Political Refugees’ Happy Homecoming

exhibitionThe exhibition Happy Homecoming … -Greek Communities of Political Refugees in Eastern Europe, will be hosted in Thessaloniki from March 2-22, 2013, at the Yeni Tzami.

The exhibition follows the course of the political refugees after the Greek Civil War ( 1946- 1949), as well as their settling in parts of Eastern Europe, such as Uzbekistan, Hungary, Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Romania and Bulgaria.

The exhibition is organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki in cooperation with the Hellenic Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy. It presents aspects of the lives of political refugees in several fields such as work, sports and festivities, the daily life and spiritual creation, based on information of this period.

The exhibition was based on evidence such as digital reproductions of photographs, newspapers, documents, magazines, books, art works, letters and handwritten notes, which was found in the Greek Literary and Historical Archive, the Greek Communist Party and Educational center/Library-archive Charilaos Florakis, The Contemporary Social History Archives, Diplomatic and Historical Archives of the Foreign Ministry, the Greek Political Refugees Association Taskendis-Collection of Simoni Zafeiropoulou, the Educational Foundation of the National Bank, the Greek Red Cross, the Teloglion Foundation of Arts,the National Greek Radio Television ERT, ET-3 and the National Audiovisual Archive , the Library of the Parliament and several other political associations.



  1. We should never have let back in the communists after they murdered Greeks. Communists are once again betraying Greece for IMRO and foreign “comrades” (who don’t give a damn about them but they are too deluded to realize it – See Syriza’s support of illegals and propagandists in FYROM)

  2. Don’t worry, Salim, Alex doesn’t want to hurt communists or hard-leftists.
    And since you muslims seems to love the leftists so much (even if polls in countries like France shows otherwise), know that they will be very soon kicked out of the whole Europe by the nationalists and sent directly to the islamic countries of their choice (in your company of course since you are an invader)
    Then perhaps you illegal muslims will be able to prove yourself worthly and manage to change theses degenerates persons (as many of you call your leftist “allies”) into normal persons who care about their peoples, their countries and who know ? About their Religion. I’m sure you can do it, Salim. Good luck.

  3. “Alex doesn’t want to hurt communists or hard-leftists.”

    I believe me I do. I would shoot these evil treasonous anti-Hellenic trolls myself if I gave into my basier insticts. They are fortunate I believe in law and order and democratic rule not vigilatism (unlike the lawless leftist rioters that terrorize out homeland on a regular basis)

    If a civil war broke out again though, and Greeks start to die because of them, the rules would change.

    Bullets to the head to any wannabe ethnic cleansers of greeks, or any that collude with them, would then be the appropriate method of discussion.

    – for the NSA spies

  4.  Greeks have kicked the communists asses before. We can do it again if push comes to shove. In the end most Greeks will chose their country over your communist cult

  5. There are many nice moderate Muslims that exist along with the Islamo-fascists trying to spread Shiara.  Your comment only helps to stereotype you and your fellow Arabs as suicide bombers. 

    Your constant hateful anti-Greek comments makes you an  embarrassment to Arabs everywhere.  If you hate Greeks so much Salim just move back to your homeland in the middle east and leave the greek people alone. There is plenty of Arab countries for you to live in. There is only one tiny region in the world for Greeks.

  6. XD Alex, sorry, my mistake, I knew you hate them but I didn’t know you hate them so much ;))
    Me I don’t want to hurt hard-leftists and anarchists, I just want to force them to assume the politics they precognize. I want to force them one way or the others to live with the criminal illegal immigrants that they support against our families and to force the children of the hard-leftists to go to school with the children of the illegal muslim immigrants.
    When theses rich hypocrites who give lessons to the common peoples from their safe neighborood will have gypsies camps in their district as well as illegal immigrants who deal drugs, rape, steal, ect … near where they an their children live, then we will see if they keep talking the same crap.

    I bet most of the leftists will do like the Pasok voters of Corinthe who demonstrated WITH the members off Golden Dawn against the state who wanted to put illegal immigrants into a deserted military barrack.

