Greek Church, Solidarity Donate Heating Oil

apostoliWith winter drawing to a close and many Greeks still waiting for oil subsidies unlikely to come before it ends – and unable to afford heating fuel because of big taxes imposed by the government – more than 79,000 liters (20,870 gallons) has been donated y the philanthropic organization of the Archdiocese of Athens, named Solidarity, or Apostoli.

It is aimed at supporting remote areas of Northern Greece which are dramatically affected by the unemployment and helping people living in areas with a very heavy winter. The government provides subsidies for those who can’t afford the high cost of oil but hasn’t paid it in many cases.

The project of  Solidarity is supported by funding from the Archdiocese of America and the International Humanitarian Organization International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC.) Officials from both the two organizations had recorded the needs of every region and particularly the border areas where the price of heating oil has been increased by 35-40% and the decline in consumption exceeded 50% because people couldn’t afford to buy it.

In the last 10 days the heating oil has been shared from Konitsa to Komotini, to social institutions of 15 counties. The Non-Governmental Organization Solidarity was established in 2002 on the initiative of the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Christodoulos, with the objective of supporting socially sensitive groups, regardless of nationality or religion.

The Church of Greece, as the oldest body for humanitarian work in the country, supports Solidarity with its extensive network of volunteers and with the valuable experience that it has accrued until today, through its continuing work in society.

During a crushing economic crisis caused by pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions, the government has left it up to the church and NGO’s to help the poor. Two college students died from carbon monoxide poisoning in the city of Larissa after bringing a barbeque into their apartment to keep warm, officials said.


  1. Wow. An article by leftist Greek reporter not analogizing the Greek church to Nazis or the Taliban..

    This is the same greek church that does a massive amount of charty work while our far leftist whiner produce and give essentially nothing but endless self-righteous speeches about the poor, pensioners and workers.

  2. The Greek church should pay a flat rate of tax of 30% on all of its income and land tax on all property held except churches…But we all know that this will never ever happen…
    Greece needs to survive and prosper not rob the poor whilst the rich get away with everything..
    The greek church should return all funds it took under the vatopedi deal…But we all know taht this will never happen..

  3. For all its flaws, If it wasn’t for the Greek church, Greece would not exist as a state. We would still be part of the Ottoman empire.

  4. For a group to stay together require common points of interest. Language, culture,  religion, poiltics,etc. It doesn’t have to be exact match on every one but if one destroys all the connections, then the group will no longer be coehesive. This is why secular Jews still respect their rabbis even if most aren’t religious. It a bond of culture, history and identity.
    Albeit I am not religious, I support the Greek church precisely because they are one of the few avenues Greek relate to each other as specifically Greeks. It is a Greek only institution and a very very old one at that.  Until other conduits of communication arise to adequte replace it, that are concerned with Hellenism, would be a mistake to undermine it.
    For a thousand years our christian greco-Roman ancestors fought to preserve our language and ancient Greek works (after the early latins christians tried to delete it). The stubborness of some Greeks not to change, while it can sometimes be a negative, it sometimes can be a good stubborness too. Even with the mess its currently we should be all glad Greeece is still Greek not “Solun” or “Uskub or “Istambul”
    All Greeks that care about Greece, owe our church a debt. In addition, a modern Greek priest is infiniately more useful to protecting Hellenic cultural themes than a  treasonous leftist obsessed with multiculturalism  (i.e. Imperialism under a new name)

  5. The Greek church is as despicable as the fascists on this site!

    They are in bed with the politicians get paid by the state and on top of that there is no separation between state and religion.

    To think we could have a western democracy is out of the quesiton when the church has a say in state affairs. Absolutely despicable!

    Greece is a modern day theocracy run by incompetent politicians and many black clad fascist priests who are themselves surviving on state funds topped up by robbing properties, etc. from innocent small land-holders to further their own self-interests.

    Show me a poor priest and I’ll show you a non-fascist…..

