Greece Writes Off $57B For Tax Cheats

tax officeUnder intense pressure from its international lenders, the Greek government said that after breaking repeated promises to do so, that this time it will chase tax cheats who owe 55.5 billion euros ($72.2 billion,) although the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said 80 percent, or about $57.7 billion, can’t be collected because the debts are too old, companies have gone out of business, or for other reasons.

With tax revenues falling far short of expectations despite big tax hikes because austerity measures have made Greeks slow spending almost to a standstill – retail sales fell 32 percent in January, during an annual sales period offering discounts up to 80 percent – the government is desperate to find cash wherever it can and said it will finally start focusing on going after those who haven’t paid.

Expired debts are being placed into two groups, the newspaper Kathimerini reported, those that can be repaid and those that cannot, so that the monitoring mechanism can focus on cases that will bring quicker results and bolster state revenues. This is included in a draft law prepared by the Finance Ministry concerning the capital market.

As an incentive for tax cheats to pay what they owe, their fines will be reduced 80 percent, the government said, while other Greeks who have been paying taxes but can’t because of pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions will still have to pay 100 percent of what they owe, including doubled property taxes put into electric bills under threat of having power turned off for non-payment. Income taxes have also been doubled for those who pay them.

Uncollectible debts will enter a special file for 20 years and will then be written off, unless debtors are found to have assets, which would lead to the reopening of their cases, although critics said that’s unlikely because it takes up to 10 years to prosecute a tax cheat and the country’s financial crimes squad (SDOE) is in disarray, while some tax inspectors don’t have offices, computers, or desks and rely on Dickensian methods of stacking paper files in supermarket baskets or piling them on the floor.


  1. The Greek political system has been broken since its inception in 1974. No amount of incentive proposal can bring the dishonest to disclose the honest accountability of their assets.

    Samaras’ coalition would be aware of this, as they are these same peoples’ representatives!

  2. Alex Prime Minister of Greece has gone missing and you suddenly have showed up trolling me and arguing against the government.  Are you sure you are Greek Savas?

  3. the Greek government said that after breaking repeated promises to do so, that this time it will chase tax cheats – See more at:
    “the Greek government said that after breaking repeated promises to do so, that this time it will chase tax cheats “the Greek government said that after breaking repeated promises to do so, that this time it will chase tax cheats – See more at:

    This article reads as if it was writen by a 12 year old communist propagandist. The government has never stopped going after tax cheats you narratiing idiot. Its just that it hasn’t been effective at it. Our current government is trying to change that but it will take years to achieve.

  4.  Sorry I have been gone for 2 days Alex…but I have a life outside of here, we all know you don’t and are always on here.

  5. The coalition government is bullsh *it.  They will never go after tax cheats, because they are part of the tax cheats!  We need a Papadopoulos type back on top! 

  6. You keep taking about “we”. Who is :”we”? Your Skopian pals and any Greek enough to fall for you false flags games here?

    Busy with your other handles methinks. or do you deny having them? Surely we all beleive :Alex Prime Minister of Greece” is your only handle on Greek Reporter.. and tht you vote for GOlden Dawn…while meanwhile never criticizing Skopians for weeks on end. Makes sense.

  7. Of course you don’t want our coalition government because you are a Skopian trying to undermine it n the hopes communist Syriza win.

  8. What you just said to my response really made sense….here I am talking about bringing in someone like Papadopoulos…and in your small little brain that means Syriza….ths mana sou to mouni prepi na eixe kati otan vgikes, den eksigite allios.

  9. How do you expect to raise revenues when the Greek politicians themselves have done nothing for 6 years..Of course these companies have closed down and started new ones…
    The politicians themselves gave these companies 6 years to re organise themselves..
    What is sad that we are in the year 2013 and the Greek taxation office still logs everything on paper and has no auditor general’s office that reports to parliament…
    Permanent employment is still in place and laws have not been amended to change this..And then they wonder why Greece is where it is..What a waste of an education and time that these Greek politicans studied at Harvard in the USA and other great universities????

  10. Dear Trollski,

    Saying you want illegals out…or claiming you are Greek that supports Golden Dawn… of criticizing leftist in the coaltion government…. or claiming you support Papadopoulos…or analogizing yourself to the “kkk… are ALL different things than criticzing Skopians and their supporters in second place communist Syriza (who will win the next election if Samaras loses power)

    We are still waiting to see your posts criticizing Skopians who are not only trying to annex 1/3 of our country but trying to DELETE the Greek people.

  11. You poor diasporic fascist! You are really in turmoil, aren’t you!

    Confusion can become part of a fascist state!
    Goldendawn fascist pigs love brainwashing but it does have side-effects!

  12. I am not a fascist… but you are a treasonous coward.

    All you keep saying is facisism,facisismfacisismfacisismfacisismfacisismfacisismfacisismfacisismfacisismfacisismfacisismfacisismfacisismfacisismfacisism.

    Aside from the fact you are too much of moron to bother to notice I said I don’t support fascism …you are BORING to listen to. You sound like a 12 year old yourself. I am falling asleep listening to all you cliches.

  13. Hey trollski,

    Don’t you claim to be against Golden Dawn? Why aren’t you (or Choralife) criticizing “Alex Prime Mininister of Greece”? He claims to have voted for GOlden Dawn. Why not show a little rational consistancy for a change?

  14.  You are so funny criticizing me as “fascist”… when I support democratic rule and dont vote for Golden Daqwn.

    Also funny is how you say nothigna bout “Alex prime Miniser of Greece”… who claims to vote for Golden Dawn (which you claim is “fascist” right?)

    Stop suppotring “Fascism” Savas. Speak out against the prime minister.

  15. Hey trollski, no comment towards  Alex Prime minsiter of Greece? He claims

    – wants illegals out
    – support GD
    – wants a dictatorship in Greece

  16.  Lol, it looks like Alex missed you. Although judging from Alex’s tantrums across this place yesterday, the child obviously craves attention.

  17. LOL! I was gone 2 days and I find over 200 responses from ONLY him!  I asked to meet him and he asked me for my name.  I told him my real name Alex Georgoulis and now he still won’t meet me.  I thought he would! LOL!!

  18. Hey Skopian you are capable of learning . You didn’t call response in the comments section “emails” again.

    You may have told me that is your real name, but we both know it isn’t.. You like to lie. Still waiting to see your posts criticizing Skopians and their communist supporters in Syriza Mr. Golden Dawn.

  19. So you support Savas now… who says he is anti-golden Dawn and that Golden Dawn are “fascists”?

    I thought you claimed to support Golden Dawn Mr. Prime Minister?

  20.  Alex, think what you want to think….you can put this to rest by showing up to the address that I gave you… the ticket to Greece to expensive for you?

  21. Your whole existence is dedicated to me troll. Day in day out for weeks you’ve been trolling me Even your very handle was created for me. You have no life other than me.


  22. I am not interested in your continued destractions Skopian. I am interested in seeing your posts criticitizing your fellow Skopians and their supporters in Communist Syriza.

    Still waiting….

  23. Hilarious. Savas claims GOlden Dawn are fascists and is anti-Golden Dawn.. and you claim have voted for GOlden Dawn. Best friends! Makes sense.

  24. They will go and blame this on immigrants as well.

    Can be expected from a country that sent volunteers to join in the Srebrenica massacre.


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