fact Stalin and Hitl*r were ALLIED until the alliances changed.
    If Greece wouldn’t have been attacked by Italian fashists and if A. Jacob Hitl*r wouldn’t have attacked the Russians, you hard leftists and others communists probably would have stayed allied with your n*zis friends until the end of the war, just like the free muslim countries.
    So when you hard-leftists call others peoples “fashists” it makes no senses.
    Also you should praise your belgian leftist colleagues who have organized some events with the Turkish MHP (Turkish ultranationalists). Nice job, man, Nice job.

  12. That may be, but somehow only the anarchists have managed to burn innocent workers alive.   I hear South Africa and Angola want skilled immigrants, you’ll be safe from fascists there. 

  13. “…allowing neo-nazis who actively campaign for the death of anyone who looks or thinks differently is another.” – 
    You didn’t answer my question when I asked if GD is actually advocating this. I think you are a Communists/Anarchist masquerading as a liberal useful idiot. 

  14. “Who use violence on innocent men, women and children!”

    Nice portrayal of the hard-leftists, anarchists and communists from Greece, Savas !

    Sure when anarchists regularly attack banks and stores with automatic weapons and don’t hesitate a second to kill (see the courageous taximan shot to death by anarchists in Paros just because he saw them commit a hold-up).

    Let’s also not forget the 3 banks employees (including a pregnant woman) killed in their banks by leftists who launched 1 molotov coktail against the bank and when the employees tried to flee, another one to block the exit of the bank so they can’t flee.

    And many more like when anarchists tried to escape prisons with a crime lords or the very recent hold up (another one) of 4 anarchists (thoses who have been beaten by the police)

    Indeed the violence of the left is despicable.

  15. All what I said here can be easily verified …
    That’s why you are forced to answere with empty air.
    And once again, your leftist program and ideas are amazing …

  16. Racism and bigotry aren’t values. Teach the kid real Greek values and the quotes will be removed.

  17. Brainless? That’s actually the impression I’ve gotten of you. Nobody’s transformed any words. Some people are just tolerant. That’s a positive thing, you see.

  18. Teaching them to hate themselves and injecting the artificial illness of White guilt is not what I’d call “real Greek values”. Would I be correct in assuming that you have this illness of White guilt yourself?

  19. Your version of History is the Politically Correct, Leftist version that teaches them to feel guilty for being White and Greek. I believe you suffered from the same “education” and that is why you hate White people so much and want them exterminated.

  20. Savas is a Semitic supremacist who hates White people yet lives in a White country and sucks up all our money.

  21. A bunch of hypocrites the Golden Dawns are. They sit there and proclaim unification of all Greeks and they refuse to allow Greek teachers to teach children about the Greek Genocide and expulsion which as well as over 1 million Anatolian Greeks (Including Pontic and Cappadocian Greeks) killed and over 2 million overs expelled which most were forced to go to Greece. It defeats the purpose of promoting Greek history and culture when those radical fascists supress our Pontic, Cappadocian and Anatolian culture!

  22. So suddenly he’s a Greek from Palestine and you say he’s not Greek. Hey let me tell you something, I’m of Pontic Greek background that migrated from Ottoman Empire due to expulsion, does that mean I’m not Greek?


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