  6. Peoples like you really don’t understand the situation Savas … You hate so much religion and religious peoples that you go as far as to support Islam to counterbalance the local Greek Orthodox Religion and to hurt Religious Orthodox … which is exactly what the leftists did in France and now France is a mess thanks to this stupid politics.
    Thanks to this, little by little, France is becoming an islamic state : Now the muslims are forcing the French state to pay for new mosques otherwises they commit violents street protests.
    Also they ethnically cleanse whole areas by forcing the local French peoples and local commerce to leave and they replace them with their own.
    In southern-Est France they threatened local vendor to not sell porks and alcohol in their stores, they made pressure on the state with the help of the useful idiots named antiracists until islamic traditions are “respected” and now nearly all the meat we ate in France are Halal and pork is banned from most school lunches ect … Also most attacks against gays and non-rich jews who live in poor neighborood in France are committed by muslims.
    And all this thanks to the kind of politics you preconigze.
    If you can, go visit Northern Marseille and Paris region and you’ll see the mess. But not only here, big parts of cities like Lyon or Lille are a catastrophe and even in some small cities the situation has became difficult.

    Removing the Catholic Church to put Islam which is more totalitarian in it’s place is what your idiot leftists colleagues achieved and this was a plain stupid ideas with desastrous consequences for France. Now there are more and more veiled women in the street and some of them fully veiled (Even if it’s forbidden).
    You can call everbody who disagree with your idiotic leftist view a fashist but it’s not theses “fashists” who will attack you if you drink your ouzo or kiss your girlfriend in the street … but the muslims they will when they will have enough power (In Belgium, muslims have dumped the leftists in the region where their fellow muslims are the majority and they have now their own islamic party : Islam which has won seats).
    To please Turkish immigrants, the Belgium left even went as far as to collaborate with the Turkish MHP (Turkish ultranationalists).

    Well, at least it’s funny now to see that many religion-hater leftists who supported islam against religious Christians are beginning to be more and more worried about how the situation is evolving.

    Also French politicians don’t know what to do because 3rd-4th generation muslims are more and more religious thant the generation before and are only interested about their country of origin and islam, not much about France (which for many they hate because it’s an infidel land full of degenerate peoples like the leftists) even if they know only this country.

    Anyways, now that the politicians have let the muslims occupy the streets to pray (because they want their voice for the next elections), the Catholics have begun to do the same (street prayers and protest against blasphematory films or pieces of theater).

    Because of supporting Islam, a minority religion (in the 70-80-90 which is now officially the 2nd religion and growing) to weaken/destroy the Catholic Religion which they hated, your French leftist colleagues have permit the Religion to come back to France in Full Force but now instead of having one main Religion, we have 2 main Religions in France and members of theses 2 Religions don’t get along with each others (often muslims degrade churches and fine tranches of pork are now regulary sent to muslim mosques by letters to annoy the muslims).

    This is indeed a DESPICABLE situation that your idiot leftist colleagues managed to do in France (or should I call my second country FRANKISTAN ?) by supporting Islam against the Catholic Religion so don’t do that in Greece, you idiot because you will create another Kosovo.

  7.  Greece must stay an Orthodox lands because 96% of our countrymen are Orthodox (practicing or not isn’t very important, it’s just a cultural imperative).
    As contrary a country like France should become Atheist because for the moment it’s mostly populated by Atheists (but in 20-30 years it should perhaps become muslim or catholic depending of the situation).

    Like you say, what is important is homogeneity when it comes to culture : Language, Religion (or Atheism), politics, … otherwise it explodes like Yougoslavia, Sudan, Libya (now), Egypt (regulary there are big troubles involving muslims and Coptics), Nigeria (between muslims and Christians), ect …

    Thoses who want to make peoples who have a different culture live in the same country are criminals. PERIOD.

    Multiracial states can works and lasts but multicultural states are bound to fall because there aren’t national unity or solidarity (because peoples haven’t the same culture so they tend to support only their community whatever measures the states try : See Turkey).

  8. “otherwise it explodes like Yougoslavia, Sudan, Libya (now), Egypt (regulary there are big troubles involving muslims and Coptics), ”

    Exactly right. Our leftits fail to understand they are creating the conditions for future Yugoslav style conflict within Greece if we dont’ protect our borders.  Greek leftists in the diaspora (like Andy) confuse the American situation with the Balkan situation. The reason why it works in American is because essentially everyone is non-native (thus less factional fighting over territory). American identity is also not an ethnicity it is a citizenship. To do the same in Grece would be equal to commiting ethnic suicide. (which is what the Brits are currently doing with multiculturalism– exactly why the Scots want out)

  9. Everyone is a “fascist” to Savas. I don’t really think he knows what the word means. He is just using it as slander to describe anything outside his politics.