    To understand how many leftists think it’s very simple : When their families or themselves don’t suffer but the common peoples suffer because of leftist politics, the leftists critics the commin peoples, call them racists, fashists, arrogants, ect …. BUT if it’s their own families who are suffering from the same situation, the leftists complain and want immediate deportation of the illegal troublemakers who threaten them and their children. What a bunch of HYPOCRITES.

  7. You are so f*cking stupid you not only don’t know mean of “fascism” (confusing the term with dictatorship) but don’t even realize I am not a Golden Dawn supporter. 

  8. Well, Alex is supporting Samaras so he isn’t a Goldendown fashist. Same for me, I don’t support GD but ANEL.
    So me, him and many others aren’t GD supporters but the only choice I would have would be to choose between Syriza or Golden Dawn, I would rather elect Golden Dawn than this treasonous pseudo-left (in reality liberal-center and Pasok 2.0)  party named Syriza.

    That’s my position, whether you or anybody else like it or not.

  9. In a civl war type situation, given no other option between Syriza or Golden Dawn I too would take Golden Dawn hands down.

    At least once the treasonous anti-Hellenic communist fanatics were all killed or ejected from Greece (again) we could go back to democracy. (as happened after teh civil war when communists ended up praying to communist dictators and we formed a democracy)

    That said, I don’t see how chosing specific symbolism they know foreigners and leftists are going to twist into “neo-Nazi” rhetoric helps Greece. XA  would have far more support if  they had stuck to the patriotism and left out the salutes and “subhuman” comments.

    If some in XA breaks the law, much like any other Greek, the should go to jail but the vast majority of XA are patriots and should not be overly criticized for trying their best to defend the Greek people.

    Only when foreigner bigots start criticizing the Skopian crypto-Nazis threatening the greek people should we take their criticism of XA more seriously.  (including the self-righteous foreign NGO lowlifes that collaberated with the Skopians and now pretend not to notice them to hide their mistake) I

    f someone wants to go to war with Greeks, we have to be preparing to fight it. Hit their interests as they try to hit ours (but be quiet about it)

  10. Please my goldendawn fascist, you made it clear many times!

    As for the fascists junta dictatorship that used Hitler, Mussolini, and Metaxas as their mentors one can only say wake up fascists!

  11. I made that “clear” that I support facism trollski? Or please pray tell point us all to the line where I say I support facism you pretentious patronizing idiot.

    Metaxas isn’t classed as a “fascist” by actual academics you clueless moron. Paternalist authoritarian. Only leftist idiots call him fascist. (like they call anything else that isn’t left “fascist”) METAXAS GOVERNMENT FOUGHT FACSIST./

    I can hardly wait to here more of you hitlerium ad nausium.

  12. Obviously the academics you refer to are fascists!


    In the wider world, though, Metaxas was a well known fascist who together with his bedfellow Mussolini would have created a new imperial southern Europe.

    But unfortunately for metaxas, he didn’t know that Mussolini wanted to use Greece as the sewer for fascist incursions into Albania.

    The rest is history, Metaxas said no to his once upon a time bed-lover and they went their gayful ways! 

  13. Sure, when ones is short on arguments he reacts like you 😉 Ah Savas it sure was very funny to see theses Pasok Socialist voters demonstrated in Korintos with the Nationalists of GD in opposition of the governement who wanted to use a military barrack nearby to host some illegals.
    You who always speak about nazis and vomit, You should be happy because this was indeed a Socialist-Nationalist demonstration (thanks to leftist hypocrites who like illegals BUT only when it’s not in their neighborood and far from their children ;))

    This syndrom has even an name you know. It’s called “Not in my backyard”.
    Really, What a bunch of hypocrites the leftists are.

  14. we should love human beingswhether if he /she is a refugees or a Greek citizens because majority of Greeks sorry not all Greeks loves their dogs more than human being so please human beings are far more better thandogs