Greece Charges 3 Ex-Ministers For Hiding Wealth

three ex-ministersGreece’s intensified crackdown on corruption, which has already led to  life sentence for a former mayor and eight years in jail for a former intensified has now reached three more ministers who have been charged with failing to report the source of their wealth, according to a prosecutor.

With public rage rising over politicians and the rich escaping the country’s crushing economic crisis and harsh austerity measures that have pushed 20 percent of people into poverty, the coalition government led by Prime Minister and New Democracy Conservative leader Antonis Samaras is cracking down hard on wrongdoing, ensnaring politicians from his own party and the PASOK Socialists, one of his administration’s partners.

Among them is Yannos Papantoniou, a prominent Socialist politician who was finance minister when Greece joined the euro in 2001. He faces misdemeanor charges for failing to disclose in 2008 that his wife had 2.2 million euros ($2.85 million) in deposits in a Swiss account of the HSBC Bank, where another 2,062 Greeks have $1.95 billion in hidden monies that still hasn’t been checked for possible tax evasion.

Former Public Order Minister George Voulgarakis, 53, was also accused of hiding from the state that his wife had deposits of 117,000 euros ($152,000) in a foreign bank account in 2007. The country’s international lenders are ramping up the pressure to go after tax cheats who hide their assets.

Papantoniou and Voulgarakis both denied the charges, which stem from a probe into the so-called “Lagarde list” of potential tax evaders published that sparked an outcry among Greeks angry at a wealthy elite partly blamed for dragging the country to the brink of bankruptcy. It is named for former French finance minister Christine Lagarde who gave the HSBC list to former finance minister George Papaconstantinou in 2010. He is being investigated after it was discovered the names of three of his relatives were removed.

Papantoniou and Voulgarakis told a parliamentary committee that lis ooking into the Lagarde list that the accounts belonged only to their wives. Former Deputy Finance Minister Petros Doukas, a member of the ruling conservative party, was also charged with felony after the prosecutor refused to accept his explanation over the disappearance of 1 million euros ($1.29 million) from his bank account in 2010, court officials said.

Doukas, 60, has denied any wrondoing. He has said the money was transferred to an investment account, which was declared in his income statement. Greek politicians are required under law to declare the origin of their wealth after Parliament toughened legislation in 2010 soon after its debt crisis erupted.


  1. I beg to differ. Capital punishment would be a start and yes it will help stability economically and politically. At least it would be a start to send a message to the EU IMF and everyone in the world that th Greek government is actually doing something about it. The corruption, scandals tax evasion, etc. perhaps, putting them in jail would quench Germany’s thirst. However, execution would send ou a better message. God forgive me.

    You are so caugh up with the filth and dirty politics so into the forest you cannot pull ou and see th total picture trees.

  2. Ok, if not 99% then over 50% are corrupt. No. I’m not Skopian. I’m 100% Greek and proud of being Greek and proud of Greece than you’re ever going to be. I bet you for sure.

  3. Captial punishment for tax cheats is absurd. The penelty must match the crime. Behaving like street thugs is not justice.  Its a corruption of justice.

  4. You have no idea how many are corupt. You are just pulling numbers out of thine air.
    This is not justice. This is bloodthirsty anger.

  5. Plenty of posters claim to be Greek here. If you were paying attention you;d know some of them are Skopians that lie to manipualte Greeks on this forum.

    You can claim all you wish you are Greek but I have yet to see any of your posts criticizing Skopians  This suggests you are either too LAZY to defend Greece against the Skopians  or yet one more false flag handle by Skopians trolling this website.

  6. What makes no sense is you claiming to be a Greek that votes Golden Dawn… then rushing to defend leftists like Andy that constantly slam Golden Dawn.

    What makes no sense is you refusing to denounce Syriza.

    What makes no sense is you refusing to denouce Skopians.

    What makes no sense is you agreeing with obvious false flag Skopians like “Mental Retard Kosta”.

    It starts to make sense when consider that you are a Skopian.

  7. What a joke tax cheats are being prosecuted. They are doing nothing but looking the other way. Ok so they got Akis tzohatzopoulos. The rest of the thousands corrupt are roaming the streets and living the good life with NO prosecution. The government will not crack down on them. You know why? Everyone is involved. You can’t just point fingers at one because they will turn around and point fingers back at you. Wake up and stop defending the immoral unethical friends of yours who have committed treason and SOLD OUT Greece

  8.  They have only caught 1% of the political tax cheats….we have a ways to go midget lover

  9. Must of missed that line from Savas

    Regardless I dont believe the person behind Savas is Greek. My reasoing was that he was very gleeful in critising the Greek army in earlier posts even making the claim “when did Greece ever win a war”.

    His tune has also changed from one of objectitivity..where I actually agreed with one of his one where he changed to the context and language to the left i.e. fasicts, banker, elite etc.

    I believe the person behing the handle Savas is peotryaing himself as an intellectual and then unsing subtle means to speak ill of our country while putting the pretense of prividng construtive feedback.

  10. No I am not. Any Greek politician or wealthy person that is corrupt should be prosecuted just like any other Greek.

    It is you that is trying to turn things into a witchhunt by turning things into a class warfare thing (like our anarchists and communists trying to exploit the situation)

  11. I’m leaning to a non-Greek Skopian troller. (athough of course its always plausible he’s a moronic Greek) Savas  originally tried to portray himself as right wing then switched tunes into sounding like a Marxist.

    Keep in mind the SKopians trolling this website under different handles are reading our comments and making adjustments while constantly creating new handles. Every new handle here with little posting history is suspect.  (Their goal is ultimately to undermine our current coalition government in the hopes of Syriza winnning and undermining our economy)
    The way I spot  them is the little logical inconsistencies. (e.g the Prime Minster who claims to be Greek golden dawn voters… then defends Che Andy who is anti XA)  Or the ones that try to causually slip in “Macedonia” as a name for FYROM. The ones that obsessively troll me are also a warning flag.  (since I called out the skopians little games on this website and constantly blast them)

  12. “where he changed to the context and language to the left i.e. fasicts, banker, elite etc”
    This is one of the reasons why i keep pointng out that GD aren’t fascists (although there may be some fascist sympathizers mixed a minority of them). What leftist are doing by abusing the word fascism is trying to eliminate their political enemies.

    Dablis is a perfect example of this. He calls GD fascist… even consanttly  insinuates even Samaras is  “fascist”. Even if we disagree about aspect of XA, if we don’t defend XA in this regard, we are next in line.

  13. It is a class warfare idiot.   The ones who worked hard  honestly and have something done honorably  and the others who made fortunes with no conscious and no regard to the existing state for their own well being.   Stole millions moron from the state and now have Swiss bank aaccts.   You really are a dumbass.  Accomplice with these lowlifes.
    Politicians are not 100% blamed for the destructuon of Greece but they certainly didn’t help.  When you dry up the well, there’s no water left.   How do you function as a society when no revenue gets collected on TOP of your gov’t officials stealing ?   0.00 from citizens +  (millions stolen from PASOK-N.D etc plus friends of theirs)=   BANKRUPT COUNTRY.

    Study the aalogy moron   Maybe you’ll learn something and come to Harvard and teach and get paid supposeably knowing something like the dishonorable former PM Papandroe. did.   


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