  10. “Greece is a modern day theocracy”

    Wrong. Greece is a democracy.

    “The Greek church is as despicable as the fascists on this site”

    There no fascists on this site other than the Skopian trolls you sound like.

  11. Essentially what morons like Savas want to do (assuming he is Greek for a moment which is quite plausibly not the case) is turn Greece into places like the US.  They use words like  “globalization”, “human rights”, “minorties”, multiculturalism, “racism” which are all imperialist code words for “We are going to replace indigenious populations in your country…. with non-indigineous ones from ours”.

  12. Hilarious. leftist t Troll “Savas” (possibly also a Skopian ) has rush to correct the Greek Reporting printing error in not mention Greek church and “fascism” in the same sentence.

    Savas wrote  “The Greek church is as despicable as the fascists on this site!”

  13. Back to using me handle troll?

    So tell us are you Greek now? Did you forget you claimed you were German?

  14. Alex Prime minister of Greece .Where are you? Don’t you claim to support Golden Dawn under your prime minsiter handle? Why aren’t you criticizing Savas who claims to be against Golden Dawn Mr. Skopian Prime Minister?

    And Savas.. why aren’t you crticizing Mr. Prime Minister who claims to support Golden Dawn? I thought you claimed to be against GOlden Dawn?

    Your silence towards each others contridicting views only makes is seem you are either illogical inconsistent patronzing morons or some sort of crypto-fascist Skopians under false flag handles. Which is it?

  15. To repeat my diaspoic fascist!

    The Greek church is as despicable as the fascists on this site!

    They are in bed with the politicians get paid by the state and on top of that there is no separation between state and religion.

    To think we could have a western democracy is out of the quesiton when the church has a say in state affairs. Absolutely despicable!

    Greece is a modern day theocracy (like Iran) run by incompetent politicians and many black clad fascist priests who are themselves surviving on state funds topped up by robbing properties, etc. from innocent small land-holders to further their own self-interests.

    Show me a POOR priest and I’ll show you a NON-fascist…..

  16. Sad are you lot who roam the halls of fascism backing corrupt orthodox priests who live off the poor!

    Theocratic Greece can’t progress economically when you have incompetent leaders in bed with bearded black clad priests who determine and advise on political issues.

    As your goldendawn fascist party have the blessing of the orthodox church so too will many people turn away from this two faced institution that hands out with the one hand and beats the poor with the other!

    Despicable fascists!

  17. read above my diaspoic fascist as the comment to adde ges for you too!

    It seems all fascists like priests are inherently two faced!  

  18. “Theocratic Greece can’t progress economically”.
    Well, Atheist Germany and especially Atheist France are going down economically so the economic problem isn’t linked to the Religion.
    Also perhaps you haven’t understood my point of you : I want each countries to be homogeneous when it comes to CULTURE AND PRACTICES to avoid civil wars like in Yougoslavia. And as I have already said : I support secularism in France because for the moment Atheists are the biggest number so it would be easiest to have an homogeneous Atheist France that a Catholic or a Muslim homogeneous France.
    On the other hand I support the Orthodox Church in Greece because if we don’t count the invaders, but only the natives and the legal immigrants (for example the coptic and the Orthodox lebanese refugees) Greece is 96% Orthodox Christian.
    I support homogeneity to avoid Yougoslavia style wars in Europe. That’s my position.

    Also you on the other hand you abehave like an extremist who want everybody to become Atheist like you.
    Explain me, what is the difference between you and Religious Orthodox, Muslim or Jews ?
    You behave like them. You want peoples to embraces your beliefs that they aren’t any Gods exactly like the Religious Christians, Muslims and Jews want others to embraces their beliefs too.
    You behave like a Religious who make proselytism to convert peoples to your beliefs Savas. That’s what I don’t like.
     I don’t want the whole word to be Greek-Orthodox, I just want that each population have their own place to practice their culture, religion, ect … in peace. That’s just what I want.

  19. And I repeat you slanderous dirtbag I am not a “fascist’. The fact you lie and lie by standering anyone that disagrees with you as a “fascist” only shows what a dispicable scumball you are.


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