Qatar’s Emir Buys Islets Near Ithaca

    imagesGreece seems to be in very close collaboration with the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, while in search of investments that will bring in more cash. So far, local news agencies report that the Emir has already bought the islet Oxya and five more in the Ionian Sea.

    Yiannis Kassianos, Mayor of Ithaka, an island in the Ionian complex, told Mega TV channel that the small island of Oxya has been purchased by the Emir against 4.9 million euros. Kassianos said that the Emir has spent another 3.5 million euros on five more islets nearby. According to the mayor, Oxya is an islet of 4,200 acres and the sum of the other five islets is 1,600 acres.

    Both Oxya and the smaller five islets are privately owned and administrative parts of Ithaca. Kassianos expressed his satisfaction over the Emir’s investments and added that he will be declared  honorary citizen of Ithaca. Oxya islet is part of the Echinades complex and is located at the mouth of Acheloos river opposite Astakos on the mainland.

    According to Ithaca’s mayor, the Emir has also promised to develop a plan to bring water from Astakos to Ithaca.


    1. Arabs will never forget when Greece helped take the PLO out of Lebanon Greek ships rescued The Palestinian liberation organzation from Lebanon in 1982. As a Greek who was born in Palestine I know Arabs are Greece only true friends.

    2. Arab peoples are Brothers with us but everyone who is muslims are brothers with Turks who are enemies of Greece.
      As for Arab governements, most of them like Qatar leaders are traitors to the Arab peoples.
      To give you an example Salim, Qatar financed the Israeli Likoud party (israeli far-right) in the last election … So how can the Qatar Emir be our and your friend ?

      Now for Muslim Arabs, as long as they live in their home countries, we support them (because they are Arab).
      For the Orhodox Arabs and the Arabs who want to become Greek Orthodox, they are welcomed in Greece as our fellow countrymen (excepted by the ultranationalists of course).

      Now for the islands, I strongly oppose to sell OUR islands to any private persons or foreign states, even if it was a friendly state (excepted perhaps Serbia).
      Islands must be leased even for a long period but not SOLD. It belongs to the Greek peoples, not to the politicians and so the governement hasn’t the right to sell something which belongs to the peoples.

    3. Well Qatar is coming to help Greece because for years Greece supported the Palestinians on several occasions it is a fact some of my Palestinian friends told me in Palestine there is no difference between Christian Palestinian or Muslim Palestinian and there is no way Qatar finanaced the Likud party are you stupid

    4. Now prostitution will thrive and the economy will florish…Greece will get over recession and soon…

    5. I’m not stupid, Salim. This info mades quite a fuss. Here is for you :

      Syria: Israel, Tzipi Livni “Qatar has offered $ 3 million to Netanyahu”

      And there is nothing to be surprised here.
      After all, in the past to counter the Palestinian Fatah movement, Israel funded the Islamist Hamas movement.
      Even the USA, they funded the Talibans to fight the Russian and this was recognized by Hilary Clinton herself :

    6. Yeah it might be true because Qatar is more worried about Iran you are right you are not stupid Israel did play a role in finding Hames in 1987 because they were worried about communism taking control like the PFLP same with the United States when they supported bin laden.

    7. Since I’m half Greek and half French, Cypriot, I know how to make a difference between the population of a country and the governement of the same country. For example, the French people are the brothers to our peoples but the French governement is ennemy with Greece.
      Same for Serbia. Many Serbians support us, wether when it comes to the name issue or the rest, but the Serbian governement is enemy with Greece until it changes his stance towards the name conflict.
      That’s how I see things.

    8. Sorry Cypriot, I just read more carefully what I initially wrote and I used the term “friendly state” so your remark was totally right and I made a mistake to use this term.

    9. No, they aren’t our friends.  We are stupid for aligning ourselves with people who can’t help us and cause problems.  If we were smart, we would have had better relationships with Western Countries instead of being friendly with Libya, Arafat, and their ilk.  Of course, we are basically like the Arabs of Europe at this point.

    10. Greeks have always been the Arabs of Europe no Western country in its right mind well invest in Greece there is to much sh-t.

    11. Our solutions to our problems lies within ourselves.

      We have no magic bullets or rely on “friends” to bail us out. We should stop playing the sympthathy card that the world owes us for what our forefathers provided the human civilisation. We should also stop expecting any return of favours for previous sacrifies we have made to other nations.

      These all mean nothing in the grand schem of things.

      Not one grain of soil should be given up for short term benefits..instead wealth generation, strong military and united objectives are the starting point for us to leverage our way out of this mess.

      We have the capability all we need is the collective will.

      I say to all Greeks support the co-alition governemnt the alternative SYRIZA will give us cultural and economical annnhilation.

    12.  I thought so too Cypriot, but it could be the larger state owned islands that are going to be leased and not sold. The article says these islands were already privately owned.

    13. Andy could have put a bit more detail into the article, this isn’t the government selling off state property.
      The islands were privately owned by a Greek/Australian family for over 150yrs and have already been on the market for sale for 40yrs. With the increased property taxes the family couldn’t afford to keep them anymore and reduced their sale price.

    14. The problem is : When you sell an island, you sell the territorial waters around it as well and under the Aegean Sea, in some areas, there are … Gaz.
      And so if you sell an islands and if under the territorial water around this island there is Gaz or other ressources … that means the gaz here will belongs to the new owner of that island.
      So we better be careful here. And leasing the islands would be far less dangerous regarding that matters.
      Just saying.

    15.  You make a good point Adde. Although these islands are in the Ionian sea, but there is exploration going on by a Norwegian company looking into possible gas reserves from the Ionian Island chain down to Crete.

    16. The only difference between Samaras the traitor and the Syriza traitors is Samaras is selling the islands and Syriza wants to give them away.

    17.  Are you people all deranged? There is no such thing as a friendly state.
      They are only friendly if it’s in their interest and if it’s not in their interest they will sell you down the river with out a second thought.

    18. I’m not deranged geospa300, it is just that as an Orthodox Christian I tend to somehow like others Orthodox Christian peoples (I think you can understand this point of view even if you don’t like it).
      But you are somewhat right, when it comes to politics, there aren’t any “friendly states”, only interests. But Greek-Orthodox Christians have some common interest with other Orthodox Christians due to our common faith.
      Also, if you read my comments, I said I’m basically against selling any islands to foreigners and for Serbia I used the term “perhaps” (=not sure) but since it was a mistake : Sorry, man.

    19. R u kidding? Of course Syria is gonna say that about qatar. they are like worst enemies now because of the Syrian revolution.
      We know that arab regimes (especially the gulf ones) are traitors, but they don’t even dare to reach that extent .